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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2681 - He Qianqian’s Attempt
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2681: He Qianqian’s Attempt

“Greetings, miss Qian. I am Yang Yutian, an independent cultivator. I’ve specially come to join your Heavenly Crane clan to enter the World of the Fallen Beast. I’ll be able to offer up some support to your Heavenly Crane clan, and I’ll also be able to spare your Heavenly Crane clan from much of the strenuous effort. I’m not a spy.” Before the caretaker could finish speaking, Jian Chen interrupted him without any hesitation. He completely ignored the ugliness of the old man’s face.

A late Godking was simply far too weak in his eyes, so weak that they were equivalent to ants. He did not even have to use his hands, as just the intent from his Ultimate Way of the Sword would be enough to kill any Godking with the slightest thought.

“Don’t you dare! You have no right to speak before miss Qian and the great elder. Why don’t you shut up!” said the caretaker forcefully. His expression was ugly.

“You have repeatedly accused me of being a spy. Now that miss Qian and the great elder are here, I obviously have to clear the entire matter up. The Heavenly Crane clan is a famed, peak clan within the Saints’ World. I do believe that miss Qian and the great elder can get to the bottom of this entire matter, unlike some other people who would take such laughable actions just for some divine crystals on me,” Jian Chen said righteously. This was the first time he had ever met this caretaker, yet the caretaker had specifically targeted him like this. As a result, he had roughly guessed his intentions.

The caretaker had probably seen him hand divine crystals to the two guards, which made him believe that there were a lot of divine crystals on him, making the caretaker want to take them for himself.

If he really were a regular early Godking, the caretaker might have succeeded already. Unfortunately, the person he encountered was Jian Chen.

“How dare you spew lies and slander me!” The caretaker’s face was completely sunken. He looked at Jian Chen, and killing intent surged in his eyes.

He Qianqian frowned. She looked back and forth between Jian Chen and the caretaker and said, “Caretaker Xu, tell me, what evidence do you have that indicates Yang Yutian is a spy from another organisation? The great elder is right here, so don’t lie anymore. You know what the consequences of the crime of misleading a great elder is.”

He Qianqian’s merciless reply immediately made the caretaker turn pale. He utterly hated Jian Chen now. However, he knew that not only would everything right now have a direct influence over his future, but it could even touch upon his life.

This was all because his prior actions had already disgraced the Heavenly Crane clan, dealing a blow to their reputation.

He was a completely insignificant figure within the Heavenly Crane clan, while the Heavenly Crane clan was a peak clan in the Saints’ World. The stronger an organisation, the more they cared about their reputation. If someone like him openly damaged the Heavenly Crane clan’s reputation, the clan would never let him off lightly.

As a result, he could only say reluctantly, “Great elder, Yang Yutian claims that he comes from no sect or organisation and managed to reach Godking within a thousand years through the legacy of a single Infinite Prime. In my opinion, that alone is enough to raise doubts. Any single person who can reach Godking within a thousand years in the Saints’ World are prodigies from large clans or organisations and have received guidance from great experts. Even if it is through a legacy, it should be through an extremely impressive legacy, not a mere Infinite Prime’s. As a result, I’m extremely certain that Yang Yutian is a spy from another organisation, wanting to infiltrate our clan for some secret reason.” The caretaker was rather clever. He knew an explanation like this would only result in the conclusion of him making an incorrect judgement due to limited ability at most, not damaging the Heavenly Crane clan’s reputation.

“This kid sure is impressive to reach early Godking within a thousand years,” said the great elder of the Heavenly Crane clan. She spoke very indifferently, but the compliment was all that she said.

“Qianqian, you handle the matters here.” Throwing that out there, the great elder flashed and disappeared into the divine hall. It was as if she could not be bothered with the insignificant matters there.

With the great elder’s departure, the pressure that caretaker Xu was under immediately plummeted. As long as the great elder did not investigate the matter, he could basically reduce the entire incident into a minor one.

He Qianqian bowed towards the great elder as she departed before revealing a cold expression. She stared at the caretaker and inquired, “Just because Yang Yutian reached Godking within a thousand years, you decided to handle him as a spy despite the lack of any solid evidence backing it up? Caretaker Xu, is this how you handle matters?”

“Miss Qian…”

“Enough, don’t say anything more. Caretaker Xu, I think it’s best if someone with greater ability replaces you. If you continue to hold this position, we’ll probably lose all the talents that originally wanted to join our Heavenly Crane clan.” A single sentence from He Qianqian had determined caretaker Xu’s fate. He had just lost the tiny amount of privilege he could wield.

He Qianqian did not even take a second glance at the pale caretaker Xu. She directly made her way to the divine hall and brushed past Jian Chen. “Yang Yutian, come in with me.”

“Yes, miss Qian.” Jian Chen was not surprised by this result. He followed He Qianqian into the divine hall calmly.

Within a majestic hall, Jian Chen and He Qianqian stood facing each other. He Qianqian gave off a frigid presence, which made the entire place abnormally cold.

She stared straight at Jian Chen with her beautiful eyes and asked sternly, “Yang Yutian, do you really plan on joining our Heavenly Crane clan, to become a part of our clan, or do you only want to join the group that our Heavenly Crane clan is sending into the World of the Fallen Beast?”

“Miss Qian, I’ve come to enter the World of the Fallen Beast, so I obviously want to join the group. In the World of the Fallen Beast, I’ll stand on the same line as the Heavenly Crane clan, but outside, I will have nothing to do with the Heavenly Crane clan,” Jian Chen said without a second thought.

“Yang Yutian, with the talent that you’ve exhibited, it’s enough for you to become a true member of our Heavenly Crane clan. Have you not considered that?” He Qianqian asked. Her eyes twinkled as she stared right at Jian Chen. She was attempting to win him over.

Across the Saints’ World, only a select few people could reach Godking within a millennium. Every single one of them was a prodigy, a talent that clans could never get enough of. They were enough to be heavily favoured by peak organisations, so He Qianqian obviously would not give up on him.

If she successfully recruited a talent like him, it would be quite the contribution to her clan.



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