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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2655 - Influence
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2655: Influence

Jian Chen returned to the Tian Yuan clan. Currently, the clan was in a state of high vigilance, as they were ready for a possible second assassination attempt. Jian Chen made the First Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, Hei Ya, watch over Xi Yu.

Fortunately, Xi Yu had many measures to protect herself. As a result, she did not suffer any too severe wounds when the Shadow Prince personally tried to assassinate her. With some healing pills, she made a full recovery very soon.

“Sister Xi Yu, how are you? How are your wounds? Do they hurt?” Mo Yan clutched Xi Yu’s hand tightly from beside her. Mo Yan’s eyes were filled with tears as she expressed her worry and pain.

“Mo Yan, didn’t I tell you that I’m fine already? It’s only a small wound. I’ll be fine very soon.” Xi Yu smiled without minding it too much as she stretched her arms and legs casually.

Ever since she began to manage the various affairs of the Tian Yuan clan, she rarely smiled. Her face would be stern at almost all times as she dedicated herself to the clan.

She would only show this smile when she saw Mo Yan.

“Even blood sprayed from you, yet you still say you’re fine. Hmph. Once brother Jian Chen returns, I’ll definitely get him to avenge you.” Mo Yan swung her fist furiously. Just when she finished speaking, she saw Jian Chen walk in from outside. Her face immediately lit up, and she left Xi Yu’s side without any hesitation. She ran over to Jin Chen and grabbed his arm in an extremely natural manner. “Brother Jian Chen, you’ve finally returned. Did you catch the assassin? Brother Jian Chen, sister Xi Yu’s wounds were so deep. You have to avenge her.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve already avenged her. Mo Yan, you should return first. There’s something I have to talk about with your sister Xi Yu,” said Jian Chen.

“Alright then. You guys talk. I’ll come find you after you are done.” Mo Yan knew Jian Chen had important matters to discuss with Xi Yu. She was never interested in these matters, which was why she never asked about the affairs of the clan.

“The person who tried to assassinate you was a Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime. He was the Shadow Prince of the Blood Sun Empire.” Jian Chen looked at Xi Yu and became rather stern. “I think that the Shadow Corps of the Blood Sun Empire still have quite a number of lingering forces. They’re skilled at assassination, and they move through the dark. They’ll probably pose quite the problem to those who leave the clan to attend to certain affairs.”

“The Shadow Prince. It’s actually him,” Xi Yu murmured softly. A gleam of vicious light flashed through her eyes, and she said, “Don’t worry, patriarch. I will handle this matter.”

Jian Chen nodded before sighing softly. “Actually, there are a lot of innocent people from the Blood Sun Empire. If there really are people like that who have managed to survive somehow, just spare them. There has already been enough blood spilt in this war that enveloped the entire plane.”

Jian Chen knew that the destruction of the Blood Sun Empire was not the Tian Yuan clan’s fault entirely, as the only person they truly had grievances with was the ninth prince. The destruction of the Blood Sun Empire was a result of the Four Symbols Alliance’s defeat.

The Blood Sun Empire was a part of the Four Symbols Alliance. Naturally, the Blood Sun Empire would not be able to avoid the same fate once the Four Symbols Alliance was destroyed. Even if the Tian Yuan clan did nothing, the Righteous Alliance would not spare them.

It was just that the person to blame had become the Tian Yuan clan. It had become Xi Yu.

In the next few days, the Tian Yuan clan cleansed the remaining forces of the Blood Sun Empire. They basically used all the power they possessed to scour the entire southern region for traces of the Shadow Corps.

Basically all the organisations in the southern region used everything they had to cooperate with the Tian Yuan clan. They left no stone unturned in the southern region.

The Tian Yuan clan’s operation this time truly demonstrated its immense influence in the southern region. With a single call, the world would respond. With a single order, no one dared to disobey.

At the same time, the revenge from the Shadow Corps truly began. Members of the Tian Yuan clan scattered across the southern region faced their assassination attemps. Members of the clan died, but people from the Shadow Corps fell in battle as well.

It was not just the Tian Yuan clan. Even the clans that controlled the Blood Sun Empire faced assassinations and suffered losses.

However, the assassinations from the Shadow Corps gradually stopped after a few days, as their targets, both the Tian Yuan clan and the clans in control of the Blood Sun Empire, were in a highly alert state. The Shadow Corps would pay a certain price whenever they were mobilised, so they suffered rather heavy losses as well.

During this time, the number of Primordial realm protectors in the Tian Yuan clan increased once again because the clan was now huge. In order to fulfil the needs for development, they were forced to recruit new protectors and Godhood cultivators to expand the clan’s forces.

The Righteous Alliance had contacted Jian Chen as well. They wanted to give the northern and western regions to the Tian Yuan clan so that the Tian Yuan clan could be in control.

Behind the Tian Yuan clan was the Martial Soul lineage. The Righteous Alliance had personally witnessed the strength of the Martial Soul lineage. At the same time, they were the final victors and managed to eliminate the Four Symbols Alliance only because of the Martial Soul lineage.

As a result, the Righteous Alliance wanted to gift the western and northern regions to the Tian Yuan clan to maintain a friendly relationship.

However, Jian Chen managed to decline indirectly. He was already limiting the development of the Tian Yuan clan, so he naturally did not wish to see the clan expand into the two other regions.

Jian Chen did not care about the level of influence the Tian Yuan clan had on the Cloud Plane or the size of its territory. He only hoped the people of the Tian Yuan clan could remain gathered in one location so that he could make them retreat in the shortest amount of time possible when they needed to.

However, after Jian Chen turned down the western region, the Jinjian Empire came to visit the Tian Yuan clan. At the same time, they brought many impressive princesses, hoping to engage them to the Tian Yuan clan.

During the recent war, the Jinjian Empire of the western region had wavered, which displeased the Righteous Alliance. As soon as the war ended, the Jinjian Empire was the first to be booted from the alliance. The Righteous Alliance’s attitude towards the empire led to some upheaval in the empire. Many organizations began to scheme, and they actually began to show signs of banding together and revolting.

Originally, the Jinjian Empire wanted to suppress them, but they had never thought that they would see the shadow of the Xi Empire of the northern region and the Zihao Empire of the eastern region behind these organisations. Now that these two empires were extending their paws over, the Jinjian Empire immediately became quite frightened.



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