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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2674 - Slain
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2674: Slain

A sword Qi shot off into the air, shining brightly and illuminating most of the Starsource Continent, targeting Yan Mo with powerful sword intent.

Yan Mo fled desperately. He no longer had the courage to face the four brothers’ Nirvanic Sword Formation. It was simply too powerful, basically enough to startle the world. His low quality god artifact was actually useless before it. The terrifying power struck fear into the depths of his heart. As a result, the only thing he could think of right now was to leave the Starsource Continent through the teleportation formation and avoid their pursuit.

He was just about to reach the teleportation formation, but a strand of powerful sword Qi suddenly swept through the air and shot over with great speed. Before the attack even arrived, the terrifying sword Qi had locked onto him.

Yan Mo turned around to look. When he discovered Jian Chen on a busy street, his face suddenly changed drastically. He immediately called out, “Senior, it was this old crook’s fault outside, causing you offence. This old crook will apologise to you right here, so I hope you can be the bigger person and spare someone as lowly as this old crook.” Yan Mo’s attitude experienced a complete one-eighty. Not only did he refer to Jian Chen as a senior, but he even called himself an old crook. He no longer dared to show any arrogance at all.

As he said that, a powerful energy surged out from Yan Mo, forming a shield of fire to block Jian Chen’s sword Qi.

However, Yan Mo had already been injured twice. The Nirvanic Sword Formation from the four brothers had caused him even greater harm than Jian Chen’s previous attack, so his battle prowess was affected. He was nowhere close to his peak, so the shield he condensed in a hurry was obviously unable to stop Jian Chen’s attack.

Spurt! The sword Qi collapsed the shield before passing through his body again. Another bloody hole appeared.

However, Jian Chen did not want to kill Yan Mo with that attack. He just wanted to slow him down to prevent him from reaching the teleportation formation. As a result, even though his sword Qi was astonishing, it only inflicted a wound to Yan Mo’s body and was not fatal.

However, Yan Mo understood exactly how powerful Jian Chen was. He did not believe Jian Chen was trying to slow him down at all. Instead, he interpreted Jian Chen as someone who disliked those who acted arrogantly and harassed others. He had already received a bloody punishment for that earlier outside.

And now, his calls and ruthless actions to reach the teleportation formation sooner had perhaps displeased Jian Chen yet again. As a result, he dished out a slight punishment again, which was why he apologised in a hurry, “Thank you for showing mercy senior. I’ve run out of options because of the situation I’m in right now. Oh right. Senior, the four people pursuing me possess a supreme sword formation. With senior’s mastery over the Way of the Sword, I’m confident that you’ll be able to reach the apex if you obtain it.”

He would have been better off without mentioning the sword formation. Now that it was mentioned, Jian Chen frowned, and a cold light flickered through his eyes. He glared at Yan Mo.

In the next moment, the space around Yan Mo suddenly pulsed. The space there was disturbed. The Laws of Space permeated the area, as if someone was tampering with it.

Yan Mo’s face changed drastically. He obviously discovered the difference in the surroundings. It directly affected his speed, slowing him down to a millionth of his original speed. He would only need five or ten seconds to reach the teleportation formation originally, but he would probably need a minute now.

“Senior, what are you doing?” Yan Mo panicked and suddenly looked at Jian Chen.

“I happen to be using the teleportation formation,” Jian Chen said indifferently.

However, with that delay, the four brothers caught up from behind. The huge strand of sword Qi split into four smaller strands of sword Qi and surrounded Yan Mo.

The four brothers were obscured in the light, fading in and out. They seemed to be creating hand seals.

“W- what is this sword formation? W- why do four Godkings wield such great power?” Yan Mo’s face changed drastically, and he turned pale.

He discovered that he was now trapped in the sword formation. The four Godkings seemed to grasp more than one sword formation. Every single one of them were extremely powerful. The four of them had split up from the sword Qi and created another sword formation.

Moreover, the sword formation possessed the power to isolate space and time; it could trap an entire region for good. The four of them stood in a square, forming a formation that Yan Mo struggled to break out of.

“What a powerful sword formation!” Countless people witnessed what was going on in the sky from the streets below. Jian Chen was naturally no exception. At that moment, he was surprised. He could not help but sigh in amazement.

With his insight, he could tell just how powerful the four brothers’ sword formation was. Although their cultivation levels were nothing special, they could unleash unimaginable power once they used their sword formations.

Moreover, he could closely sense a somewhat familiar presence from the sword formation.

” Jian Chen was secret amazed. He could vaguely see the presence that the four swords had left behind in the Anatta Tower from the hazy figures of the four brothers.

“Yan Mo, you massacred the entire family of our saviour. Today, we will avenge him! Kill him!” At this moment, the four brothers bellowed out together. Suddenly, they turned into four swords and intertwined with alarming light.

The moment the four swords crossed with one another, the world seemed to achieve peace, where even the sun and moon switched positions. They erupted with enough power to terrify countless Infinite Primes; it was like they could split the heavens from the earth and tear up the cosmos.

However, this devastating power only appeared for a split second before vanishing in the blink of an eye like it had never appeared.

Even Jian Chen’s eyes suddenly narrowed. The flash of devastating power when the four strands of sword Qi crossed one another through the use of the sword formation had astonished him.

” Jian Chen was amazed. However, he did not feel surprised. After all, the four brothers’ legacy came from the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt. The Nirvanic Immortal Exalt was the undisputed greatest expert of the Immortals’ World such that even the old master of the twin swords paled slightly in comparison.

The sword formation vanished, and Yan Mo fell out of the sky as a corpse. A Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime had fallen to the hands of four late Godkings.

Everyone who witnessed this within Starsource City was left speechless. Whether it be the cultivators on the streets or the Primordial realm experts hidden throughout the place, they were all stunned. They were tongue-tied from shock.

Four late Godkings had actually slain a Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime. Such a matter was unprecedented. If this made it out, it would be enough to shake up the entire Saints’ World.



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