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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2635 - The Blue Sky Venerable
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Chapter 2635: The Blue Sky Venerable

“Thank you for saving me, senior Lin,” the other ancestor of the Heavenly Moon Empire arrived before Lin Fei and said gratefully.

He knew that if Xu Ran had not been trapped, he could be her next target.

He could clearly sense the chilling killing intent.

Now that Lin Fei had trapped Xu Ran, it was equivalent to saving his life.

After that, the ancestor’s face immediately became filled with killing intent. He called out, “Soldiers of the Heavenly Moon Empire, douse the Dong’an province with blood!”

“Disciples of the Earth Spirit sect, cover the Dong’an province with blood! Massacre them all…”

“Yes! Hold a bloodbath in the Dong’an province! Avenge the ancestor…”

“Destroy the Tian Yuan clan and avenge the ancestor…”

After the ancestor of the Heavenly Moon Empire gave his command, a respected Godking elder of the Earth Spirit sect followed up with an order.

Immediately, cries for the destruction of the provincial city and the Tian Yuan clan rose up everywhere.

At the same time, in a region of space extremely distant from the Cloud Plane, the Rain Abbess used her Way of Rain to suppress Gongsun Zhi within the Formation of Cloudsurge and Rainflood. The rain water formed a ball around Gongsun Zhi, keeping him trapped.

The ball of water seemed to be corrosive, gnawing away at Gongsun Zhi’s protective light bit by bit.

By now, the protective light around Gongsun Zhi had been reduced to two-thirds of its original thickness.

The protective light was slowly falling to the Rain Abbess.

The mountain soul hovered nearby. All the members of the Martial Soul lineage stood on it as they watched the Rain Abbess and Gongsun Zhi. They were puzzled.

All of them had seen it from the battle prior, including the Rain Abbess’ actions of stopping Huangfu Guiyi, Xu Zhiping, and Sha Yun, that the Rain Abbess had come to save them.

However, as far as they could remember, none of them apart from Jian Chen had even met the Rain Abbess before.

Among the seven of them, Hun Zang’s body had been reconnected. He currently sat there with his eyes closed. The powder of pills had been sprinkled on him. The powder fused into his body at a visible rate, allowing his wound to rapidly heal. Very soon, it returned to its previous state.

However, only the surface had recovered. His injuries were still very severe. Even with impressive God Tier healing pills, it would take him quite some time to make a full recovery.

As Hun Zang’s last wound closed up, he finally opened his eyes. His eyes were slightly dim, and they possessed an evident smear of frailness.

He stood up and stared deeply in the direction of the Rain Abbess and Gongsun Zhi. He said sternly, “The protector swords of the Radiant Saint Hall are too powerful. After all these years of existing in the Saints’ World, our Martial Soul lineage has finally encountered our arch nemesis.”

“First senior brother, don’t be dejected. The Radiant Saint Hall has their protector swords, but our Martial Soul lineage has the Martial Soul Mountain,” said Yun Ziting. The Martial Soul Mountain was what the Martial Soul lineage depended on the most.

“Our Martial Soul lineage has already gained eight successors. We only need one more to reach nine. According to the ancient records, once we reach nine successors, we will experience unprecedented glory, enough to enter the annals of history. Let alone those protector swords, even if the Radiant Saint Hall gains a Grand Exalt, we will still be able to fend them off,” said Su Qi.

Hun Zang nodded. He agreed with Su Qi very much. However, he also understood that it was already extremely rare for there to be eight successors of the Martial Soul lineage. Having nine appear at the same time had only happened once in the lengthy history of the Martial Soul lineage.

“Xu Zhiping and Hangfu Guiyi have already gotten heavily injured by the Rain Abbess. Their battle prowess have weakened. Should we kill them both in a single stroke?” Qing Shan said. He coldly stared at the two people who no longer dared to fight the Rain Abbess. Killing intent filled him.

“We’ve already depleted half of the power of our souls. Our battle prowess has been affected as well. If Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi work together, we can probably only match them at most in our current state. Killing them will be very difficult,” Hun Zang said powerlessly.

However, Jian Chen’s mind was not on Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi at all. He stared at the Formation of Cloudsurge and Rainflood around him and said sternly, “We need to find a way out. Without our support, the situation on the Cloud Plane will be extremely dangerous.”

In Jian Chen’s heart, Xu Zhiping, Huangfu Guiyi, and Gongsun Zhi were all secondary. What he truly worried about was the Tian Yuan clan.

“The Cloud Plane does indeed need us, or the Righteous Alliance can’t defeat the Four Symbols Alliance with what they possess alone,” said Hun Zang. He looked around and studied the formation for a while before saying slowly, “Prepare to control the mountain soul. I might have a way out.”

“What? First senior brother, you said you might have a way out?”

Hun Zang surprised the other seven members of the Martial Soul lineage with that.

They had all witnessed the power of the Formation of Cloudsurge and Rainflood. Even experts like Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi could only remain trapped within obediently, yet Hun Zang who was weaker than them in cultivation had a way out. They would naturally be extremely surprised.

“I’m not certain, but it’s worth a try. Alright, let’s stop talking. The situation is urgent right now. Let’s move immediately,” Hun Zang said sternly before immediately moving the mountain soul with everyone else.

As the mountain soul rapidly moved towards the edge of the formation, Qing Shan could not help but glance at the Rain Abbess. He felt rather unsettled as he muttered, “The Rain Abbess is still here. Without her permission, can we leave silently like this?”

Jian Chen said nothing. He also looked at Rain Abbess as she dealt with Godslayer’s sword. The light in his eyes flickered.

“Brother Xu, look at the Martial Soul lineage. What are they doing?” Huangfu Guiyi noticed the movements of the Martial Soul lineage and asked out of confusion.

Xu Zhiping also looked over. He was in doubt and said, “They’re approaching the boundary of the formation. Are they trying to leave? That’s impossible. The Formation of Cloudsurge and Rainflood is an extremely famous formation of the Rain Abbess. It’s earth-shakingly powerful. Even with the unique methods of the Martial Soul lineage, it’s impossible for them to pass through such a great formation, unless the Rain Abbess lets them leave.”

A gleam of light flickered through Huangfu Guiyi’s eyes. He looked into Xu Zhiping’s eyes and asked secretly, “Should we follow them?”


However, a deafening rumble rang out all of a sudden. The entire formation shook violently. It was unstable.

Huangfu Guiyi and Xu Zhiping were both surprised. As they watched the formation shake, they beamed.

“There’s someone outside attacking the Formation of Cloudsurge and Rainflood. He can actually shake up the formation, so he’s definitely much more powerful than the two of us…”

“The Sixth Heavenly Layer. This is definitely the ability of a Sixth Heavenly Layer expert…”

Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi were overjoyed.

A cold light flashed through the Rain Abbess’ eyes as she dealt with Godslayer’s sword. She called out coldly, “Blue Sky Venerable, do you plan on becoming my enemy by attacking my formation?” The Rain Abbess did not speak loudly, but it rang through the entire space there.

“Hahahaha, Rain Abbess, I have no interest in becoming your enemy, but I did hear that you have something called Watercloud Iron on you. I just happened to be in desperate need of that, which was why I’ve specially come for it. If the abbess hands it over, I’ll leave immediately.” An old voice boomed out from outside the formation.



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