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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2693 - Settling Down
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Chapter 2693: Settling Down

The surroundings were silenced. Not only had Jian Chen’s great display of might by dispersing seven Eight Absolute Killing Formations alone stunned all of the prodigies present, but even a few of the sacrificial Godkings who were about to charge towards Jian Chen were shocked.

Immediately, the several hundred remaining sacrificial soldiers began to hesitate. They all looked at Jian Chen warily and fearfully.

They were sacrificial soldiers, but that did not mean they could not feel fear, dread, and so on. Apart from a life span of just a hundred years, they were no different from ordinary people.

“You bunch of idiots, what’re you standing there for? Go get him together! Kill him! I want him dead without a corpse! Tear him to pieces…” Chu Jie climbed to his feet from under a tree several hundred metres away. With a vicious expression, he bellowed at the sacrificial soldiers of the Chu family.

“People of the Cangqiong clan, listen up. Go get him together! Reduce Yang Yutian to nothing….” Kong Feiying also bellowed out.

“What humiliation, oh what a disgrace! Yang Yutian, how dare you treat me like this? All sacrificial soldiers of the Gong clan, kill Yang Yutian…” Gong Ruize also screeched furiously.

“Yang Yutian, no one can save you today. If the Heavenly Crane clan wants to save you, I’ll destroy the Heavenly Crane clan first…”

“It has always been us who were allowed to harass others. Who dares to harass us? You’re a mere independent cultivator, yet you’re so arrogant. Yang Yutian, I will never spare you today. From now onwards, our Yuqiong sect, Zhao clan, Gong clan, Cangqiong clan, and Chu family will be forming an alliance. Whoever stands in our way of killing Yang Yutian will be an enemy of our five organisations.”


The prodigies from the five clans were furious. They were all brimming with killing intent as they looked at Jian Chen venomously. They were tempted to tear Jian Chen into pieces.

They had been utterly humiliated in public. How could these five prodigies who had grown up in peak organisations with great status endure something like that. If the person who had humiliated them was Jin Hong instead, they would actually feel a little better, as both Jin Hong’s strength and background were greater than them, making him someone they could not afford to offend.

However, Jian Chen was a mere independent cultivator, which made the circumstances differ vastly.

These prodigies looked down on independent cultivators from the bottom of their hearts. Even if it were a slightly more powerful independent cultivator, they would still be nothing in their eyes. With the prodigies’ statuses, they could summon a Primordial realm expert on their whim to easily crush the independent cultivator.

“I’ve already shown mercy. If you keep being stubborn, don’t blame me if you end up dead.” Jian Chen’s eyes turned cold, and with a swing of his hand, a sword appeared, shining brightly.

The sword was a supreme quality saint artifact. He had specially prepared it for the World of the Fallen Beast.

“Look, Yang Yutian has already drawn his saint artifact…”

“He has fought for so long, yet Yang Yutian hasn’t even drawn a weapon. He has been fighting empty-handed. I thought he didn’t have a saint artifact that suited him but, but never did I think he was hiding it the whole time. He has only drawn it now…”

“That sword has probably reached the peak of supreme grade saint artifacts, making it only worse than god artifacts. Maybe you can already call it half a god artifact…”

“He was actually even hiding a supreme quality saint artifact equivalent to half of a god artifact. Yang Yutian wasn’t using his full strength earlier…”

“Yang Yutian is far too powerful. I really don’t know how he can grow to such an astonishing level as an independent cultivator. None of us can match him…”


The faces of the observing prodigies changed. Many of them stared at the sword in Jian Chen’s had, and their fear deepened.

He Qianqian remained in a daze. Jian Chen had torn through the formations from several dozen Godkings all alone, which was far too much of a shock to her.

She knew that even she herself did not possess the ability to do that.

The strength that Jian Chen had displayed right now completely surpassed her own.

“Get him together! Some of you, keep Yang Yutian busy, while the others all fall into formation. Kill him…” The five prodigies ordered together to another side. They were extremely confident that they could kill Jian Chen. Jian Chen’s threats were ignored by them.

This time, all the sacrificial soldiers that belonged to the five organisations set off. It was no longer a few dozen but a few thousand.

The sacrificial soldiers swallowed their fear towards Jian Chen and immediately split into two groups. Some of them directly charged towards Jian Chen to keep him busy, while the others began to assemble into formations.

Each formation was composed of several hundred Godkings. Their might had surpassed the boundary of Godkings.

“All of you stop! This matter ends here. Anyone who strikes out will be executed on the spot!” At this moment, a bellow rang out. It was thunderous, deafening many people. Even the ground trembled. It also sounded like the howl of an ancient wolf god, possessing the power to stun one’s soul. The souls of the several thousand sacrificial soldiers all jolted, and they blanked out.

Jin Hong stepped forward from the ground. He did not give off any astonishing presence, remaining as ordinary as before. He walked over slowly, heading right towards the sacrificial soldiers.

Even though he did not give off any particular aura, his appearance made the Godkings feel like they were facing a towering mountain. All of them could not help but back off.

Hu Jie, Zhao Wenbin, Kong Feiying, Gong Ruize, and Zhou Zhi, the people who had been disgraced by Jian Chen, all changed in expression. They suppressed their sense of resentment, which made their faces warp a little.

“Young master Jin Hong, do you plan on interfering with the matters of our five organisations? We’ve already announced earlier that anyone who tries to save Yang Yutian will face our five organisations,” Zhou Zhi said grimly.

Jin Hong remained calm. “This is the Two World Mountains, not the outside. If there were small arguments, so be it, but once a large scale conflict occurs, I must stop it, or the activity will draw over many Life-devouring Beasts. The consequences are unthinkable. Please do not bring disaster upon all of us over your personal grievances.”

Jin Hong was straightforward. He had spoken on behalf of everyone. He did not take a side.

“As for becoming enemies with your five organisations?” Jin Hong slowly glanced past the five of them. His gaze gradually turned cold. “You still don’t represent the organisations that support you yet, so what right do you have in becoming enemies of me?”

“Jin Hong, you-” Chu Jie and the others were furious. They looked at Jin Hong as they fumed. There was nothing that they could say.

“Enough. Let’s disperse and return to our positions. Once we get out of the Two World Mountains, I won’t interfere with your personal grievances, but in the Two World Mountains, we must think of the bigger picture, or I won’t show any mercy,” Jin Hong said firmly, directly dispersing the sacrificial soldiers of the five clans.

In the end, the disturbance ended with Jin Hong’s interference. Within the group, Jin Hong clearly held a status of authority that no one could match. There were not many people who dared to stand up to him openly.

“Yang Yutian, you said earlier that the mist here is strange. Can you go into further detail?” Afterwards, Jin Hong arrived before Jian Chen and asked sternly. However, he thought to himself curiously, “My bloodline has roused once again. Just what is Yang Yutian carrying? Why does my bloodline rouse everytime I come near him? And the bloodline is producing emotions of excitement and desire. Whatever that is on him must be extremely beneficial to me.”



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