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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2638 - Instant Death For Sha Yun
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Chapter 2638: Instant Death for Sha Yun

After he was struck by that bolt of lightning, not only did he become completely numb, but even his mind fell into chaos. Now that he had finally awakened, he had no idea what had happened while he was unconscious.

Sha Yun looked around. He naturally saw the Blue Sky Venerable who had suddenly appeared. Even though he was in doubt, what he truly cared about was not the Blue Sky Venerable. He turned around and asked Gongsun Zhi, “Leader, where is Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi? Where did they go?”

“Senior Sha Yun, you’ve awakened at the perfect time. Don’t pay attention to them for now. We’ve gained a rare opportunity. Go stop the Martial Soul lineage from running away,” Gongsun Zhi beamed and immediately called out.

Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi’s disappearance allowed Sha Yun to sense that something was off. However, as he watched the mountain soul gradually travel further away, he did not think too much about it. He immediately pursued with his blade.

“I spare you time and time again, yet you are so dim-witted. You can go die now.”

At this moment, the Rain Abbess’ cold voice rang out. In the next moment, the space before Sha Yun was suddenly ripped open, forming a gate. Sha Yun directly rushed into it, as he was caught off-guard.

However, when he emerged, he seemed to have crossed through space. He had immediately travelled several thousand kilometres to appear beside the Rain Abbess.

At the same time, a slender hand slammed towards Sha Yun’s head with an indescribable pressure. Before the hand had even arrived, space was compressed. The hand made space seize up and press against Sha Yun from all directions.

If it were an Infinite Prime, they would be crushed to a pulp by the space there. Even weaker Chaotic Primes would not be able to avoid death.

Sha Yun’s expression changed drastically. He used his cultivation as a Third Heavenly Layer to forcefully support the space there as he placed his blade before him.


The Rain Abbess’ hand struck Sha Yun’s blade, and a devastating energy immediately surged out. The medium quality god artifact weapon broke with the sound. The hand continued onwards and landed on Sha Yun’s head in the end.

Sha Yun’s body suddenly stiffened, and in the next moment, he became completely powerless. The light in his eyes rapidly dimmed, becoming hollow and dull.

The ancestor of the Divine Blade sect, an expert only a step away from the Fourth Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime, had died.

Killing Sha Yun seemed to be a task of no significance to the Rain Abbess. She did not even glance at Sha Yun’s corpse, as if Third Heavenly Layer Grand Primes could not interest her at all. It was like they were unworthy of her attention.

The Rain Abbess had grasped the Laws of Space, so the concept of distance did not exist in her eyes. She suddenly vanished, and when she appeared again, she seemingly teleported before Gongsun Zhi. Her eyes were completely frigid.

“God dammit, there’s such a powerful opponent present, so why is she coming to deal with me? Why does she always oppose me?” Gongsun Zhi swore inside when he saw the Rain Abbess suddenly appear before him. He was afraid of her from the bottom of his heart.

The only thing that brought him peace was that even though the Rain Abbess could deal with Godslayer’s sword, it would take her some time.

And now that a powerful opponent, the Blue Sky Venerable, was present, the Rain Abbess clearly could not spread her attention.

“I’ll endure using the protective light from Godslayer’s sword. As long as the Blue Sky Venerable makes it over here, the Rain Abbess won’t have the power to deal with me,” thought Gongsun Zhi. His cultivation was far too low, nowhere close to being enough for him to see the details of their battle. He subconsciously believed that the Blue Sky Venerable was stronger than the Rain Abbess.

That was because in a few attacks, the Blue Sky Venerable had destroyed the Formation of Cloudsurge and Rainflood, something that Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi could do nothing about. From that, Gongsun Zhi sensed that the Blue Sky Venerable’s strength was extremely terrifying.

However, matters did not develop as Gongsun Zhi imagined. The Rain Abbess gently waved her hand at Gongsun Zhi, and in the next moment, powerful pulses of the Laws of Space appeared around him. Gongsun Zhi, along with the protector sword, vanished under the pulses of space.

In an extremely distant place from the Cloud Plane, countless shattered meteors of various sizes floated. Violent streams of energy filled the desolate sea of stars.

At this moment, there was a pulse of space, and Gongsun Zhi appeared there while being wrapped up in his protective light. He studied the surroundings in bewilderment.

“Where’s this? Where’s the Cloud Plane? Where’s the Martial Soul Mountain? Where’s the Rain Abbess? Why have they all vanished…” Gongsun Zhi murmured as he felt lost.

Suddenly, a great beast’s roar, enough to rip souls apart, rang out. The terrifying sound waves caused the space there to ripple.

The sea of stars suddenly began to tremble violently. Countless meteors exploded and shot off as streaks of light.

Gongsun Zhi leapt in fright from the suddenness of all this. He turned around in some fear, and with that, his eyes immediately narrowed to the size of pins. He paled.

What he saw was a colossal elephant. It gave off a brutal presence, making the sea of stars tremble as space twisted.

It was simply far too large. Its body was equivalent to the surface of an entire region on the Cloud Plane. It was large to an astonishing level.

Gongsun Zhi paled in fright. He had heard of space beasts before, and he had seen some prior to this. However, he had never seen such a large one.

Moreover, the vital energy that the space beast gave off made his mind tremble. Even with the protection of Godslayer’s sword, he could not help but experience fear from the bottom of his heart.

Suddenly, the elephant-like space beast produced a violent hiss. Its long nose swept out, ripping through space and crushing countless meteors. It swung towards Gongsun Zhi with astonishing power.

Most space beasts possessed low intelligence and were fiercely territorial. They would kill all living things that intruded upon their territory.

Gongsun Zhi had clearly intruded upon its territory, so he faced its merciless attacks.

It was not just a sovereign level space beast, but one that would be considered powerful among all sovereign level space beasts.

The lord of planet Wandou, the Blue Sky Venerable, had already vanished from near the Cloud Plane. Who knows where he went.

He had taken advantage of when the Rain Abbess dealt with Sha Yun and Gongsun Zhi to secretly flee. In such a short amount of time, he had already departed from the area near the Cloud Plane, vanishing into the depths of the stars.

“I never thought the Rain Abbess would actually be hiding such strength. I’m in trouble now. Not only did I fail to get my hands on the Watercloud Iron, but I’ve even offended such a powerful expert.” The Blue Sky Venerable fled quickly through the sea of stars. He moved so quickly that the stars around him drifted back as streaks of light. However, he had already become filled with regret.

“If I had known this earlier, I would have given up every penny in my possession just to exchange with her. I would never have tried to take it forcefully. Nine Brilliance Star Lord, you’ve screwed me over this time,” the Blue Sky Venerable grumbled inside. He felt a headache whenever he thought of the Rain Abbess’ cold killing intent.

He knew that he had probably gotten in the way of the Rain Abbess with the interference. He had made her develop a grudge towards him.

Suddenly, the Blue Sky Venerable’s face suddenly changed. He came to a halt as his expression became utterly horrified.

A weak pulse in space appeared thousands of metres away from him, along with the dense power of rain and clouds.

The Rain Abbess’ figure appeared before the Blue Sky Venerable like a ghost. She just happened to be in his way.

“Do you think you can run from me?” said the Rain Abbess coldly with killing intent. The Blue Sky Venerable’s heart completely sank.



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