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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2708 - Slain
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Chapter 2708: Slain

The main reason why the sacrificial soldiers could kill the Life-devouring Beasts in the large scale battles earlier was because the Life-devouring Beasts had sustained wounds that were simply too severe. Their consumption of life force completely exceeded their speed at devouring life force. Hence, they ran out of life force and die in the end.

Although the remains of Life-devouring Beasts that had died like this would still possess some of their vitality and could also be used for refining pills, the effects would obviously be much worse compared to remains that still possessed their full vitality.

However, Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts were not like Godhood Life-devouring Beasts. There was a tremendous number of Godhood Life-devouring Beasts, so Jian Chen was not concerned with whether some of them still possessed most of their vitality or not. However, Jian Chen treated Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts like treasures, so he obviously hoped to maintain most of their vitality.

“It looks like I have to finish this battle as soon as possible. At the same time, in order to prevent the loss of too much of its life force, I can’t injure it too much. I have to deal a fatal blow every time I harm it. Only then can I kill it as quickly as possible,” thought Jian Chen. He looked at the tail that the Life-devouring Beast had already regrown. He knew that he could not continue using the method of cutting the Life-devouring Beast down one limb at a time.

Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts could recover their limbs far too quickly. They could basically regrow one in just a few seconds, and every time they did that, it would consume some of its life force. Such a matter was not what Jian Chen hoped for.

“It looks like I can only use that move if I want to end the battle quickly.” Jian Chen easily dodged the ball of energy the Life-devouring Beast had spat out. His gaze suddenly sharpened, and a magnificent strand of silver-white sword Qi slowly surged around his right hand.

The strand of sword Qi was not as simple as a pure strand of sword Qi. The power of the ways flowed through it such that it gathered the power of the Laws of the Sword. It was much more powerful than any of Jian Chen’s prior attacks in this battle.

He swung the sword Qi forward gently. With that, the sword Qi, along with half of his arm, vanished. It was as if they had completely melded with space.

In the next moment, the Life-devouring Beast suddenly trembled. Its eyes were filled with pain, and it could not help but emit a heart-wrenching howl. Its tremendous body collapsed onto the ground with a great thud, even shaking up the ground.

After it collapsed, dazzling white light suddenly appeared from its tremendous body. The white light grew brighter and brighter, shining from its body as if it were making its way out by ripping through the Life-devouring Beast’s body

The Life-devouring Beasts constantly howled in pain. Its huge body trembled as its life force erupted inside, enveloping it completely. It seemed like it had suffered an extremely severe wound.

This process lasted for just five seconds before the dazzling white light finally emerged from the Life-devouring Beast’s body. It was like a sun that had burned its way out, shining luminously. Every ray of light seemed to be composed of sharp blades. Wherever the light passed by, the Life-devouring Beast would be sliced open.

Immediately, the powerful Life-devouring Beast seemed to be struck by thousands of hits. It became riddled with holes, covered in wounds of various sizes. There were so many wounds that its body was close to falling apart. Only some of its flesh still clung to its body such that it was not completely ripped to pieces.

This move was the secret technique that Jian Chen had comprehended himself, the Shadowless Lifetaking Strike!

The Shadowless Lifetaking Strike was an attack utilising a fusion between the Laws of the Sword and the Laws of Space. It could bypass any distance, any obstacle and all defences, directly appearing in the body of the enemy and attacking from the inside out.

This strike was so powerful that Jian Chen had directly killed a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime with it when he wielded the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways.

Although he no longer had his sword, so the secret technique was weakened as a result, it was still plenty to deal with a Third Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

As a result, that move alone had pushed the Life-devouring Beast to the edge of death. It was close to dying.

If it were an ordinary Infinite Prime, it would have died immediately. It only survived thanks to its tenacious vitality.

However, in the next moment, the Life-devouring Beast began to struggle to its feet. Its surroundings were filled with dense life force. Wrapped by the vitality, its wounds recovered rapidly.

“I can’t let you waste so much vitality,” Jian Chen murmured. He felt slightly dizzy and understood that he could not use the Shadowless Lifetaking Strike frequently.

The stronger the battle skill or secret technique, the greater the cost of using it. Even some Grand Primes could not withstand peak God Tier Battle Skills. The Shadowless Lifetaking Strike was incredibly powerful, so its associated cost was obviously high.

With a flash, Jian Chen immediately arrived before the Life-devouring Beast and swung down at its spine with powerful sword Qi.

The Life-devouring Beast was close to falling apart. Most of its flesh had been cut off, with only a bare minimum holding it together. With Jian Chen’s attack, its body immediately split in half along the waist.

Jian Chen jolted his hand, and the sword condensed from sword Qi in his hand suddenly shot out as a series of blurs. Immediately, the latter half of the Life-devouring Beast’s huge body was cut into hundreds of pieces. Afterwards, strands of Chaotic Force shot out from his hand, sealing up the pieces of flesh one by one and cutting off their connection with one another to prevent the vitality in them from flowing away. At the same time, he cut off the possibility of the flesh reconstructing back together.

With the pieces sealed up, the Life-devouring Beast immediately lost its connection with that portion of its body. It finally felt a tinge of fear, along with a raging fury.

Suddenly, a strange pulse appeared. The closed eye on its forehead finally opened slowly as it faced the threat of death.

The eye did not open very quickly, but a pulse of energy that completely surpassed the Life-devouring Beast’s cultivation suddenly exploded from the eye as it opened.

It twisted its head, and the third eye immediately locked onto Jian Chen. An inky green light shot out with unbelievable speed.

Jian Chen immediately felt a great restraining force appear out of nowhere. However, against his current battle prowess, such a restraining force was nothing. Only when he faced the incoming beam of green light did he feel somewhat interested.

“The power of the eye is enough to rival Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes. Among Infinite Primes, that’s basically as good as it gets.” Jian Chen swung his hand and produced a strand of sword Qi, shattering the beam of light.

Given his current level of strength, he could kill Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes without using the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways. An attack at the Fifth Heavenly Layer obviously could not threaten him.

After using its trump card, the Life-devouring Beast became haggard. Clearly, using the move took an extremely great toll on it.

Jian Chen took advantage of this opportunity and immediately launched a full-strength attack. A shining white strand of sword Qi slashed down at its forehead, splitting the upper half of the Life-devouring Beast into quarters.

At a time like this, the Life-devouring Beast had completely lost the ability to fight back. Even its powerful life force was useless, unable to heal its wounds.

Jian Chen’s attack was simply too powerful. Every attack wreaked fatal damage. In no way could it recover as quickly as Jian Chen destroyed it.

At the same time, Jian Chen was sealing up the pieces as he destroyed the beast, which only made matters worse for the Life-devouring Beast. In a few seconds, the Third Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime Life-devouring Beast completely died off. All of its remains were sealed up by Jian Chen before being tossed into a Space Ring.



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