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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2710 - Hundred Saint City
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Chapter 2710: Hundred Saint City

“I just wonder if the restraint on the senses of the soul only affects us outsiders or the Darkstar race as well.”

“Besides, when the laws operate here, there isn’t the same full and mellow feeling one experiences in the Saints’ World. If I do anything here, the physical toll of using the power of laws is fifty percent greater than in the Two World Mountains.” Jian Chen closed his eyes to sense the surroundings and could not help but frown.

Using the power of laws depleted the power of the soul. If he fought here, the power of his soul would run out much faster than in the outside world.

He discovered that after leaving the Two World Mountains, the restrictions had increased instead.

“Hundred Saint City is actually there!”

Twenty million kilometres away from the Two World Mountains, Jian Chen finally found the Hundred Saint City that the group behind him was searching for.

He had learnt a little about the origins of the Hundred Saint City from He Qianqian. It was a city erected over many years through the combined efforts of many peak organisations of the Saints’ World. It had taken up a tremendous amount of wealth and resources.

The city was the main base that the peak organisations had created in the World of the Fallen Beast. It was the only footing they had here. Not only was it a safe haven, but it was also a centre of trade.

Due to the unique characteristics of the World of the Fallen Beast, many rare items that could not be found in the Saints’ World would appear here. Even many peak clans of the Saints’ World were unable to ignore some of the resources, with the remains of Life-devouring Beasts being of particular note. They were extremely precious.

Based on the same logic, there were many cultivation and heavenly resources that the Darkstar race needed from the Saints’ World. These would not appear in the World of the Fallen Beast and could only be imported from the outside world.

As a result, the Hundred Saint City became the place of trade between the many organisations of the Saints’ World and the Darkstar race. The people of the two worlds engaged in exchange for what they needed.

Now, after Jian Chen finally saw the Hundred Saint City, he was slightly shocked.

This was because the Hundred Saint City was not just a simple city. Inspecting it with his powerful senses, he could tell with a single glance that it was actually a god artifact.

This was a god artifact that had reached the limits of low quality, and it was almost on par with medium quality god artifacts.

If it were just a low quality god artifact, it would not have been enough to elicit Jian Chen’s current reaction. What really opened Jian Chen’s eyes was that the city was actually constructed from hundreds of thousands or maybe even over a million high quality and supreme quality saint artifacts.

No, not constructed. It was more like something assembled and put together.

The frame of the grand city gates was composed of a single supreme quality saint artifact. The two planks that formed the gate was each a supreme quality saint artifact as well.

The gate tower above the gate was assembled from over a dozen supreme quality saint artifacts. Meanwhile, every brick that formed the long walls was a high quality saint artifact.

All these high quality and supreme quality saint artifacts were joined together through a large formation, allowing them to unite their strength into one. It was perfect, which was why it was transformed into a god artifact.

Of course, this was not a true god artifact. However, it possessed all the power that god artifacts would.

The extraordinary craftsmanship allowed all the saint artifacts to fall into place perfectly; it was like they were truly a single piece. It was impossible to find any flaws in the entire structure. It was basically a perfect piece of art.

“So many saint artifacts have been brought in from the outside world individually. They only needed to be placed down accurately, and all their power can be combined into a god artifact. What extravancy, what exquisite craftsmanship. The person who created this city must have reached a level of mastery in regards to their comprehension of forging items.” Jian Chen could not help but sigh in surprise. Under the circumstances where god artifacts were forbidden from being taken in, they were still able to create a city like this. It was truly admirable.

The various descendants of the peak clans could maintain a certain level of authority in this world dominated by the Darkstar race even without Primordial realm experts thanks to the protection of such a powerful city.

However, at this time, the Hundred Saint City clearly seemed to be facing a bad situation. From twenty million kilometres away, Jian Chen could see exactly what was happening through the senses of his soul.

The four city gates were tightly closed, while the city walls and the streets of the city were covered with blood. Many bodies lay in pools of blood; they completely lacked any presence and were clearly already dead.

From their attires, Jian Chen could tell that all of these cultivators came from the various peak clans of the Saints’ World. All of them had been slaughtered mercilessly, reduced to cold corpses.

Groups of cultivators in black clothes could be seen patrolling the streets of the city constantly. They were not humans. All of them possessed a dark star on their forehead.

These cultivators were clearly from the Darkstar race.

The entire Hundred Saint City had already fallen into the hands of the Darkstar race. There were no longer any descendants of the peak organisations. Only a few independent cultivators hid in some of the inns as they trembled.

These independent cultivators clearly were not the targets of the Darkstar race.

“The people of the Darkstar race actually possess the method to control the Hundred Saint City. They have Primordial realm experts as well. It looks like it won’t be easy for Jin Hong and the others to take back the city. They might even fail.” Jian Chen sighed secretly. Even though the various clans had sent in many sacrificial soldiers, he did not believe that these sacrificial soldiers were enough to contend with the Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race even though they could unleash strength at the Primordial realm through their formations.

A difference in strength existed even among Infinite Primes. The Darkstar race definitely would have powerful Primordial realm experts, while the formations from the sacrificial soldiers could only equate to a few weaker Infinite Primes.

Jian Chen did not stay there for too long. He withdrew the senses of his soul and returned to the Two World Mountains. With a few flashes, he returned to the back of the eagle.

Since he had made his way out of the Two World Mountains already, he no longer needed the group to lead the way. However, the group was clearly still in danger. According to their pace, they would still need two or three days to make it out.

“I’ll be leaving soon. However, as you’ve served as my mount during this period of time, you’ve worked hard even if it’s not exactly meritorious. I did say that I’ll give you something good when I leave,” Jian Chen said calmly as he stood on the back of the eagle.

Afterwards, he waved his hand, and a large clump of flesh and blood flew out from his Space Ring. An invisible force wrapped around it, bringing it before the eagle.

This was the remains of a Life-devouring Beast, and it was not just any Life-devouring Beast. These remains came from the Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast he had killed earlier.

Moreover, this was not just any clump of flesh and blood either. It came from the Life-devouring Beast’s brain.

This part was too foul to be used for refining pills. There were far too many impurities, and the vitality it contained was actually less than other parts. It required further refining before it could be used.

However, for late Godking Life-devouring Beast kings, such an item was the ultimate nourishment.



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