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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2641 - Hanging By A Thread
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2641: Hanging by a Thread

The storms of energy were created when Lin Fei struck out. Even Godkings could not endure such terrifying shockwaves. Moreover, not even a hundredth of the people in the clan had reached Godking.

In the face of this terrifying storm that could even claim the lives of Godkings, the cultivators who were not even Godkings would definitely die.

“Am I, the great Nubis, just going to die here like this today?” The golden-robed Nubis stood on a roof as he stared at the storm of energy that was sweeping over. He refused to accept this.

He had already reached peak Godking. In particular, ever since he obtained the corpse of the old snake, his cultivation had rapidly approached the Primordial realm by absorbing the essence of his clansman. He would be able to break through and truly reach the Primordial realm before long.

Even his bloodline was evolving as he devoured the old snake.

He was confident that he would definitely shine gloriously in the future and become a dominating expert.

“I, the great Nubis, have only begun my path. I still haven’t reached the end of my evolution.” A smear of craziness appeared in Nubis’ eyes, along with an intense reluctance to just accept all this.

He was unwilling to simply die like this. He was unwilling to die before he reached the apex. At the same time, he was unwilling to become a stepping stone for others.

“Aren’t you just Chaotic Primes? So what if you’re Chaotic Primes? I’m not afraid of you.” Madness filled Nubis’ eyes. As he was about to face total annihilation, he did not wait for his death in dejection. Instead, he aroused a great fighting spirit hidden within his bloodline. He would rather die than yield.

Even if he knew he would die, he would not just sit there and wait for it. He chose to burn all the potential his body had to offer and erupt with all his strength, using his feeble flame of life to explode with the most resplendent light and die in battle in a spectacular fashion.

Just when Nubis erupted with this fearless mindset and was about to give up everything for one final battle, he seemed to awaken some sort of potential hidden deep within his bloodline. His unique blood as a Silver-striped Golden Snake actually changed slightly.

The change was very slight and very profound. Even Nubis himself failed to sense it.

However, this change allowed Nubis’ bloodline to inch forwards, making it even greater.

In other words, his bloodline was evolving ever-so-slightly in this moment.

The terrifying energy swept down like it could destroy everyone. Nubis could not help but return to his original form before the tremendous pressure.

He became a small, golden snake several tens of thousand metres long. He was still a small snake because he was just too thin. He was tens of thousand metres long, but he was only as wide as a water tank. The width did not match up to the length at all.

From afar, he seemed like a long, golden thread hovering in the air.

A golden and silver stripe ran down his back along his entire body. The golden stripe had become him. It did not stand out much at all, as if it had fused with his golden scales.

Only the silver stripe shone brightly.

This was the symbol of Golden-striped Silver Snakes.

A short stub grew from Nubis’ head. A profound pattern wrapped around it. Blue light seemed to flicker on it.

Silver-striped Golden Snakes did not possess horns. Clearly, Nubis had deviated from the appearance that Golden-striped Silver Snakes possessed.

Suddenly, Nubis produced a hiss. His long body suddenly coiled up. Above the Tian Yuan clan, he formed a shield from his body as his head charged into the sky like a sword, fearlessly rushing towards the energy shockwaves.

However, the difference was far too great. Even when Nubis had already become a peak Godking, even when Nubis’ bloodline had evolved ever-so-slightly, he was still unable to make up for the colossal difference.

Under the violent ripples of energy, Nubis’ head first became riddled with cracks, oozing with golden blood.

Afterwards, all of his golden scales shattered. His huge body became covered with countless wounds. Golden blood covered his entire body.

Nubis let out a pained hiss. He used his body as a shield above the Tian Yuan clan, bearing the brunt of the initial storm. He immediately became heavily injured, and his long body was almost ripped into pieces under the ravaging of the energy.

Just as Nubis felt like he was about to be torn into pieces, the hurried sound of a zither suddenly rang out. Shangguan Mu’er sat in the air as the thirty-six-stringed Zither of the Demonic Cry was placed across her knees. Her slenders fingers quickly danced across the strings, producing sound wave after sound wave.

Her fingers had already been cut. Blood dyed the strings red, dripping onto the zither.

Clearly, Shangguan Mu’er had already unleashed her full strength.

However, even with her and Nubis, it was still a futile struggle against the shockwaves of a Chaotic Prime’s attacks. It was useless even with the Third Ancestor’s legacy, even when she had grasped the Two Tunes of the Demonic and Divine.

Spurt! Blood sprayed from Shangguan Mu’er’s mouth, and she fell towards the ground like a broken kite. Her face was pale.

However, at this moment, a gentle energy silently appeared around her, protecting her.

A sliver of shock and doubt appeared in Shangguan Mu’er’s eyes when she sensed the existence of this energy. She could clearly feel just how terrifying this energy was. Even when it was only a thin layer, it seemed indestructible in Shangguan Mu’er’s eyes. It was as if even in a scenario where the world was destroyed and space collapsed, this thin layer of energy would still exist.

Shangguan Mu’er suddenly looked at the depths of the Tian Yuan clan. She could vaguely sense that the energy came from there.

To her pity, the energy only protected her. Nubis and everyone else in the Tian Yuan clan still faced the devastating storm.

It was as if the mysterious expert only valued her out of the entire Tian Yuan clan.

Shangguan Mu’er opened her mouth. Just when she was about to ask the mysterious expert to save the Tian Yuan clan, a huge, bronze shield suddenly flew down from outer space. It crossed through the air with unbelievable speed and appeared above the Tian Yuan clan in an instant. An azure light fell from it and enveloped the entire clan.

When the violent streams of energy collided with the azure barrier of light, the barrier immediately rippled and blocked the energy successfully.

Yun Ziting and Su Qi rapidly descended. They gave off their powerful presences as Chaotic Primes, shooting through the air like comets towards the Tian Yuan clan.

Behind them, Bai Rufeng, Qing Shan, and Jian Chen all hurried towards the Tian Yuan clan at varying speeds.

“Oh no, it’s the Martial Soul lineage. They’ve actually returned!” Lin Fei’s expression immediately changed. He suddenly sensed an ill omen.

“Oh no, the people from the Martial Soul lineage have actually returned. Have the seniors from the Desolate Plane failed to kill them?”

“We’re in trouble now. Do we still destroy the Tian Yuan clan or not? Should we retreat first?”

The hearts of the two Chaotic Primes beside the young star lord sank. They became extremely stern.

However, before they could come up with a plan, Yun Ziting and Su Qi had already appeared before them. Yun Ziting wielded a bronze spear as his presence surged. He directly stabbed out, targeting Lin Fei.

“Soul-destroying technique!” As he struck out, Yun Ziting immediately used a secret technique.



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