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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2697 - The Beast King
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Chapter 2697: The Beast King

“Yang Yutian, let me assist you. Let’s work together and kill this Life-devouring Beast.” After killing one of the mid Godking Life-devouring Beasts, Jin Hong released his secret technique, and the blurry figure of the ancient Skywolf immediately vanished from behind him. His presence returned to normal, and he immediately rushed towards Jian Chen.

The secret technique was indeed powerful, but it also expended a tremendous amount of energy. It was to the point where even Jin Hong did not want to use it for even a second longer. He would much rather work with Jian Chen to kill the Life-devouring Beast than to use the Blessing of the Wolf Exalt again.

To the other side, Jian Chen purposefully appeared to be under great strain as he fought against the Life-devouring Beast. When he saw Jin Hong fly towards him, he came up with an idea and suddenly said, “There’s no need. I can still last for much longer, so go deal with the other Life-devouring Beast first.”

Currently, the third mid Godking Life-devouring Beast was wreaking havoc. It forced back the prodigies and Godkings constantly, completely gaining the upper hand. Half of the prodigies suffered wounds, some light and others worse. They were all covered in blood.

Several of the sacrificial Godkings had already been mauled to death by the vicious Life-devouring Beast.

Against so many prodigies, the Life-devouring Beast that was only a mid Godking constantly suffered injuries as well. Even though none of these prodigies were as powerful as the Life-devouring Beast, they did come from peak clans in the Saints’ World after all. They all possessed powerful and ancient secret techniques. Some of their secret techniques could even allow them to unleash attacks on the level of mid Godkings despite only being early Godkings.

The Life-devouring Beast would suffer greatly under these powerful secret techniques, except the wounds would be nothing compared to its tremendous life force.

Especially after draining the tremendous life force of a few sacrificial Godkings, the Life-devouring Beast would have more life force to recover as it grew stronger.

Without Jian Chen and Jin Hong, these two great experts who could match late Godkings, killing the Life-devouring Beast with just the prodigies and sacrificial Godkings would be extremely difficult.

Jin Hong immediately paused after hearing Jian Chen’s words. He glanced past the two battlefields and understood exactly what was going on. “Yang Yutian is very powerful. Although it seems difficult for him to handle a mid Godking Life-devouring Beast alone, he won’t be defeated anytime soon. However, the people on the other side have already lost the upper hand. People can die at any time.”

With a quick thought, Jin Hong changed directions, flying towards the third Life-devouring Beast now. He went to save the prodigies.


Jin Hong was extremely fast. He arrived before the other Life-devouring Beast in a flash and transformed his hand into a claw to directly grab its hind leg. With a violent jerk, a large piece of flesh was ripped off from the Life-devouring Beast’s leg.

“Fantastic, young master Jin Hong has come!”

“Since young master Jin Hong has arrived, this Life-devouring Beast is dead for sure. Everyone unleash your full strength and kill it with young master Jin Hong!”

Jin Hong’s arrival made everyone’s morale peak. No one held back anymore, all unleashing powerful secret techniques to assist Jin Hong in killing the Life-devouring Beast.

Jian Chen watched on from afar. The light in his eyes flickered as he thought, “Within the range of the senses of my soul, there were numerous Life-devouring Beasts moving about within a range of ten million kilometres. There are many huge Life-devouring Beasts as well. If this continues on like this, I wonder when are we going to emerge from the Two World Mountains.”

“The Two World Mountains is just too vast. I can only observe a portion of it even with the senses of my soul. I have no idea where the way out is. And the special geography here constantly changes. If I travel in a straight line, I’ll probably just end up walking in circles. I need them to make it out of here.”

“It looks like if I want to make it out of the Two World Mountains as soon as possible, I need to leave the group and clear the obstacles in front of them so that they can cover ground without obstruction. Only then can I leave the Two World Mountains as quickly as possible.”

Suddenly, a sharp gleam of light flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes.

A hundred kilometres away, within the centre of a small mountain range stood the highest peak. On it lay a winged wolf with golden fur. It exhaled and inhaled the energy of the world. It was cultivating.

This golden wolf was clearly a Life-devouring Beast, except the pulsing energy it gave off was so great that it had reached late Godking.

Let alone the Two World Mountains, a late Godking across the entire World of the Fallen Beast was an existence that could stand supreme.

The strongest in the World of the Fallen Beast were only Infinite Primes, and there were so few of them. It was possible to count them all. As a result, late Godkings who were only second to Infinite Primes possessed extraordinary statuses.

Suddenly, a powerful strand of sword Qi condensed out of nowhere above the golden wolf. Before the wolf could respond, the sword Qi directly stabbed at the beast, leaving behind a deep slash.

The golden wolf suddenly roused from cultivation and opened its eyes. Within the fury of its scarlet eyes was a sparkle.

It seemed like it possessed a slight amount of self-consciousness having reached late Godking, making it unlike the other Life-devouring Beasts that only acted on instinct.

Of course, it was only a slight amount, not even enough for it to communicate with others.

The golden wolf produced a great howl after rousing. The sound pierced through everything and shook up the vegetation and rocks. Then it looked away as if it could sense something, immediately locking down on where Jian Chen fought. It shot off like an arrow.

A hundred kilometres away, Jin Hong and the prodigies also heard the piercing wolf howl as they fought the Life-devouring Beast. Their faces changed drastically.

“Did that come from a late Godking Life-devouring Beast?” A prodigy asked with a pale complexion.

“Mid Godking Life-devouring Beasts are already difficult enough to handle, let alone late Godking ones. Probably only Primordial realm experts can kill a late Godking Life-devouring Beast,” another prodigy added with difficulty as his voice trembled.

“We’re in trouble now. Against a late Godking Life-devouring Beast, we probably can’t even escape,” the prodigy from the Empirelotus Sword sect, Ping Yisheng, also said with a sunken voice. He could feel the impending danger.

“Blessing of the Wolf Exalt!” Jin Hong bellowed and used the secret technique once more. A tremendous presence appeared, and the figure of the ancient Skywolf appeared behind him once more.

His battle prowess skyrocketed after using the secret technique. In just a few attacks, he tore the Life-devouring Beast that the prodigies struggled against so much to pieces. Afterwards, he called out, “Everyone assist Yang Yutian in killing the final mid Godking Life-devouring Beast, and then flee as quickly as you can. I’ll go draw the beast king away.”

“My Blessing of the Wolf Exalt can last for five minutes at most. After that, even I don’t know what fate I’ll be facing. During that time, you have to flee as far away as you can. You can only rely on yourselves for the upcoming journey.” At that moment, Jin Hong seemed like he was about to take on everything alone. Even against the late Godking Life-devouring Beast king, he was fearless. Afterwards, he tossed a divine hall to Jian Chen and said, “Jian Chen, that divine hall contains all the cultivators. You’re probably the strongest besides me, and you also have grasped the Laws of Space, so your chances of survival are much greater than everyone else’s. I’ll leave these people to you. I hope that you can emerge from the Two World Mountains alive.”



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