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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2687 - An Initial Clash
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Chapter 2687: An Initial Clash

“The Life-devouring Beast twenty kilometres away is shaped like a leopard, except it has six legs. It has clearly discovered us and is directly heading in our direction,” thought Jian Chen. The powerful senses of his soul discovered the strength of the Life-devouring Beast with perfect precision. It was roughly equal to a late Overgod. It posed no threat to the group.

However, this Life-devouring Beast moved extremely quickly. With its strength equivalent to a late Overgod, it could cross a hundred kilometres in an instant, so twenty kilometres only took it the blink of an eye.

Instantly, the six-legged, leopard-shaped Life-devouring Beast appeared before everyone.

The senses of everyone’s souls were suppressed within the Two World Mountains. Even some of the Godkings could only expand their senses to a range of ten kilometres, which was nowhere near enough for them to receive an early warning. By the time they could sense the Life-devouring Beast, it would have crossed the ten kilometres already and appeared before them.

Roar! Immediately, the Life-devouring Beast produced a beast-like roar. Its eyes shone with a muddy, bloodthirsty light as it directly lunged towards the cultivators nearest to it.

“Be careful, there’s a Life-devouring Beast…”

“It’s a Life-devouring Beast! The Life-devouring Beasts have come! The Life-devouring Beasts have come…”

“Don’t panic! Attack together…”


The cultivators only reacted when the Life-devouring Beast had already attacked. Their faces changed drastically, and all of them cried out in surprise and fear.

Even the Godkings among them became extremely stern. They seemed very nervous.

Immediately, over a hundred people struck out together. There were Overgods and a few Godking leaders. Even over a dozen of the sacrificial soldiers had struck out together.

All of the attacks formed a blanket of colorful lights that surged towards the Life-devouring Beast mercilessly.

“Oh no, my life force has already begun to leak away. The Life-devouring Beast has already begun to devour my life force.”

At the moment they launched their attacks, a few Gods among the group called out in fear. The Life-devouring Beast had yet to attack them. However, when they were a certain distance away from it, their life force would leak away uncontrollably, surging towards the Life-devouring Beast as strands of energy.

Having appeared out of nowhere, the Life-devouring Beast actually faced all the attacks fearlessly. It suddenly made a turn in the air and lunged in a different direction, dodging everyone’s attacks and invading the group instantly.

It was like a wolf among a flock of sheep, frightening the surrounding cultivators to run all over the place as they screamed in fear. At the same time, a large amount of life force leaked away from the surrounding Gods, and all of it gathered towards the Life-devouring Beast.

Gods were unable to retain control over their life force in the presence of the Life-devouring Beast. Even a few of the weaker Overgods suffered the same fate. However, their life force did leak away at an evidently slower pace.

“Retreat! Don’t approach the Life-devouring Beast!” A bellow rang out, and sword Qi surged in the distance. A strand of sharp sword Qi formed a lotus of great detail and tore through the air.

The prodigy from the Empirelotus Sword sect had launched an attack.

At the same time, the Life-devouring Beast opened its huge mouth and directly chomped down on a God.

The God screamed miserably. His body withered away at an unbelievable pace, as if it had been sucked dry. He was reduced to a bag of bones.

The God had died then and there. His life force had been completely devoured, and the Life-devouring Beast became slightly stronger.

Bang! Only now did the lotus sword Qi land on the Life-devouring Beast. With a rumble, the sword Qi exploded, forming lotus petals that sliced away at the Life-devouring Beast’s body.

The Life-devouring Beast trembled violently. The sword Qi unleashed carnage within its body, ravaging its life force. The Life-devouring Beast produced a howl of pain.

However, it did not die. Its tremendous life force battled the sword Qi, forcing it to rapidly weaken.

In the surroundings, the various Overgods and Godkings used this opportunity to attack once more. This time, two hundred attacks rained in at the same time, landing mercilessly on the Life-devouring Beast.


The Life-devouring Beast was unable to dodge this time. With a deafening sound, it was blasted into pieces.

The Life-devouring Beast did not bleed. It only possessed a tremendous presence of life, which seemed to be equivalent to blood.

The chaotic surroundings immediately settled down after the Life-devouring Beast’s death. Everyone pointed and murmured at the corpse of the Life-devouring Beast. Some people were pale, still stricken with fear, while others were relieved and disdainful towards the corpse.

“That’s a Life-devouring Beast. It’s nothing much at all. We crushed it to pieces as soon as we met it…”

“The rumours describe the Life-devouring Beasts to be so, so terrifying, yet now that I look at it, it’s clearly an exaggeration. These Life-devouring Beasts are no big deal…”

“Don’t you underestimate the Life-devouring Beast. Didn’t you see how our life force began to leak away uncontrollably as soon as it approached us…”

“That’s because you’re too weak. Your weakness makes the Life-devouring Beast appear powerful…”

Many people discussed among themselves.

All the leaders had arrived there as well. They opened up a clearing among the people and collected the remains of the Life-devouring Beast and studied it in their hands. Many of them were stern.

“This Life-devouring Beast was only equivalent to an Overgod, yet it could survive my Lotus Explosion Sword Qi. If it were not for the sheer amount of attacks, killing the Life-devouring Beast would have taken quite the effort, even for me,” the leader of the Empirelotus Sword sect said sternly. He did not celebrate over the death of the Life-devouring Beast. Instead, he was solemn.

“The might of brother Chang Sheng’s Lotus Explosion Sword Qi is shocking. Even other early Godkings cannot withstand its power without a powerful cultivation method and battle skill, yet this Life-devouring Beast could last for so long as a mere Overgod. It even had the ability to oppose the attack. These Life-devouring Beasts really are very powerful. They really live up to the rumour of being difficult to deal with,” another leader added sternly.

“The most terrifying part about the Life-devouring Beasts is their ability to devour life force. If the difference in strength is overly large, just being in their presence will drain away life force. Fortunately, it was only equivalent to an Overgod this time. If a late Godking Life-devouring Beast appeared, we would probably be forced to flee. Let alone fighting it, we would lose control of our life force just by standing within a certain distance from it.”

“It’s said that there are countless Godhood Life-devouring Beasts in the Two World Mountains, and the most terrifying fact is that there are even Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts…”

As soon as they heard that, everyone’s faces changed drastically.

If they were outside, they would even be able to face off against Infinite Primes with so many people, as they could work together by creating formations. However, facing the terrifying ability of Life-devouring Beasts, even if they created a powerful killing formation, they had no confidence in stopping a Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast.

“These remains are fantastic materials for some pills, so stow them away. Let’s set off quickly. We mustn’t waste time here. We need to leave as quickly as possible,” said Jin Hong. Even though he was the successor of a Grand Exalt and possessed extremely great battle prowess, he was unable to relax at a time like this either.



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