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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2705 - A Clash Between The Powerful (One)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2705: A Clash between the Powerful (One)

The tremendous figure was not the Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast. Rather, it was something similar to a strand of its soul. As a result, Jian Chen could easily disperse it.

With Jian Chen’s current strength, very few Infinite Primes could pose a threat to him. With the Life-devouring Beast’s strength, it would struggle to oppose Jian Chen even if it were personally present, so let alone a strand of its soul.

Right after Jian Chen dispersed the figure, an earth-shaking roar suddenly rang out in a dense forest beyond the range of Jian Chen’s senses. The terrifying roar shook up the surrounding mountains, causing the ground to crack. It spread out as sound waves, destroying all life within a range of a hundred kilometres.

Within a cave reinforced by special energy, a huge, shadowy figure flashed and appeared outside.

It was an extremely large grey tiger that was a total of a hundred metres in length. It also had a third eye at the centre of its forehead. The eye was tightly closed such that it only seemed like a slit.

The tiger seemed exactly the same as the one Jian Chen had just slain; the only difference was its size and strength.

With a single movement, terrifying energy erupted from the tiger’s body, and the surroundings boomed. Several mountains collapsed from the energy.

Its eyes were filled with fury and hatred as it glared in Jian Chen’s direction. Even though it was millions of kilometres away, it still seemed to be able to lock onto Jian Chen’s presence with flawless precision.

Afterwards, it leapt, resulting in an explosion in the air. The entire space there shuddered and twisted. The Infinite Prime tiger seemed to smash through space, having vanished already as it travelled towards Jian Chen with speed that did not belong to an Infinite Prime.

It was so fast that it did not take too long to cover the millions of kilometres between them.

In just a few seconds, the tiger’s tremendous presence appeared within the range of Jian Chen’s senses. It basically crossed tens of thousand kilometers at every moment.

“I was just about to go look for you, but you’ve actually come to me instead,” Jian Chen murmured to himself when he sensed the tiger’s movements. He was completely calm, glancing at the group a hundred kilometres away before controlling the eagle to fly towards the tiger without any hesitation at all.

He needed to stop the Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast a certain distance from the group.

The eagle flapped its wings and flew as quickly as it could. The surrounding space constantly twisted as if it were being folded, allowing the eagle to cover ground over a hundred times faster than normal.

Elsewhere, the huge group composed of members of the various clans continued to make their way through the dense thicket quickly. All of them were on high alert, ready for any sudden attacks from Life-devouring Beasts. None of them, including Jin Hong, could sense the Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast currently heading in their direction; this was a beast that was enough to cause them to pale.

At the forefront of the group, He Qianqian stood with the other prodigies. She constantly took out the divine hall Jian Chen had handed her. She would check if the strand of soul remained in there so that she could confirm Jian Chen’s status.

When she sensed that the strand of Jian Chen’s soul remained, she could not help but feel relieved. At the very least, she knew that Jian Chen was still alive.

However, she soon thought of something and could not help but begin to worry. She thought to herself, “We’ve already travelled for such a long time. We’re nowhere near where we separated anymore. Yang Yutian, are you able to cross such a great distance and catch up to us?”

“He Qianqian, is the strand of Yang Yutian’s soul still there?” Suddenly, Jin Hong looked back at He Qianqian and asked her.

He Qianqian nodded and said nothing. Jin Hong saw that and could not help but smile. “Just as I had suspected. Yang Yutian really isn’t a person that could die so easily. I think he should be able to catch up to us easily with his Laws of Space.”

“It’s all because of Yang Yutian’s sacrifice that we were able to escape this time. He had selflessly drawn away the Life-devouring Beast king, so he must be in great danger right now. If I can still see him again once we make it out of the Two World Mountains, I will definitely thank him properly,” said the prodigy of the Empirelotus Sword sect.

“Yang Yutian is a man of great character. In order to make enough time for us, he had gone as far as to sacrifice himself and face the late Godking Life-devouring Beast king alone. That alone has filled me with admiration towards him. I must definitely treasure a friend like this,” added the prodigy of the Scarlet Light clan, Guang Wanhua. He felt admiration from the bottom of his heart.

Many of them were touched by Jian Chen’s actions. They all felt that he was the reason why they could escape and that they owed him a huge favour. They were grateful towards him.

Of course, not everyone was like that. A few people remained indifferent. From the bottom of their hearts, they looked down on Jian Chen because of his status as an independent cultivator. They all believed that they were superior and matters that involved risk and potential death were supposed to be done by independent cultivators or servants.

“I think that you’re all overestimating Yang Yutian. With his Laws of Space, he can avoid the Life-devouring Beast king temporarily, but don’t forget that using the power of laws will consume one’s power of the soul. Unlike origin energy, power of the soul can’t be recovered by absorbing divine crystals. Once the power of his soul is completely depleted, it will probably be his end,” Gong Ruize was disgruntled by everyone’s praise of Jian Chen because he held resentment towards the latter, so he added coldly.

“That’s right. In my opinion, even if Yang Yutian is still alive, he probably has a foot planted in the grave. He’s probably running around the Two World Mountains like a dog. Let alone seeing him in the future, he’ll probably have all of his life force sucked dry by a Life-devouring Beast just like the dead sacrificial soldiers soon,” Chu Jie added venomously.

“Chu Jie, shut your mouth. The reason why we were able to escape from the Life-devouring Beast king was all because of Yang Yutian. He basically saved us.” He Qianqian looked at Chu Jie furiously with a sunken face.

“He saved us all? Do you think he has that ability?” Chu Jie was scornful.

At this moment, a tiger’s roar rang out from the horizon. Coupled with it were pulses of energy and pressure from who knows how far away.

Even though the energy and pressure had become extremely faint after travelling such a great distance, all of the prodigies present were knowledgeable, so they immediately sensed an energy that was beyond Godhood cultivators from the pressure.

“The Primordial realm! It’s at the Primordial realm! Oh no, the pressure comes from the Primordial realm!” Ping Yisheng of the Empirelotus sword sect suddenly paled. He had come into contact with many Primordial realm experts in his sect. He had an extremely deep impression of the unique presence and energy that Primordial realm experts possessed.

“It’s a Life-devouring Beast. That’s the roar of a Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast…”

“There are Primordial realm experts fighting in the distance…”

Immediately, everyone’s expressions change drastically, as they would not be able to put up any resistance against a Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast. The formations of Godking sacrificial soldiers would bring about no benefits at all.

With the strength of Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts, their ability to devour life would be so powerful that even if they were several kilometres or several dozen kilometres away, their bodies would still be drained clean in an extremely short amount of time.

With the appearance of the Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast, everyone apart from Jin Hong became afraid. However, even Jin Hong became extremely stern.



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