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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2639 - Hope
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Chapter 2639: Hope

With the Rain Abbess, the Blue Sky Venerable, Gongsun Zhi, Xu Zhiping, and Huangfu Guiyi’s disappearance, the space that constantly shattered from their fighting finally gained some peace.

The energy that swept through outer space gradually settled down, and the cracked space rapidly closed up.

Very soon, the dark, cold space recovered its previous peace. The twinkling stars formed a beautiful scenery. It was enchanting.

The mountain soul quickly drifted through outer space like a ghost. It rapidly approached the Cloud Plane.

On the mountain soul, Chu Jian, Yue Chao, Yun Ziting, and Su Qi all looked in the direction of the Rain Abbess and the Blue Sky Venerable’s previous battle. They were all silent, and they were filled with many doubts.

They were Chaotic Primes, so both their vision and senses were extremely powerful. They all saw how Sha Yun and Gongsun Zhi wanted to deal with them while the Rain Abbess was fighting against the Blue Sky Venerable. Subsequently, the Rain Abbess abandoned her opponent without any hesitation to deal with Gongsun Zhi and Sha Yun. It was like she was afraid of something happening to the Martial Soul lineage.

They felt extremely puzzled over why the Rain Abbess cared for their Martial Soul lineage so much.

Based on their impression, their Martial Soul lineage had never had any prior contact with the Rain Abbess. They did not even have any connections with her.

Jian Chen was filled with doubts as well. After seeing this, he could not help but think about when he attacked the Cloudsurge Empire with the Empyrean Demon Cult. In the end, he was trapped in the Formation of Cloudsurge and Rainflood.

That time, he and the grand elder of the Empyrean Demon Cult, Cheng Ming, took away the Innate Orchid of Five Elements that the Rain Abbess had planted where she cultivated. Afterwards, he attempted to devour the Spatial Insect Emperor, which led to an accident. He almost died and ended up in the hands of the Rain Abbess.

The Rain Abbess did not blame him at all. Instead, she bestowed a fortune upon him, assisting him in refining the soul from the Spatial Insect Emperor. As a result, he gained its comprehension of the Laws of Space.

All of this happened because of a mysterious person.

Jian Chen was still not certain about this mysterious person’s identity. However, he could tell from his conversation with the Rain Abbess and her actions that this mysterious person was related to the Martial Soul lineage.

Moreover, it was also because of him that the Rain Abbess took special care of the Martial Soul lineage. This care was far, far greater than the precious Innate Orchid of Five Elements.

At this moment, Hun Zang returned to the mountain soul with Sha Yun’s corpse. He tossed the corpse to Jian Chen’s side.

The people of the Martial Soul lineage all became rather quiet as they looked at Sha Yun’s corpse. He was an expert only a step away from the Fourth Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime. Who knows how much more powerful he was than the Grand Primes from the Cloud Plane that they had killed.

In the end, Sha Yun’s corpse entered Jian Chen’s hands. It would act as nourishment for the Immortal Devouring Orchid in the future. However, Jian Chen did not take a single thing from Sha Yun’s Space Ring.

The mountain soul moved through space with great speed. The Cloud Plane grew larger and larger as it hung in outer space.

At the same time, in another region of outer space near the Cloud Plane, the Grand Primes of the Four Symbols Alliance were locked in battle against Tong Wuming, Lieyan Wuji, Zhou Zhidao, and the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak.

Their battle was extremely intense. The four experts of the Righteous Alliance completely lost the upper hand as they faced the combined efforts of the experts of the Four Symbols Alliance. They were forced into a retreat, covered in blood and heavy wounds.

The situation with the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak was the most severe. The curse had spread into his bones and now towards his soul. As a result, even his body began to fester, enveloped by the powerful curse.

Now, he was burning the flame of his life, pouring all the life in his decaying body into the battle.

As his vitality drained away, a heavy presence of death appeared on the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak.

Even if he could survive this battle, he probably could not keep his body anymore.

However, it was also because of the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak’s selfless contribution that Tong Wuming, Zhou Zhidao, and Lieyan Wuji were able to fight back against the five experts of the Four Symbols Alliance to a certain degree.

“I’ll keep them busy. You leave first. You still have time ahead of you. As long as you survive, you will be able to rise up once again in the future.” The peak lord fought against the Gentle Breeze Ancestor as he secretly communicated with the three Grand Primes of the Righteous Alliance.

They would suffer defeat sooner or later if this continued. If they did not leave, they could end up dying here.

In battles between Grand Primes, it was basically impossible for people to keep their opponents trapped if they wanted to leave. Naturally, this was only if the disparity in strength was not overwhelming.

Of course, special methods of entrapment were an exception.

“If I escape, my clan will definitely be destroyed by them. How can I just watch so many of my descendants die to the hands of the Four Symbols Alliance?” Tong Wuming replied.

“Today, I would rather die in battle than run. Even if I die, I have to drag one of you down with me!” Lieyan Wuji called out. The flames on him suddenly blazed. He truly began to risk his life, burning his essence blood and injuring his vitality without any consideration for the consequences.

Perhaps the ancestor of the Cosmic sect, Zhou Zhidao, had been influenced by Lieyan Wuji’s words, as he immediately made up his mind. He was about to burn his essence blood as well, but at this moment, he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He immediately looked over.

He immediately ravished with joy with that. It was like he saw hope in the depths of despair. He could not help but call out, “Look! The Martial Soul Mountain! It’s the Martial Soul Mountain! The Martial Soul Mountain is coming…”

Lieyan Wuji, Tong Wuming, and the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak looked over, As expected, they discovered an illusionary mountain rapidly approach them from the distance.

“Fantastic. The fellows of the Martial Soul lineage have finally come.” As if a huge burden had been relieved from him, the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak smiled.

He knew that since the Martial Soul lineage had arrived, the outcome of the battle was basically determined settled.

“Fellow of the Martial Soul lineage, we’re here. Come deal with these bastards…” Lieyan Wuji bellowed out. He was extremely excited, almost to the point where he would dance in joy.

“First senior brother, you’re still injured, so leave this battle to third junior brother and me,” Chu Jian said from the mountain soul.

“Let’s use the Martial Soul Array and end this battle as quickly as possible,” suggested Su Qi. She wanted to deal with their opponents in the safest way possible.

None of them were at their peak condition anymore. The Heaven-severing technique had drained half the power of their soul, so their battle prowess would be influenced to a certain degree.

Overexertion of their souls would directly impact their secret techniques that involved Martial Soul Force.

Hun Zang glanced at the Cloud Plane and shook his head. “Eighth junior brother’s Tian Yuan clan is in danger. We can’t use the Martial Soul Array. We need to spit up into two groups. Second junior brother, third junior brother, we’ll deal with the Grand Primes of the Four Symbols Alliance. The rest of you, go to the Cloud Plane.”

“But first senior brother, your wounds…”

“My wounds aren’t a problem. Enough, don’t speak anymore. Let’s get to action. The people from the Righteous Alliance can’t last much longer.”



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