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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2690 - Teaching A Lesson
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2690: Teaching a Lesson

Jin Hong’s actions attracted the attention of all the prodigies. At that moment, everyone looked at Jian Chen. Especially when they heard Jin Hong’s words, their eyes all lit up. They immediately began to sense for something themselves.

However, they failed to discover anything strange either.

“That’s right, the mist is indeed different. It’s very difficult to say what negative consequences it’ll create for us, but we should take precautions just in case,” said Jian Chen.

“You’re lying. I’ve already inspected the mist here, and I haven’t discovered anything strange at all. You say there’s something off about the mist, so what’s so off about it?” The prodigy of the Chu family, Chu Jie, stated his doubts as soon as Jian Chen had finished speaking.

“Even some Primordial realm experts would not be able to discover the peculiarity with the mist. It’s also because of my extraordinarily sharp senses that I can discover the problem with it. It only makes sense that you can’t find anything.” Jian Chen crossed his arms and said leisurely, “Anyhow, I’ve already warned you all. Whether you believe it or not is your choice.”

“How dare you, Yang Yutian? Who do you think you are that allows you to say something like that to us?” Chu Jie’s face sank, and his gaze immediately turned hostile. He was already extremely annoyed over the fact that he was forced to cross the Two World Mountains. Now, not only had a mere independent cultivator spoken to him and the other prodigies of peak clans so impolitely, without any hint of respect, but the independent cultivator was even utterly fearless and treated them like nothing significant at all. Chu Jie was unable to accept this and immediately became infuriated.

“Everyone here is a supreme prodigy from a peak clan. We all possess superior status, so how can we allow you, a mere independent cultivator, to act so rudely? Kneel immediately and bow your head in apology. Otherwise, I’ll be the first one to teach you a lesson,” Chu Jie said viciously.

“This independent cultivator really stepped out of his bounds a little. No, he’s rather arrogant. Maybe he’s a little prideful over the fact that he could become a Godking in a thousand years. He has no idea that something like that really isn’t anything special in our eyes. With our status, we only need a single word to end his life,” another prodigy added after Chu Jie. He shot a glance at Jian Chen, and his voice was filled with evident arrogance and deep disdain.

“This independent cultivator has stepped slightly out of line…”

Jian Chen’s casual attitude had become a form of arrogance in the eyes of the prodigies. Immediately, it displeased a portion of them, who sneered.

He Qianqian’s face sank when she heard what they all said. A vicious light flickered through her eyes. In her opinion, no matter how Yang Yutian had spoken, he was a part of her Heavenly Crane clan. Even if he were in the wrong, it would be her Heavenly Crane clan that would deal with him. These outsiders had no right to barge into this.

Just when He Qianqian was about to say something, Jian Chen cut her off, “If you want me to kneel, just you won’t be enough. Let alone you lot, even if your ancestors were here in person, they would not be able to make me kneel.”

“Oh no!” He Qianqian became worried when she heard that. If he had only fallen out with the people here, it would be much easier to deal with. After all, everyone was in a similar position, so no one held fear towards anyone. However, now that Jian Chen had mentioned their ancestors, the matter had become much more severe.

“Yang Yutian, you’re looking to die for slandering my ancestor!” Chu Jie flew into a rage. With a flip of his hand, a supreme quality saint artifact sword appeared. A layer of golden, roaring flames from the sun covered the sword and shot towards Jian Chen as a golden streak of light.

“It’s the Sword Qi of the Great Sun! That’s the Sword Qi of the Great Sun from the Chu family. I never thought Chu Jie would use such a powerful battle skill right from the get go. It looks like he wants to finish him in a single strike…”

“The Sword Qi of the Great Sun was created by a great elder of the Chu family with exceptional cultivation through comprehending a high grade God Tier Battle Skill. Its power is astonishing, and against opponents of the same level, they’ll be left heavily injured even if they avoid death if they don’t possess a secret technique of similar power…”

“Chu Jie might seem so cowardly, but he’s not weak. There’s no need to watch any further. The outcome is predetermined. Even if that independent cultivator called Yang Yutian manages to survive Chu Jie’s Sword Qi of the Great Sun, he’ll suffer miserably…”

“That won’t necessarily happen. Yang Yutian was able to become a Godking despite being an independent cultivator. He might possess the legacy of some powerful existence…”

The surrounding prodigies watched on like it was a show. Very few people were optimistic about Jian Chen’s fate.

However, Jian Chen remained composed. He directly threw a slap.

With a crisp sound, Chu Jie’s roaring presence from using the Sword Qi of the Great Sun ceased. He was knocked aside like a broken kite, flying a hundred metres away before landing on the ground miserably. Half of his face had been reduced to a bloody mess.

Clearly, no one had expected this. It left the surrounding people either stunned or dazed as they stared at Chu Jie who was a hundred metres away. They were shocked.

“What just happened? Did anyone see it clearly…”

“T- that’s impossible. Chu Jie was actually sent flying by a slap from Yang Yutian…”

“What? Sent flying by a slap? That’s just…”


Immediately, everyone who had witnessed the event was left dumbstruck. Even He Qianqian became speechless.

A gleam of interest flickered through Jin Hong’s eyes. He stared at Jian Chen fixedly and became stern for the first time.

The slap seemed to have left Chu Jie in a daze. He crawled to a feet in some confusion, subconsciously touching the half of his face that had become numb. Only when he saw his bloody hand did he seem to return to his senses. His eyes immediately became bloodshot, and he roared hoarsely, “Yang Yutian, I’ll kill you! I’ll carve you into a million pieces! Guards of the Chu family, get him! I want Yang Yutian torn to pieces!”

With Chu Jie’s command, roughly seven hundred of the sacrificial Godkings from the Chu family moved immediately. All of them erupted with the powerful presence of Godkings; they were about to execute Jian Chen.

“Stop. Yang Yutian is a part of my Heavenly Crane clan. Chu Jie, do you plan on becoming enemies with my Heavenly Crane clan?” He Qianqian stood forward in time. With her action, the several hundred sacrificial soldiers of the Heavenly Crane clan took a step forward as well, stopping the guards of the Chu family.

“Chu Jie, I don’t care about any personal grievances you have with Yang Yutian, but if you plan on using your guards, I can’t just stand by,” He Qianqian said coldly.

“I have suffered such great humiliation, which can only be washed away with his blood. I must kill him today. He Qianqian, do you really plan on stopping me today?” Chu Jie ground his teeth. His eyes were filled with resentment.

“Kill me? Just by you?” Jian Chen said coldly. In the next moment, he appeared before Chu Jie like he had teleported and grabbed Chu Jie by the neck before lifting him up. “Would you believe that if I want you to die right now, even all your guards won’t be able to protect you?”



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