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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2702 - The Rain Of The Two World Mountains
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Chapter 2702: The Rain of the Two World Mountains

The Divine Formation of the Crane’s Feather was a powerful, defensive formation. It could not be used against Life-devouring Beasts, but it was basically an impenetrable wall against the attacks of cultivators.

If several hundred or a thousand sacrificial soldiers used the formation, they would be combining all of their strength. They could even stop the attacks of a few experts who had just reached Infinite Prime.

“People of the Empirelotus Sword sect, use the Lotus Sword Formation immediately!”

“People of the Hundred Battle clan, use the Invincible Formation quickly!”

“People of the Sun family…”

“People of the Greenfields clan…”

Afterwards, the other prodigies all snapped to their senses as well, passing down commands together.

Immediately, many powerful defensive formations were quickly erected to block the attacks of the insane cultivators.

The attacks of the crazy cultivators finally posed no more threat to the regular sacrificial soldiers.

However, in that short amount of time, close to a thousand sacrificial soldiers had passed away.

“We’re done for, we’re done for. It’s over for us. It’s all over…” Chu Jie and the others were grief-stricken. Blood had drained from their faces completely. Not only had all of their subordinates lost their minds, they themselves had absorbed quite a lot of the grey mist as well. Even though they were unable to find anything wrong with their bodies for now, the fates of the sacrificial soldiers had cast a shadow in their hearts.

None of them know when they would become like the insane sacrificial soldiers.

Some of the prodigies had already begun wolfing down various pills in an attempt to disperse the mist within them.

Having witnessed the sacrificial soldiers descend into madness, they had truly become afraid. They were in fear.

What hurt them even more was that the prodigies who had not absorbed any mist due to their energy cloaking had instinctively moved away from them, secretly raising their guard against them. Clearly, they were prepared for their descension into insanity at any time.

Even their good friends that they had referred to as brothers before had purposefully backed away from them, afraid of standing too close.

“Dandan, don’t worry, nothing will happen to me. I possess a large quantity of pills. The puny mist can’t do anything to me…” said one of the prodigies to a woman beside him with a pale face.

“Shao Qi, keep your distance. Don’t come near me.” A young lady by the name of Dandan screamed and immediately backed away from him, avoiding him like the plague.

Shao Qi’s heart ached. Deep regret filled him. “Dammit. If I had known earlier, I would have chosen to believe Yang Yutian before. I’ve actually forced myself into a state like this just to save a bit of energy. Dammit, dammit!” Shao Qi felt utter regret.

“Young master Jin Hong, what do we do now? What should we do with these sacrificial soldiers who’ve lost control?” The prodigy of the Man family, Man Yunjun, asked sternly. She was a lady who seemed around twenty years of age. She was good looking and gave off a valiant aura, rather like a person of strong moral character. She was much more outstanding than most of the prodigies present. She was one of the few prodigies who managed to stay composed in the face of this sudden incident.

Jin Hong said nothing, as he himself had no idea how to handle this situation. He felt like he was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

He had already tried to wake up these insane sacrificial soldiers, but it was impossible. If they tried to suppress them with force, they would clearly need to pay an extravagant price. As a matter of fact, they might not even succeed in doing so.

However, if they were supposed to kill all of them, it similarly would be a huge loss and a great hit to their forces. They would not be able to deal with the unknown dangers in Hundred Saint City.

“We can’t leave either seeing how we’re pinned down like this. This can’t continue. We have to come up with a way to deal with all of this,” Ping Yisheng of the Empirelotus Sword sect said grimly.

“Our sacrificial soldiers will run out of energy sooner or later, and we still have to deal with the threat of Life-devouring Beasts in our remaining journey. We can’t waste too much energy here,” said Lu Ye of the Greenfields clan.

“It has already come to this point. We’re out of options. Let’s kill all the sacrificial soldiers who have lost control,” said the prodigy of the Darkness clan. He was shrouded in black robes, obscuring his face and giving off a sense of mysteriousness.

He was a quiet person. He maintained an extremely low profile in the group and rarely spoke.

However, no one underestimated him, as he was the king of the night. He might not have been the strongest in open battle, but in terms of assassination, he could send chills down the spines of all cultivators at the same level as him.

“That’s a good idea. We need to take action immediately. We’ve created too great of a disturbance here. If we draw over Life-devouring Beasts, we’ll really be in trouble. If we don’t handle it well, all of us will die here,” someone added immediately.

“No, we can’t kill them. Our clans have painstakingly raised these sacrificial soldiers. We can’t let them die by our own hands. You all understand just how valuable Hundred Tribulations Godking Pills are. If you touch them, the clans behind us will never just turn a blind eye to the whole thing once we leave the World of the Fallen Beast. They’ll definitely demand an explanation,” Gong Ruize said shrilly. He objected immediately. He was extremely nervous.

At that moment, everyone was faced with a tough dilemma. They were stuck with over ten thousand insane sacrificial soldiers, unable to leave.

A hundred kilometres away, a huge eagle circled in the air. On its wide back sat Jian Chen. He also frowned. He murmured to himself, “The mist can actually control the minds of Godkings. It’s even more complicated than I imagined it to be.” Jian Chen reached out with one hand, and the space before him warped. Swathes of mist was sucked into his hand, condensing into a thumb-sized bead in the end.

He stared at the bead for a long time before even using the senses of his soul. He examined it closely, inspecting every inch of it in an attempt to find the secret hidden in the mist.

However, the secret hidden in the mist could not be unraveled so easily. Even with Jian Chen’s soul that had mutated after absorbing a strand of Chaotic Force, he found almost nothing after a close inspection. He did not find any leads to nullifying the mist either.

Two hours later, Jian Chen opened his eyes, and the white bead in his hand transformed back into mist, dispersing in the surroundings.

“It seems like the cultivators who have lost control are basically hopeless.” Jian Chen shook his head and sighed. He had used the senses of his soul to secretly inspect the souls of the insane sacrificial soldiers in the past, which was why he understood just how troublesome the mist was.

At the very least, there was nothing he could do to save the sacrificial soldiers with his current abilities.

At this moment, a drizzle suddenly descended from the sky, enveloping a range of a hundred kilometres.

No one paid attention to the rain. They all thought it was just regular rain. Jin Hong and the other prodigies were cloaked in energy as well, so the rain directly bounced off them. They did not even get wet.

However, the insane sacrificial soldiers were completely drenched. What no one noticed was that when the rain came into contact with their skin, it actually merged with their bodies quietly, turning into a stream of coolness that fused with their blood, meridians, flesh, and soul.

The stream of coolness seemed to be able to purify certain things in the world. Wherever it passed by, the grey mist in the bodies of the sacrificial soldiers would begin to disperse.

In just a few seconds, the cultivators who had attacked the defensive formations mindless gradually slowed down. Their movements became duller and duller before actually stopping. The green light in their eyes began to fade, allowing their pupils to recover their normal light.

Nearby, the prodigies had just been discussing whether they would kill the mindless sacrificial soldiers or not. They also discovered the strange phenomenon here, so they all looked over, and with that, many of them beamed with joy.

“Look, they’ve actually woken up, and the light in their eyes have returned to normal. Fantastic, they’ve finally come to their senses,” Chu Jie could not help but cry out as he began to dance in celebration. He was in high spirits.

Not only did the recovery of these people indicate that there was a way to deal with the mist, it also meant that the sacrificial soldiers had returned to their control. There was no need for them to lose their subordinates.

“It’s the rain that saved them. The rain can actually subdue the mist.” Jin Hong looked at the drizzling sky in surprise.



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