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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2694 - Secret Thoughts
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Chapter 2694: Secret Thoughts

Although doubtful, Jin Hong showed none of it. He remained composed, acting like nothing had happened at all. He only appeared concerned over the issue regarding the mist that Jian Chen had mentioned.

However, unbeknownst to Jin Hong, when his bloodline roused, the droplet of blood from the ancient Skywolf actually warmed up simultaneously. It trembled gently as warmth flooded Jian Chen’s heart.

“The droplet of blood has actually acted up again; this is already the second time. Through the blood, I can actually vaguely sense the bloodline within Jin Hong. It looks like it was no coincidence that Jin Hong could obtain the recognition of the ancient Skywolf’s legacy out of all the prodigies that the Wolf clan had to offer. It seems like it’s because a sliver of the ancient Skywolf’s bloodline flows through his body.”

“It’s just that the bloodline has become extremely thin…”

Jian Chen thought to himself. Through the droplet of blood, not only could he sense Jin Hong’s bloodline, but he could even sense the activity from Jin Hong’s bloodline, which allowed him to understand that Jin Hong had already become aware of the existence of the droplet of blood.

However, Jian Chen also acted like nothing had happened. He replied to Jin Hong calmly, “I’ve only discovered some traces of strangeness regarding the mist due to my abnormally sharp senses. I don’t know anything else other than that.”

“Yang Yutian, it’s not that I don’t believe you. You just need to understand that this isn’t the Saints’ World. We can’t absorb energy from the surroundings to replenish our consumed energy. We have to replenish it through divine crystals. We’re in the Two World Mountains as well, so we might have to fight the Life-devouring Beasts at any time. The energy consumption in battle will be extremely great, so we have to ration whatever energy we have. If we cloak ourselves with energy purely because of an unreliable gut feeling of yours, it’ll be quite a burden for us, which’ll slow us down,” said the prodigy from the Empirelotus sword sect. He spoke to Jian Chen as an equal.

Clearly, after the prior battle, the prodigies here no longer dared to look down on Jian Chen. He had won all of their respect.

“Young master Jin Hong, may I ask if you’ve discovered anything?” He Qianqian asked.

Jin Hong remained silent. He looked away from Jian Chen, shifting his gaze to the shrouding, grey mist. After a moment of silence, he said slowly, “I haven’t discovered any abnormalities, but I feel uneasy for some reason. I don’t know whether that sense of unease comes from the Life-devouring Beasts or elsewhere. However, just in case, I would advise you all to cloak yourselves in energy and avoid contact with the mist.” With that, Jin Hong took the lead and tremendous energy immediately flowed out from his body, forming a barrier around him.

With Jin Hong’s lead, several dozen prodigies followed him reluctantly. They began to protect themselves with energy. Even their sacrificial Godkings did the same.

In the end, roughly two-thirds of the prodigies decided to expend their energy for barriers. There were still a few people who refused to believe this. They were unwilling to waste the energy for nothing.

“Dammit. Now, we have to be holding divine crystals at all times. We have to replenish whatever energy we waste at all times. The journey is no longer as easy as before,” someone grumbled inside.

“Yang Yutian, I really do hope that this mist is like what you have described. If I find out you have been toying with us, I might not be able to do anything to you in the World of the Forsaken Beast, but I’ll surely make you suffer once I return to the Saints’ World…”

“There are still some people who haven’t cloaked themselves with energy. I guess that works too. I’ll just let them continue like this and see if there really is anything strange about the mist or not…”

Everyone set off once more. Jian Chen put up an act and cloaked himself in a thin layer of light, walking beside He Qianqian.

“You must have expended a great deal of energy in the battle before. Here’s a pill for recovering origin energy. Eat it. In the Two World Mountains, we must be at our peak conditions at all times.” He Qianqian passed a pill to Jian Chen. She no longer spoke as coldly as before. Her attitude towards Jian Chen had clearly undergone a drastic change.

“It’s no issue. I didn’t use too much energy in the battle before. I can return to my peak form through divine crystals very quickly.” Jian Chen turned down He Qianqian’s offer of the pill. With a flip of his hand, several supreme grade divine crystals appeared. He clenched a few divine crystals in each hand and acted like he was working hard on recovering.

From behind, Chu Jie, Gong Ruize, Kong Feiying, Zhou Zhi, and Zhao Wenbin all stared at Jian Chen venomously. They swore oaths, “Yang Yutian, once you leave the World of the Fallen Beast, I’ll make you die a graveless death.”

“If I want to kill Yang Yutian, there’s no need to leave the World of the Fallen Beast. We only need to reach Hundred Saint City, and we’ll be able to deal with him,” said Chu Jie.

“That’s right. With our status, would killing Yang Yutian pose any difficulty? If it were not for Jin Hong’s interference, Yang Yutian would have died to the killing formation from the several hundred Godkings of the Chu family. He can deal with the Eight Absolute Killing Formations composed of eight Godkings, but can he deal with a Hundred Tribulations Formation composed of several hundred Godkings?” Zhou Zhi said.

“The Hundred Tribulations Formation is specially prepared for Primordial realm experts. No matter how powerful Yang Yutian is, can he surpass Primordial realm experts? Once the formation is completed, he will be dead for sure. Let’s find a chance to finish him off once we leave the Two World Mountains…” Chu Jie’s eyes shone viciousness. The disgrace he had felt today would become a permanent stain to his name. He utterly hated Jian Chen.

“Hmph, this had nothing to do with me originally. Zhou Zhi, you just had to standard forward and play the good guy. Now you’ve done it. Not only have you thrown yourself into the matter, but we’ve also suffered as well,” Gong Ruize fumed. He wanted to kill Jian Chen, but he was also extremely resentful towards Zhou Zhi who had stood up for Chu Jie.

“Zhou Zhi, you’ve screwed me over this time,” Zhou Wenbin and Kong Feiying added with sunken voices.

Zhou Zhi was bitter. He actually remained silent. At that moment, he felt a tinge of regret too. If he had known that Jian Chen was so strong, he would have never stood forward.

Everyone continued through the Two World Mountains on foot at a pace that was extremely slow to Godkings. They did not travel in a straight line. Instead, they constantly changed directions.

Due to the moving geography of the Two World Mountains, the ground would shake like an earthquake from time to time, making the geography change slightly. Consequently, the direction they travelled in would veer off as well. They completely relied on a secret technique to determine the location of the distant Hundred Saint City through a slight connection, which prevented them from getting lost. As such, they stayed on track.

In the blink of an eye, it had already been three days since Jian Chen and Chu Jie fought. During those three days, they were attacked by several Life-devouring Beasts. The Life-devouring Beasts varied in strength, where the strongest had even reached mid Godking.

The battle that time was the most intense one they had experienced since they entered the World of the Fallen Beast. Even Jin Hong, the one known to be the strongest in the group, personally took action. However, even with that being the case, their group suffered quite the loss. Several dozen sacrificial Godkings died.

The mid Godking Life-devouring Beast could devour the life force of the early Godkings with great ease as it fought them. As such, it could rapidly recover its wounds no matter how severe they were. It was truly an unkillable monster.



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