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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2709 - Seeing The Light Of Day Once More
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2709: Seeing the Light of Day Once More

“Infinite Primes are the most powerful existences in the World of the Fallen Beast, and it’s even rarer to have experts who can kill Infinite Prime Life-devouring Beasts. There must only be a handful of them in the World of the Fallen Beast. I wonder how many Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts have died before I killed this one.”

“Maybe this is the first Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast to die. If that really is the case, its remains will truly be priceless in the outside world.” Jian Chen studied the remains that filled an entire Space Ring in satisfaction as he pondered to himself. He was not in need of wealth. After all, when he destroyed the Gloomwater sect, he had already obtained the tremendous wealth of a peak sect. After the chaos on the Cloud Plane, he had been allocated a portion of the Four Symbols Alliance’s wealth as well.

As a matter of fact, Jian Chen had obtained a portion of the resources within the Space Rings of the Grand Primes that his seniors from the Martial Soul lineage had killed.

The resources that Grand Primes possessed were so plentiful that it was beyond the imagination of ordinary cultivators. The resources accumulated by a peak organisation over many years were also unbelievably plentiful. So much wealth gathered together could sustain the Tian Yuan clan for several tens of thousands of years even at the rate that the clan was consuming it.

As a result, he was not in need of cultivation resources or wealth. He did not plan on selling the remains of the Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast. Instead, he wanted to use it for his clan.

The value and scarcity of pills refined from the remains of Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts were self-evident. It could strengthen the effects of God Tier pills by thirty percent. It was impossible for any organisation to have too much of it.

“However, I do need to clean up the battlefield. I need to cover it up as a battle between two Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts. Otherwise, the Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race will immediately deduce that an Infinite Prime has come in from the outside world with their smarts when they discover this place. If they prepare themselves because of this, it’ll be detrimental to what I’m doing next.” Jian Chen glanced past the battlefield that spanned several dozen kilometres. The light in his eyes flickered before he immediately began the clean up. He arranged things around to cover up the traces of battle, erasing all traces of the Laws of the Sword.

Moreover, he used his mastery over the Laws of Space to forcefully disturb the space there. That way, even if the Primordial realm experts from the Darkstar race turned back time to see the past, they would still find nothing.

This would be the case unless there were stronger Chaotic Primes or Grand Primes among the Darkstar race, as only experts like that could spot problems in the space that Jian Chen had disturbed when they turned back time.

Although it was rather unlikely for the Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race to come to the centre of the Two World Mountains, Jian Chen was preparing for the worst case scenario.

After cleaning up the battlefield, Jian Chen checked through it all closely once more. Only after confirming that he had missed nothing did he leave.

Several thousand kilometres away, the eagle that Jian Chen had tamed currently stood high up on the crown of a tree. It stared in the direction of Jian Chen and the Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast’s battle.

As a late Godking Life-devouring Beast king, the eagle possessed a certain level of intelligence. It understood the Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast’s strength very well. According to its knowledge, that Life-devouring Beast was the ruler and sovereign of this piece of land. It was the absolute existence, so strong that it was undefeatable.

Now, that human had clashed with the ruler of this land. It seemed to want to see whether the powerful human was the ruler’s opponent or not.

However, due to the ruler’s terrifying pressure, the eagle was either afraid of being caught up in the battle or displeasing the ruler, so it flew far away to several thousand kilometres away. It was unable to see anything on the battlefield from so far away because the mist had blocked everything. It could only sense the terrifying pulses of energy from afar and the ruler’s constant roars of anger and howls of pain.

“You didn’t actually leave. Have you been waiting here for me to return?” As the eagle focused on the direction of the battle, a rather familiar voice suddenly rang out from behind it.

Afterwards, the eagle sensed that a person had appeared silently on its back.

The person was Jian Chen. Jian Chen had appeared on the eagle’s back like he had teleported through the wondrous Laws of Space.

Jian Chen’s sudden appearance frightened the eagle rather significantly. Its tremendous body suddenly shuddered, and it began to tremble heavily. It shook off quite a few leaves from the tree below as it almost lost its balance and fell down. Fortunately, it flapped its wings to stabilise itself in time.

The eagle suddenly turned its head around and stared at the figure who just stood on its back. The human had returned, while the absolute ruler of the land had fallen silent…

Although the eagle was not pariticularly intelligent, it was not exactly dumb either. The circumstances had allowed it to understand something, which made its heart tremble even more.

Jian Chen looked at the eagle and could not help but smile. “It looks like you’ve grown accustomed to being my mount. Whatever, I won’t mistreat you. Once I leave this place in a few days’ time, I’ll give you something fantastic.” As Jian Chen said that, he kicked his foot gently. The eagle obliged, and without the slightest hesitation, it immediately flapped its huge wings, taking off with a massive gust of wind. It flew off into the distance, far more obedient than before.

For the next few days, Jian Chen continued to lurk in the shadows with the eagle. He continued to clear obstacles for the group, playing the role of an unknown guardian.

Of course, he did not eliminate all the Life-devouring Beasts along the way, just the stronger ones that would delay the group. In order to prevent the more cautious people in the group from spotting anything that would give him away, he even purposefully sent a few weaker Life-devouring Beasts over to reduce their suspicion.

In the blink of an eye, another half a month passed by. On this day, Jian Chen seemed to discover something as he rested on the eagle’s back lazily and hummed to himself. He suddenly opened his eyes and shot up, staring into the distance in interest.

Once in a while, the senses of his soul would expand so that he could inspect the surroundings to see whether there were any Life-devouring Beasts that could pose a threat to the group. Just when he expanded his senses once more, he discovered that the mist was actually thinning out several million kilometres away.

Jian Chen immediately understood that they were about to leave the Two World Mountains from this.

This made Jian Chen strangely excited. Afterwards, he used the Laws of Space to leave. He constantly flickered through the trees and mountains. With each flash, he would cover a million kilometres. Hence, after just a few flashes, he had appeared several million kilometres away where the mist was thinning.

Standing in this region, Jian Chen could clearly sense that the mist’s impact on the senses of his soul was weakening. He immediately expanded it as far as he could.

After a short moment, the senses of his soul surpassed the ten million kilometres limit when he was in the mist. It reached fifteen million kilometres and continued onwards, enveloping a larger and larger area.

Eighteen million kilometres…

Twenty million kilometres…

Twenty-five million kilometres…

Thirty million kilometres.

In the end, Jian Chen reached his limit at a total of thirty-eight million kilometres.

That was almost four times his range while within the mist.

Of course, that was not the limit of a Primordial realm expert. A Grand Prime could easily envelope an entire plane or even more than that.

A Chaotic Prime could envelope an entire region, which would be a fifth of a plane’s area.

How wide was a region? That was something that would be measured using units of billions of kilometres, and that was only the unit of measurement.

Although an Infinite Prime was not as great as a Chaotic Prime, an Infinite Prime could normally envelope much more than forty-five million kilometres, not to mention that Jian Chen’s soul was not ordinary.

“The mist is not the only thing suppressing the senses of the soul. There’s the world as well. In the World of the Fallen Beast, the senses of the soul can only cover a range of around half of its capability in the outside world or even less than that. Is that because of the will of the Grand Exalts?” Jian Chen wondered.



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