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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2692 - Catching Jin Hong’s Attention
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2692: Catching Jin Hong’s Attention

Seeing how seriously the situation had developed, He Qianqian became extremely stern. However, she knew that she could not allow Jian Chen to continue acting recklessly like this, or the situation would develop beyond control.

Moreover, this was the Two World Mountains. Danger lurked around every corner. They did not even know whether they could get out of here alive. At a time like this, they needed everyone to stand united. They could not afford any internal strife.

“Our Heavenly Crane clan was the one who brought Yang Yutian on this expedition. As long as we are still in the Two World Mountains, Yang Yutian is a member of our Heavenly Crane clan. I need to stop it here, or once things spiral out of control, it’ll be difficult for me to explain it to the great elder after I get out.” He Qianqian made up her mind. Just when she wanted to stand forward and risk offending the prodigies of the several large clans, Jin Hong’s voice rang out in her head, “Hold on. Let’s wait and see.”

“Young master Jin Hong, if you continue to do nothing, the consequences will only become worse,” He Qianqian replied.

“It’s not an issue. Holding back their five clans is a piece of cake. I want to see Yang Yutian’s strength,” Jin Hong refuted calmly. His focus remained on Jian Chen as he added, “Yang Yutian has hidden himself very well. He had always been holding onto all his cards, even behaving like he was nothing special against the Life-devouring Beasts. He was so ordinary that even I ignored him. Only now have I discovered just how powerful he actually is. Moreover, I don’t even think this is his full strength.”

Surprise flashed through He Qianqian’s eyes. She had never thought the Godking she recruited would be so capable. If Jin Hong were right, that would mean Yang Yutian was much stronger than her.

With Jin Hong speaking out, He Qianqian immediately became less worried.

Jin Hong stared straight at Jian Chen. Surprise appeared in his eyes from time to time as he thought, “When I approached Yang Yutian earlier, the power of my bloodline actually roused uncontrollably. What does Yang Yutian possess that can actually influence my bloodline?”

Jian Chen’s battle against the sacrificial soldiers formally began to the other side.

The Godkings had all received special training, raised for the purpose of battle. At this crucial moment, they unleashed everything they had learnt in the past. With a single order, forty-six Godkings stood in a special order, creating a large formation in an extremely short amount of time.

The formation poured together the power of the sixty-four people. It was so powerful that even peak Godkings would face life-threatening danger against it. It could even kill peak Godkings.

The formation was not particularly effective against Life-devouring Beasts, as any Life-devouring Beast that could force them to use it would be powerful and would be able to drain their life force before the beast had gotten anywhere close to them. However, the full might of the formation was unleashed against other cultivators.

Any formation would require a certain amount of time to create. Despite having gone through repetitive training, the sacrificial Godkings required a few seconds. Why would Jian Chen just watch them create their formation?

Even after the formation was created, they still would not pose any threat to Jian Chen, but it would force him to expose even more of his strength. He obviously did not want to end up in such a situation.

Jian Chen extended his finger several times, and resplendent sword Qi shot out each time. Each strand of sword Qi was under the influence of the Laws of Space whenever they shot out, allowing them to move extremely quickly, almost like they were teleporting. They were much faster than the Godkings’ reactions, so it arrived before the sacrificial soldiers in the blink of an eye.

Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! Spurt…

The sword Qi penetrated the foreheads of a few Godkings, killing them off on the spot as they tried to fall into formation. Jian Chen ended their lives mercilessly.

As a result of their deaths, the powerful formation was interrupted before it could even be created.

“Yang Yutian can actually use the Laws of the Sword and the Laws of Space to such an unbelievable level. His strength has already surpassed most of the prodigies here…”

“The Laws of the Sword is one of the laws with the greatest offensive power, while the Laws of Space can allow him to overcome the issue of distance. With that combination, just how many of us are his opponent, even if we’re also Godkings…


The expressions of the surroundings prodigies changed. None of them could remain calm. Their opinions of Jian Chen underwent a drastic change, as the strength that Jian Chen displayed had surpassed most of them.

Not only did this nameless independent cultivator reach Godking within a thousand years like everyone else, but he was even much stronger. It gave these prodigies who were nurtured since young by their clans quite a horrible feeling.

“Yang Yutian must have received an outstanding legacy. A mere Infinite Prime’s legacy is nowhere near enough for him to grow to such an astonishing level.” He Qianqian was taken aback as well.

“Quick, use the Eight Absolute Killing Formation!”

Seeing how the larger formation could not be completed, the sacrificial Godkings shifted and formed groups of eight, creating a different formation instead.

This time, due to the smaller groups, it took them much less time to fall into formation. They completed it almost immediately. In that moment, seven Eight Absolute Killing Formations arose and pulsed with energy.

In the next moment, seven powerful streams of energy shot out from the formations, surging towards Jian Chen with great might as the prodigies reacted.

“The Eight Absolute Killing Formation is enough to threaten mid Godkings. As a matter of fact, ordinary mid Godkings would suffer before the formation, let alone the fact that there are seven of them. Yang Yutian is probably done for…”

“I wonder if Yang Yutian can stop the Eight Absolute Killing Formations. If he can, he’s just too terrifying…”

“The strength that Yang Yutian has displayed isn’t particularly clear. He seems like an early Godking, yet he is also like a mid Godking. But he’s definitely not a late Godking. No matter what his strength his, he’ll suffer even if he survives…”

“You never know. Maybe Yang Yutian has some trump card that he hasn’t used yet. I refuse to believe he doesn’t have a powerful battle skill or two…”

All of the prodigies observed things from the surroundings like they were watching a show. They indicated that they would not interfere with the battle or help anyone.

Jian Chen finally became stern before the seven formations. Of course, this was all an act for the prodigies so that he would not appear to be overly powerful.

Afterwards, he formed a hand seal, and a powerful sword Qi sprang up from his body. He bellowed, “Daluo— Sword—”

Immediately, the tremendous might of the world descended. Golden light rose up, condensing into seven strands of resplendent, golden sword Qi.

Jian Chen had stopped using this move a long time ago. It was the Daluo Sword.

Due to it being at too low of a grade, it was already useless to him because he was at the Primordial realm, which was why Jian Chen had stopped using it. However, at a time like this, it was perfect for him to fake the Daluo Sword as a powerful battle skill; he could use it to explain why his battle prowess had suddenly erupted.

The seven strands of sword Qi crossed through the air with a flash; they were like seven galaxies, colliding with the streams of energy from the formations.

With a deafening rumble, the streams of energy were bisected by the golden sword Qi. The sword Qi seemed unstoppable, tearing through whatever blocked its way. After slicing through the energy, they landed on the formations mercilessly.

Blood spurted from the mouths of all the Godkings in the formations, and they were sent flying like fallen leaves. They were heavily injured.

To the other side, Jian Chen stood unscathed. Only his face was slightly pale.

Of course, the paleness was an act as well; it was just to show everyone that it was extremely burdensome to use the Daluo Sword.



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