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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2654 - The Shadow Prince
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2654: The Shadow Prince


Immediately, a violent rumble rang out. Powerful energy surged, directly ripping through the surrounding space. Waves hundreds of metres tall were stirred up in the lake below.

Jian Chen’s Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways collided with a dark sword. This was a clash between experts at the Primordial realm. Every single strike was devastating.

Their clash this time managed to throw all the water in the small lake into the air. As a result, a huge ditch replaced the rippling lake surface.

Jian Chen had forced the black-clothed man out of the space there. He glanced past Jian Chen coldly and deeply. He was shocked.

His ability to hide was almost unmatched. As long as he stayed hidden, even the senses of souls of Chaotic Primes would fail to find him.

But now, his concealing technique that he took pride in was actually useless before Jian Chen. An Infinite Prime had actually discovered his traces. He found this difficult to believe.

 thought the black-clothed man. He forcefully suppressed his churning vital energy and retreated as quickly as he could. At the same time, the Laws of Darkness descended, instantly enveloping a range of a thousand kilometres. He vanished once again in the darkness.

Killing intent shone in Jian Chen’s eyes. This time, he did not close his eyes to use the senses of his soul. Chaotic Force surged within him as the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways conjured star upon star, shining with starlight.

Jian Chen directly slashed out at the darkness.

With that, the space there immediately cracked. Under the illumination of the resplendent star light, the Laws of Darkness that filled the area receded.

The starlight seemed to purify the Laws of Darkness it came in contact with.

Of course, that was not actually what happened. Instead, Jian Chen’s slash was just too powerful, surpassing the black-robed man’s Laws of Darkness. Before the might of the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways, the Laws of Darkness rapidly dispersed.

Jian Chen’s slash did not land right there. Instead, it shifted through the Laws of Space, landing in a region of space several dozen kilometres away.


With a grunt, the space there trembled violently. A sword tip shining with resplendent star light swept out, and a black-clothed man immediately fell out from a mist of blood. Blood sprayed from his mouth as he was thrown backwards.

His ability to flee was just as impressive as his extreme skill at hiding. When he enveloped the surface of the lake with his Laws of Darkness earlier, he had already silently fled several dozen kilometres.

However, no matter how great at fleeing he was, he was unable to escape under Jian Chen’s watch.

“How did you discover me?” Finally, the black-clothed man could not help but ask. He understood his abilities extremely well. With the various techniques he possessed, if he wanted to flee wholeheartedly, even many Chaotic Primes would fail to stop him. Now that Jian Chen had stopped him several times, he felt very perplexed.

Although he knew Jian Chen grasped the Laws of Space and could sense the minute pulses in space, his abilities would not cause any ripples in space. The Laws of Space alone would not be able to locate him with precision.

Suddenly, a powerful pressure spread out mightily. The black-clothed man immediately felt his body sink. The tremendous pressure that permeated the surroundings had suddenly immobilised him.

The black-clothed man’s face changed drastically. During that short moment of delay, a Chaotic Prime had completely locked onto his presence. He was in danger.

This time, the black-clothed man no longer had a chance to flee. A huge hand fell from the sky with a chilling energy storm. It sealed the surroundings and grabbed the man in a single stroke.

Spurt! Blood sprayed from the black-clothed man’s mouth. Before the energy hand, he was as feeble as an infant. Immediately, he was heavily injured. The hand also trapped him firmly, leaving him completely immobilised.

At that moment, no matter what unfathomable techniques he possessed, he no longer had the power to use them.

He could have escaped under the watch of a Chaotic Prime with his techniques if he had not been captured yet. However, his fate was out of his hands now that he had ended up in the hands of a Chaotic Prime.

“Who are you? Who sent you?” Jian Chen suddenly appeared before the black-robed man and stared at him coldly.

Afterwards, figures flickered behind him. The protectors of the Tian Yuan clan had all caught up, surrounding the black-clothed man cautiously.

The man seemed to be around forty years of age. His appearance was nothing special at all, the type that would not raise any attention if thrown into a crowd. He knew that he was doomed, but he showed no fear at all. He had accepted death.

“Tell me how you discovered me, and I’ll tell you my identity,” the black-clothed man said calmly. He did not care about death at all. He truly wanted to find out how Jian Chen had managed to find him.

He understood his techniques to hide far too well. He could understand it if he had been caught by some rather powerful Chaotic Primes, but he struggled to accept that it was an Infinite Prime.

As a result, even if he had to die, he wanted to die knowing.

“You probably don’t know I have the Laws of Space. No matter where you hide, you remain in this region of space. As long as you’re there, you can’t hide from me with your current level of cultivation,” said Jian Chen.

“Impossible. My secret technique is unlike any other. Even if you’ve comprehended the Laws of Space, you can’t find any trace of me.” The black-clothed man refused to believe it.

“Patriarch, I know who he is,” protector Xing said at this moment. His eyes twinkled as he stared right at the man’s face, studying it. “If I’ve guessed correctly, he should be the elder brother of the previous emperor of the Blood Sun Empire, the Shadow Prince.”

“The Shadow Prince is someone who hides in the dark. He basically never reveals himself in public, so there aren’t a lot of people who know him in the Blood Sun Empire. However, the Shadow Corps founded solely by the Shadow Prince is the most mysterious as well as the most powerful squadron in the Blood Sun Empire. Not only do members of the corps possess great battle prowess, but all of them are skilled in strange assassination techniques as well. They’ve always been the trump card of the Blood Sun Empire.”

“The Shadow Corps were basically uprooted by the great clans when the Blood Sun Empire was destroyed. However, they failed to find the leader of the corps, the Shadow Prince. Who would’ve known he would appear here,” said protector Xing. He had personally taken part in the destruction of the Blood Sun Empire. However, he had not acted openly, only secretively. As a result, he knew a lot.

“The Shadow Corps have been uprooted? Hmph, you are overconfident. How can the Shadow Corps personally founded by me be destroyed so easily? You only know less than half of the Shadow Corps entire force. Tian Yuan clan, what awaits you is the endless assassinations from the Shadow Corps. Hahahahaha…” The Shadow Prince laughed aloud. A transparent flame rose up from his body, and he was slowly reduced to ashes. His soul perished.

He knew he would definitely face death, so he used a secret technique to commit suicide without a second thought.

The Shadow Prince was dead, but Jian Chen’s furrowed brows would not ease up no matter what.

Protector Xing, protector Bai, protector Mei, and protector Xue were rather stern as well. The survival of the Shadow Corps would mean a constant threat to the Tian Yuan clan.

Although the corps was unable to threaten them, the Primordial realm experts, the Godhood cultivators in the clan would no longer be safe.



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