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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2645 - Heartless Interferes
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2645: Heartless Interferes

Jian Chen was extremely shocked. He could no longer recall the last time he experienced such an intense sense of danger. Even though he had gone through a lot of danger in the past, he could basically still see a sliver of chance to resist or flee before those dangers. At worst, he would still have some time to think.

However, not only was the danger this time sudden, but it was also incredibly fast. He truly did not even have a moment to react. He could not even move a finger.

The speed of the azure feather had surpassed everything.

Even if Jian Chen possessed things that could save his life, he would not have the time to use it before such speed.

Clearly, after the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance failed in the past because of the Anatta Tower, he made countermeasures. When he borrowed the young star lord to eliminate Jian Chen, he was worried that Jian Chen would possess some kind of trump card he did not know about, so he planned on using his Lifebound Plume to erupt with extreme speed. He wanted to kill Jian Chen so quickly that most Primordial realm experts would not be able to react.

“My Lifebound Plume has been activated…”

At the same time, the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance sat on a barren meteor in a region of space extremely distant from the Cloud Plane. He allowed the meteor to move at great speeds, taking him towards an unknown place.

Suddenly, the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance sensed something. He immediately stood up as his sparkling, jade-green eyes stared in the direction of the Cloud Plane brightly.

When the Rain Abbess clashed with the Blue Sky Venerable earlier, the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance chose to back off rapidly without any hesitation even though he was extremely far away from the Cloud Plane. He backed off to an even more distant region of space and waited there silently. As a result, he could no longer see the Cloud Plane anymore. However, his excited and eager gaze seemed to be able to pierce through space, and Jian Chen’s figure was actually reflected in his eyes the moment his Lifebound Plume was activated.

After the Lifebound Plume was activated, it basically turned into an eye, allowing him to see its surroundings.

“Jian Chen, there has never been a single person who has offended me and avoided a bad fate. You are no different. The person who kills you this time is the foster son of the Nine Brilliance Star Lord. It’s got nothing to do with me.” The Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance sneered. He had many excuses to distance himself from Jian Chen’s death such that he would be uninvolved. He could let the young star lord and Nine Brilliance Star Lord bear all the responsibility and consequences.

He had only given something to the young star lord to save his life for the sake of the Nine Brilliance Star Lord. How the young star lord used it had nothing to do with him.

“You escaped time and time again in the past. I would like to see how you escape this time. And Anatta Grand Exalt, Jian Chen’s death has nothing to do with me. I didn’t kill him.” The Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance’s sneer became even heavier. Using people to kill for him was just too perfect.

But very soon, the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance’s smile froze. His entire body stiffened.

Outside the Tian Yuan clan in the southern region, a small arm extended out from the space there extremely suddenly.

The small arm was extremely white and soft, just like an infant’s. It only seemed to be the size of a fist. The owner of the arm was definitely a young child.

However, the power of ways condensed on the small arm, resonating with the universe. Every single action it made could affect the power of the laws of the world.

Afterwards, he closed his hand in a fashion that was not particularly fast. With that, the space there suddenly contracted. It felt like the hand had grabbed the entire region of space. The feather that rapidly shot through the space there was naturally unable to avoid it.

In the end, the young star lord’s greatest trump card for killing Jian Chen, the Lifebound Plume from the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance, had been caught easily by the hand.

No, it could not be described as easily, but casually.

Indeed, the hand had only closed itself casually, but it froze up the space there and effortlessly trapped the high-speed feather.

Afterwards, a child in red robes appeared before Jian Chen silently. He was not tall, only barely reaching Jian Chen’s chest. He stood with his back to Jian Chen as he studied the feather in his hand with interest.

At the same time, the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance stood on his meteor with a darkened face. The red-robed child’s face appeared in his eyes. Just as the child looked at the Lifebound Plume, their eyes seemed to meet across the tremendous distance. They stared each other down.

“The Heartless Child!” The Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance gnashed his teeth. His joyous expression immediately became extremely ugly. There was even deep fear.

There were extremely few people that the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance dared not provoke in the Saints’ World. Apart from the Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes, there were only a few extremely terrifying existences.

The Heartless Child was one of them.

“Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance, you’re still a little inexperienced to kill someone before me.” The Heartless Child sniggered slightly like he was toying with the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance. After that, he gently clenched his hand.

With a slight bang, the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance’s Lifebound Plume exploded in the Heartless Child’s hand. Terrifying energy immediately leaked out from the feather, pouring out between the Heartless Child’s fingers as dazzling light.

However, this terrifying energy that could even collapse space remained trapped in the Heartless Child’s hand. Not even a sliver of it managed to leak out.

As Xu Ran stood to one side and witnessed this all, her eyes narrowed. She was shocked.

The strength that the Heartless Child had displayed shocked her.

“Senior, it’s you?” Jian Chen stared at the Heartless Child’s back. He had a deep impression of this tiny figure. However, when he discovered the terrifying energy trapped in the child’s hand, he could not help but show shock.

When he met this child in a branch of the Myriad Bone Guild, he had thought he was just a regular member.

When he was destroyed the Gloomwater sect afterwards, Jian Chen managed to witness the Heartless Child’s strength for the first time when he managed to kill a Ninth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime instantly whilst remaining hidden.

But now, such terrifying energy actually remained trapped within the Heartless Child’s hands. None of it leaked out. Such strength threw Jian Chen into emotional turmoil. He could not calm down.

Originally, he thought the Heartless Child was only a regular Grand Prime back at the Gloomwater sect. However, given what he saw today, the Heartless Child’s strength was clearly not something that a regular Grand Prime could possess.

He had never thought that the child he had met in a branch of the Myriad Bone Guild would be such a terrifying expert.

At this moment, the Heartless Child clenched his hand again. With that, a miniature black hole immediately appeared within his hands. All of the violent energy was sucked away.



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