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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2659 - Two Matters
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Chapter 2659: Two Matters

“The will of a sovereign is the laws of the world, a form of order. The sovereign of the Wood Spirits personally set down laws in the World of the Fallen Beast. These laws sealed the Darkstar race in there for all of eternity and limited their cultivation so that they could only reach Godking at most and never the Primordial realm. Regardless of the greatness of their prodigies, they would never be able to break free from this curse.”

“As a result, not a single Primordial realm expert appeared among the Darkstar race for a very long time. Godking was the end of their cultivation. Clearly, the Darkstar race was unwilling to simply accept this. Over the countless years, they had always been doing everything that they could to break free from the laws set down by the sovereign of the Wood Spirits.”

“After generations upon generastions of effort, they finally managed to make the laws waver. They paid a huge price to chip away a tiny portion, allowing them to break free from the curse that prevented them from reaching the Primordial realm.”

“However, they could only break through to Infinite Prime. The Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime became the final point in their cultivation.”

Jian Chen finally understood a little with that. At the same time, his knowledge regarding the Darkstar race became clearer. “Senior, has the Darkstar race captured Sacredfeather because of the laws set down by the sovereign of the Wood Spirits?”

“That’s right. After so many years of preparation, the Darkstar race is finally ready to act once again. Sacredfeather was captured exactly because of this matter. According to the information I possess, it seems like Sacredfeather’s bloodline is rather special. It relates to the chances of success for the Darkstar race in opposing the will of the Wood Spirits’ sovereign and changing their fate.”

“However, it doesn’t matter whether they succeed or not. As long as the Darkstar race attempts it, Sacredfeather will surely die,” said the Heartless Child.

“But Sacredfeather is only at Godhood. How can he influence a sovereign’s will?” Jian Chen asked with a frown.

The Heartless Child laughed. “Sacredfeather is only a medium. What really will be opposing the will isn’t Sacredfeather, but the power of the World of the Fallen Beast and a portion of the arrangements left behind by the sovereign of the Darkstar race. However, these two powers aren’t under the direct control of the Darkstar race, so they need to employ some special method to direct them into opposing the will.”

Jian Chen remained silent after listening to the Heartless Child’s explanation. He carefully combed through the information about the Darkstar race and gradually came to a realisation. He then asked, “That should be the first matter for why senior is looking for me. May I ask what the second matter is?”

The Heartless Child’s eyes suddenly shone with a chilling light. He stared right at Jian Chen and said gradually, “The second matter is that I want you to stop the Darkstar race’s ceremony. Out of all the prodigies I know throughout the entire Saints’ World, only you have a chance at completing this task.”

He was correct. Across the vast Saints’ World, no one else apart from Jian Chen could complete this task.

Stopping the ceremony meant opposing the entire Darkstar race or even opposing the Darkstar Emperor. With the Darkstar Emperor’s cultivation as a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime and his battle prowess as a supreme prodigy, he was equivalent to a Chaotic Prime. No other prodigy below the age of a thousand years could deal with someone like that.

A gleam of light shone through Jian Chen’s eyes. He asked, “Does the Myriad Bone Guild have grievances with the Darkstar race?”

“There’s no need for you to probe into that. Jian Chen, I just want to know whether you’re willing to help me out with this.” The Heartless Child was stern. Clearly, he cared about this very much.

Jian Chen stared at the Heartless Child sternly and said, “Even if senior had not saved me earlier, I still would have paid a visit to the Darkstar race just over the matter of Sacredfeather. Since the Darkstar race wants to kill Sacredfeather, I naturally have a grievance with them.”

The Heartless Child laughed. He understood what Jian Chen was trying to say very well. It did not matter whether he had grievances with the Darkstar race. As long as they wanted to do anything to Sacredfeather, he would never spare them.

At the same time, the Heartless Child was completely confident that if Sacredfeather really died at the hands of the Darkstar race, the entire clan would have to bear Jian Chen’s devastating wrath.

That would be a great disaster for the Darkstar race.

The Heartless Child knew that the current Jian Chen might not be able to defeat the Darkstar Emperor. However, once he approached the age limit for entry of a thousand years, the Darkstar Emperor would never be Jian Chen’s opponent.

As a peak assassination organisation in the Saints’ World, not only did the Myriad Bone Guild possessed great strength, but they also possessed an extremely great grasp over information. Ever since Jian Chen garnered the Heartless Child’s attention, the Myriad Bone Guild had completely investigated Jian Chen. Even though it was impossible for them to find out all his secrets, the Myriad Bone Guild had grasped most of what he went through in the Saints’ World.

That included how he had been saved by the daughter of the patriarch of the Mo clan, Mo Yan, when he first appeared in the Saints’ World.

” thought the Heartless Child. As if he knew what Jian Chen’s final fate would be, he felt great regret.

“Senior, there’s one matter I’m unsure about, so I hope that you could explain,” Jian Chen said again. Today, he had learnt about many matters that he had previously never touched on from the Heartless Child. The more he knew, the more questions he had as well.

“Tell me what it is. As long as I can let you know, I won’t hold back at all.” Now that the Heartless Child had fulfilled the reason for his visit, his mood was great. It was as if he would not hide anything from Jian Chen as long as his questions did not touch on some secrets.

“Senior mentioned before that the Wood Spirits and the Darkstar race both had Grand Exalts. Are there any other Grand Exalts apart from those two?” Jian Chen asked.

“The Spirits’ World is a large world on the same level as the Saints’ World after all. They would naturally have more than two Grand Exalts. However, ever since the Spirits’ World was destroyed, they never gave birth to another Grand Exalt. Of course, that also has to do with the surviving races who have left the Spirits’ World, combining into the Spiritsages and settling down in the Saints’ World. The Saints’ World isn’t their world. They naturally can’t comprehend the ways completely and become a Grand Exalt by cultivating in a foreign world away from their home,” said the Heartless Child.

“In other words, it’s very likely to find undiscovered legacies of Grand Exalts in the ruins of the Spirits’ World.” Jian Chen’s eyes twinkled slightly. He was in urgent need of ten droplets of essence blood from Grand Exalts to obtain the Primeval Divine Hall. If the ruins of the Spirits’ World truly possessed remaining legacies of Grand Exalts, he would not mind scouring the place closely.

The Heartless Child glanced at Jian Chen deeply and said, “Don’t even think about a Grand Exalt’s legacy. Those aren’t things you can find just by looking for them. It depends on luck. Even if you find one, you might not be able to obtain it.”

Jian Chen smiled resplendently. He did not want the legacies. He wanted the essence blood because he knew it was very unlikely for him to obtain a legacy. He had discovered the location of the ancient Skywolf’s legacy in the past, but he only obtained a part of the fortune available. The true legacy belonged to the Wolf clan.

“Go back and prepare. I’ll personally take you to the ruins of the Spirits’ World tomorrow. However, there’s something I need to warn you about. Don’t take a single item that has reached the God Tier into the World of the Fallen Beast, including all your god artifacts and God Tier pills.” After that final warning, the Heartless Child vanished from before Jian Chen, leaving him sitting alone above the clouds.



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