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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2669 - The Starsource Continent
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Chapter 2669: The Starsource Continent

Jian Chen did not use any power of laws in the Spirits’ World. He complete relied on Chaotic Force to advance through space. Even though he did not use the Laws of Space, he was as fast as regular spaceships.

He flew for three whole days in outer space before finally seeing some scattered starlight, as well as swathes of floating meteors.

He had left the empty space now and arrived in the sea of stars. However, the damage the Spirits’ World had suffered was even more evident here. Huge cracks hung about everywhere, sucking in all light.

The cracks did not close up automatically like in the Saints’ World. They were like ghastly wounds, existing there forever. They would not vanish, nor would they close up. They would only grow larger and larger as they received more damage with time, increasing in number.

Jian Chen also saw regions of collapsed space. The laws there were damaged, and the elements of the world were incomplete. They gave off a sense of destruction, which could strike fear within the hearts of people.

In short, basically most of the space Jian Chen saw was in shambles. There were very few places that were complete. Even when he flew through space, he needed to be careful. Who knows what would happen if he fell into one of them.

After another day of flying, Jian Chen finally arrived at his destination, a damaged piece of land that was floating in outer space.

The Heartless Child’s jade slip possessed information on this piece of land. It was one of the five sacred lands of the Spirits’ World, the Starsource Continent.

These sacred lands were the few larger and safer pieces of land that managed to survive after the Spirits’ World fell into shambles. These fragments of land were the few remaining places where people could cultivate, which was why they became the five sacred lands of the Spirits’ World.

Even with that being the case, the five sacred lands were not large. The Starsource Continent before Jian Chen was only half the size of the Cloud Plane.

The Starsource Continent was enveloped by a powerful formation. The formation was like a transparent barrier, wrapping around the entirety of the continent. It only left a single place for entry and exit.

Over ten thousand armored soldiers were stationed at the entrances. They collected so-called dwelling expenses from every single person that entered the Starsource Continent.

There was a long range teleportation formation on the Starsource Continent, which could allow Jian Chen to reach the World of the Fallen Beast as quickly as possible. As a result, this was his destination.

Even from afar, it was possible to see many spaceships of various sizes and shapes parking at the entrance of the Starsource Continent. Cultivators disembarked from their spaceships either in long groups or under the lead of their seniors. They made their way towards one of the entrances.

There was only one place for entry, but there were over a dozen tunnels constructed there in total. Most of them were closed off. Only a few were open.

Jian Chen did not want to raise much attention, so he hid his presence. He slowed down and approached the entrance. However, when the cultivators who waited in the long queue saw how Jian Chen had actually flown over through outer space alone, they all looked at him with strange gazes. They were surprised.

Jian Chen clearly noticed the attention he was receiving, which made him frown a little. He did not know which part of him stood out, but he did not think too much of it either. Instead, he looked at a huge board floating in outer space.

The board recorded the origins of the Starsource Continent, as well as some information and rules regarding it.

The rules of the Starsource Continent were very straightforward. As a matter of fact, it could even be regarded as a lawless place. Basically, it just explained how strength reigned supreme, where experts could do whatever they wanted.

This was all because there were formations personally cast down by a Grand Exalt in the depths of the continent. As a result, it was so tough that it could endure any attacks from those below Grand Exalt.

Hence, there was no need to worry about the Starsource Continent being damaged by fights between experts.

Moreover, whether it be staying or cultivating on the Starsource Continent, it was nowhere near as relaxed as in the Saints’ World. The Spirits’ World was already ruined, so there were extremely few places that could inhabit people. Not only did it make every inch of the place precious, but staying on the Starsource Continent required a daily fee of a hundred supreme grade divine crystals as well. This was quite the price to most cultivators.

Only after paying the divine crystals would one be allowed onto the Starsource Continent.

However, when Jian Chen saw the huge waiting line, he could only give up on it. He needed to enter the World of the Fallen Beast as quickly as he could. He could not waste time here.

Afterwards, he made his way over to another tunnel. It was rather quiet there, with very few people entering through it. However, it was the fastest way onto the Starsource Continent so far.

“Stop. Passing through here comes with a fee of ten thousand supreme grade divine crystals. If you don’t have it, go line up.” The guards there stopped Jian Chen. They studied Jian Chen and told him coldly.

Jian Chen had spent the past few days travelling, so he seemed rather travel-weary. When he passed by the meteors, he even became dirtied by some dust. Naturally, the guards would not take him seriously. They even belittled him a little.

In a world where the laws were incomplete like the Spirits’ World, even Primordial realm experts would not travel through outer space alone. They would use spaceships because it would be very difficult for them to replenish the energy they used for travel. It was exhausting and pointless to travel like this.

Those below the Primordial realm with a certain level of status obviously wound not take risks in outer space. They would always choose to take spaceships. Not only would it be safer and faster, but it also saved effort and was comfortable.

Only a few poor cultivators who could not even afford spaceships would travel through outer space by themselves.

“Here are ten thousand supreme grade divine crystals.” With a flip of his hand, ten thousand supreme grade divine crystals suddenly appeared. With his current wealth, let alone ten thousand supreme grade divine crystals, even a block of such crystals was nothing to him.

He did not bring any god artifacts with him this time, but he did bring a few divine crystals.

The guards were clearly surprised when they saw Jian Chen take out ten thousand supreme grade divine crystals like they were nothing.

The Spirits’ World was different from the Saints’ World. Supreme grade divine crystals had already run out in the Spirits’ World. Ten thousand of them was not a small sum.

Divine crystals were far more precious in the Spirits’ World. Not only did all the cultivators who had come here need them to cultivate, but they needed them to recover the energy they had expended as well. Divine crystals were crucial to everyone here.

After handing over ten thousand supreme grade divine crystals, Jian Chen collected a jade medallion and made his way towards the entrance under the strange gazes of the guards.

At this moment, a fiery presence appeared behind him. It was an old man in fire-red robes. He gave off the powerful presence of an Infinite Prime.

He was clearly a Primordial realm expert who had grasped the Laws of Fire.

The old man was like Jian Chen. He wanted to enter the Starsource Continent through this tunnel. However, when he saw how Jian Chen did not move after seeing him and instead made his way towards the tunnel first, he immediately frowned. His gaze suddenly became vicious. He bellowed, “Where did this brat come from? Don’t you know the rules? Move!” With that, the old man swung his hand, and immediately, flames appeared. They surged towards Jian Chen with terrifying heat.

As soon as the old man attacked, Jian Chen sensed his strength with great precision. He was a Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

With the old man’s cultivation, any single attack from him could burn late Godkings to a crisp. Basically, only Primordial realm experts could endure it.

Just because of the order of entry, the old man had directly tried to kill Jian Chen.



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