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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2652 - Domination In The Southern Region
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2652: Domination in the Southern Region

“You are mistaken, patriarch. You are mistaken. We’re solely thinking about the interests of the clan We would never betray the clan for selfish gains.”

“Patriarch, we are sincerely working for the development of the clan. We will never conduct embezzlement. The patriarch must look into the bottom of this.”

Jian Chen’s words frightened the two high-ranking members quite a lot. They immediately announced their loyalty in fear.

Jian Chen possessed supreme authority in the Tian Yuan clan. These people could ignore Xi Yu and refute her to a certain degree, but they dared not show any defiance to Jian Chen at all.

Xi Yu glanced past the two of them and frowned slightly.

She did not consider this possibility of embezzlement before because the two of them had sufficient reason to recommend the other two clans. They were very reasonable with all aspects, completely treating the development of the Tian Yuan clan as the priority. She could not refute them.

However, now that Jian Chen had spoken, she immediately developed doubts. Cold light flickered through her eyes. She knew Jian Chen was a Primordial realm expert and could look into many things. His capabilities could not be compared to Godhood cultivators. He would never mention things aimlessly. Since he had said that, he must know something she did not.

Jian Chen glanced past the two of them calmly and did not look into the matter anymore. His statement was not groundless. As they were not particularly powerful, he could vaguely see their threads of karma. Even if he could not discover everything by peering into these threads of karma, he could roughly confirm some matters.

It was impossible for an organisation to survive if it were too transparent. Not a single organisation could avoid such matters, including the Tian Yuan clan that possessed a special status on the Cloud Plane.

As a clan that could influence the entire Cloud Plane, the Tian Yuan clan naturally became a target that all organisations wanted to be on good terms with. They racked their brains and came up with everything they could to establish whatever tie they could with the Tian Yuan clan.

As a result, these members of the clan who were not particularly powerful but possessed great status, to the point where they could even influence the clan to a certain degree, had become their targets.

Humans were greedy. Basically no one could resist the temptation of great benefits.

Not to mention that the temptation they faced was the Heavenly Moon Empire.

As Jian Chen sank into his thoughts, the two people who had been doubted faced inner turmoil. They were both extremely unsettled and nervous, afraid that something would be exposed.

They had not done anything against the clan, but they had accepted some benefits from other organisations.

“Xi Yu, you can be fully responsible for these small matters. There’s no need to report to me.” In the end, Jian Chen did not choose to pursue the matter. He stood on a completely different level from them, so his perspective would be different as well. Many ancient organisations would be willing to butt heads and shed blood over the Heavenly Moon Empire, but it really did not interest Jian Chen.

As long as they did not betray the Tian Yuan clan and get in the way of the clan’s interest, Jian Chen could not be bothered to deal with these matters. He left it all to Xi Yu.

Clearly, Jian Chen favoured Xi Yu a little more out of all the high-ranking members of the clan.

Jian Chen’s word was the final word for all of them. With that, no one dared to oppose Xi Yu anymore. In the end, under Xi Yu’s insistence, the Hua clan led by the Hua brothers gained control over the Heavenly Moon Empire.

The Hua clan became the imperial family of the Heavenly Moon Empire.

They were an imperial family that had yielded to the Tian Yuan clan and served the Tian Yuan clan.

At the same time, the past ruler of the southern region, the Blood Sun Empire, faced destruction.

The two remaining ancestral emperors of the Blood Sun Empire both died in the central region, and their Infinite Primes suffered heavy casualties. Just as the imperial family was weakened, a few organisations originally suppressed by the empire banded together and directed their swords towards the empire, killing their way into the imperial palace.

The imperial family was basically completely destroyed. As the current emperor of the Blood Sun Empire, the Blood Emperor was beheaded. His head was hung high up on the city walls.

The organisations clearly made tight arrangements when they took action. Consequently, not a single member of the imperial family managed to escape. Apart from the ninth prince, they all died.

As the imperial family was ravaged, the ninth prince remained unscathed despite being right in the middle of the fighting. It was a miracle in the southern region.

“I never thought that the Blood Sun Empire, after ruling over the southern region for more than a million years, an empire known to be everlasting, would just be destroyed on a whim.”

“It’s impossible for the Tian Yuan clan to be uninvolved in the Blood Sun Empire’s destruction. Without the Tian Yuan clan’s permission, those organisations could never banded together.”

“But the Tian Yuan clan sure is strange. They actually wouldn’t take the Heavenly Moon Empire, such a juicy piece of territory, for themselves, and gave it to someone else. Who knows what they are thinking. Do you think the Tian Yuan clan will forsake the territory of the Blood Sun Empire as well?”

“What do you know? That’s called being aloof! The current Tian Yuan clan has transcended worldly attachments. They do not value fame at all, so why would they place value in these benefits?”

“Though, the ninth prince of the Blood Sun Empire sure is pitiful. He’s a complete loner. It’s said that he has already become a wanderer.”

“Right? I even recently heard that someone saw the ninth prince. His clothes were in tatters, and his hair was a mess as well. He seemed like a beggar. Sigh, the ninth prince is a powerful peak Godking after all, but he has fallen to such a level. What a pity, what a pity for him.”

Discussions about the Tian Yuan clan and the Blood Sun Empire could be heard everywhere in the southern region. They were filled with amazement and wonder.

However, most people paid attention to who would be occupying such a vast empire after the Blood Sun Empire had fallen.

The organisations that had banded together to destroy the Blood Sun Empire were all silent. No one was there to replace them either. They all occupied the imperial capital of the Blood Sun Empire, watching over it together. None of them crossed any boundaries, as if they were patiently waiting for something.

The Tian Yuan clan was peaceful as well. They did not accept the territory of the Blood Sun Empire either.

This situation created another round of discussion among the various cultivators and organisations in the southern region. The topic of the Blood Sun Empire’s fate could be heard almost anywhere. It was extremely popular.

If it were not for the secret deterrence from the Tian Yuan clan, if it were not for the organisations working together to maintain order, there would probably be many medium-sized and smaller organisations who would try to take advantage of the troubled time to get their hands on a share of the empire.

Several days later, an edict that determined the fate of the Blood Sun Empire was formally issued. However, the outcome stunned the entire southern region and even the cultivators in the other regions. They were all astounded.

The organisations that had destroyed the Blood Sun Empire announced an alliance – they would control the Blood Sun Empire together. The position of emperor would be rotated among the organisations once every hundred years.

“Why would it be like this? The Blood Sun Empire is not the Heavenly Moon Empire after all, but the Tian Yuan clan actually doesn’t want it. What is the Tian Yuan clan thinking?”

“What do you know? Let me tell you. It doesn’t matter who controls the Blood Sun Empire, as it’ll definitely be someone from the Tian Yuan clan. As a result, it doesn’t matter who the Blood Sun Empire ends up with; there’ll be a fact that remains unchanged. Its true master is the Tian Yuan clan.”

“Right? I heard that the leaders of the organisations all went to the Tian Yuan clan and even took over ninety percent of the resources from the Blood Sun Empire’s treasury with them. They’re clearly offering all these resources to the Tian Yuan clan.”

“From now onwards, the Tian Yuan clan is in charge of the southern region.”



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