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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2695 - Life-devouring Beast Herd
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Chapter 2695: Life-devouring Beast Herd

As a matter of fact, without any exaggeration, Life-devouring Beasts were basically invincible among their respective cultivation levels within the Two World Mountains. Every single one of them was equivalent to a supreme prodigy from the Saints’ World.

Although they did not possess attacks as powerful as the supreme prodigies, their tenacity was far beyond anything the supreme prodigies could match.

Their life force was just too powerful, and their regeneration was similarly terrifying. A cultivator fighting a Life-devouring Beast with the same cultivation would never be able to kill it. They would only die after exhausting all their energy.

Jian Chen believed that if there were a peak Godking Life-devouring Beast, probably only the supreme prodigies from the Godkings’ Throne would be able to deal with it.

Even someone like Jin Hong who had received a Grand Exalt’s legacy might not be able to handle such a Life-devouring Beast.

Jin Hong was a mid Godking. He could easily kill most late Godkings, where even peak Godkings would not be his opponent.

However, these Godkings were all ordinary ones. A tremendous difference existed between them and Godkings from the Godkings’ Throne. They were people on completely different levels.

“Yang Yutian, you clearly said there are issues with the mist, but it has already been three days, so why are we still standing here fine?” Chu Jie said suddenly. He was still resentful over the grievances he had suffered three days ago. He purposefully acted against Jian Chen.

“Not only has everyone expended a tremendous amount of origin energy against the Life-devouring Beasts in the past three days, but everyone has even had to cloak themselves with energy at all times. The rate of depletion is much faster than anyone can replenish their energy through divine crystals. In my opinion, if this continues, we’ll probably die from exhaustion before we can even make it out of the Two World Mountains,” Zhou Zhi added with ulterior motives as well.

“Yang Yutian, what are you scheming? Tell us, what hidden agenda do you have…”

The prodigies who had no grievances with Jian Chen obviously would not go provoke someone as powerful as him. However, the five prodigies who had previously suffered at his hands did not care. They would never spare Jian Chen whenever the opportunity arose.

“Keep complaining, as you probably won’t be able to complain anymore after a while,” Jian Chen said coldly. He casually glanced past the other prodigies who had not cloaked themselves in energy. He could sense that the mist gathered within their bodies had reached a critical point. Something astonishing was probably about to happen within two days.

However, Jian Chen did not tell anyone. He had already warned them anyway. He would not interfere with the decisions of others, nor was he willing to interfere.

Moreover, it was perfect since he could use these people to test out just what dangers the mist posed to cultivators.

“Yang Yutian, what do you mean by that…” The expressions of the five prodigies changed, as if they had reached tipping point.

“Yang Yutian, just endure it and ignore them. Don’t stoop as low as them. Once we make it out of the Two World Mountains, I’ll definitely make things right for you,” He Qianqian comforted in a hurry, as she was afraid that Jian Chen would clash with the five of them again.

“Stop the unreasonable provocation, or it’ll only affect our sense of unity. In the Two World Mountains, I refuse to allow anything to happen to our sense of unity. If anyone refuses, please leave our group and travel alone,” Jin Hong added. Although Jin Hong had spoken firmly and appeared to be considering for the greater good, it was possible to discern that he favoured Jian Chen a little.

Chu Jie and the others all came from peak organisations in the Saints’ World and possessed great power, while Jian Chen was just an independent prodigy. He might have possessed extraordinary battle prowess, but in a different time and place, these prodigies would still not take him seriously. Jin Hong risked offending five large organisations to hold back Chu Jie, Zhou Zhi, Gong Ruize, Zhao Wenbin, and Kong Feiying, which was equivalent to protecting Jian Chen.

The faces of the five of them immediately changed after hearing Jin Hong’s words. They understood the dangers of the Two World Mountains very well. If they were really expelled from the group, none of them had the confidence of emerging from this place alive.

At this moment, a dense series of fluttering sounds suddenly appeared. Gales whipped through the surroundings and whirlwinds composed of powerful energy wreaked havoc.

The sudden occurrence made Jin Hong’s face abruptly change. At that moment, he could no longer remain composed. He called out, “Oh no, it’s a Life-devouring Beast herd. There’s a large group of Life-devouring Beasts attacking us. Everyone. Prepare for battle.”

“What? A Life-devouring Beast herd? Dammit, there’s trouble now…”

“The most terrifying encounter would be Life-devouring Beast herds in the Two World Mountains because according to the records, each herd has a beast king. The larger the herd, the more powerful the beast king is…”

“It looks like we’ve still ended up encountering a Life-devouring Beast herd in the end. Sigh…”

Everyone’s faces changed drastically when they heard that. Many of them became sheet-white, and Chu Jie’s legs began to shake uncontrollably.

At the same time, tremendous figures appeared in the range of everyone’s senses. They were all three to four metres long, winged, green wolves. There was a tremendous number of them. Just the giant wolves that had appeared within everyone’s senses amounted to several dozen, and that was not all. Who knows how many more were hidden beyond the range of their senses.

“There are over a thousand Life-devouring Beasts, but fortunately most of them are below Godking. There are around fifty at early Godking and three at mid Godking,” Jian Chen thought. He glanced past the several tens of thousand Godkings on his side and knew that they would probably have to pay a great price this time.

“However, there’s a Life-devouring Beast that has remained stationary two hundred kilometres away. It has reached late Godking. It should be the beast king of this herd,” Jian Chen’s eyes glimmered. He knew that they had intruded upon the territory of this herd of Life-devouring Beasts. Once they alarmed the late Godking beast king, the consequences would be severe.

He completely understood the strength of the beast king. As the king of a herd, it would be much more powerful than most late Godking Life-devouring Beasts. Even Jin Hong would only be able to flee before it.

The group had already begun fighting with the herd. A few Deity and God Life-devouring Beasts were slain by the numerous Godkings as soon as they appeared. From a single wave of attacks, several dozen Deity and God Life-devouring Beasts were beaten to a pulp.

Before the numerous sacrificial Godkings, only Overgod Life-devouring Beasts could last for a moment, but they could only last for a moment at most. The difference in strength and numbers claimed the lives of these Overgod Life-devouring Beasts.

The battle below Godking was one-sided. The Life-devouring Beasts suffered severe casualties. However, the battle between the Godkings was extremely intense. Over fifty early Godking Life-devouring Beasts rampaged through a group of sacrificial soldiers. They constantly fluttered their wings and moved extremely quickly, sweeping through the crowd and constantly chomping down on the sacrificial soldiers. As they carried the Godkings in their mouths, they rapidly drained their life force while dodging the incoming attacks with great agility, avoiding being hit.

As the Godkings’ life force was devoured, the Life-devouring Beasts gradually grew stronger.

It had only been a few seconds since the battle started, but several dozen sacrificial Godkings had already died to the mouths of the winged wolves; this number only increased.



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