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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2714 - The Strength Of The Darkstar Race
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Chapter 2714: The Strength of the Darkstar Race

However, as soon as they thought about the strength that Gu Qi had exhibited when he killed the Godkings of the Darkstar race, the two Godkings of the Hao family no longer found it strange. After all, given his strength, he would almost never face life-threatening danger provided he avoided the depths of the Two World Mountains. Even if he could not defeat his opponents, he could still run away.

“Having spent all these years in the Two World Mountains, brother Gu Qi’s understanding of the outside situation should be limited to back then. In the current World of the Fallen Beast, no, I should say the Hundred Saint City, things have really changed drastically, “Hao Ran said sternly and sorrowfully.

“Changed drastically? What has happened to the Hundred Saint City?” Jian Chen showed surprise as he acted ignorant.

“Many peak organisations from our Saints’ World worked together to create the Hundred Saint City. It was our stronghold in the World of the Fallen Beast, but half a year ago, the people of the Darkstar race suddenly attacked out Hundred Saint City. Then they declared war against several dozen organisations in the city at the same time.”

“The Darkstar race are native to here. Not only do they have many Godkings, but they even have a few Infinite Primes. On the other hand, everyone who comes in from the outside must be under a thousand years old. However, even the renowned peak organisations only have a handful of people who are able to reach Godking within a thousand years. Consequently, although several dozen peak organisations have gathered in Hundred Saint City, we have never been the Darkstar race’s opponent. Now, the Hundred Saint City has fallen into the hands of the Darkstar race.” Hao Ran let out a long sigh at this point. He looked in the direction of the Hundred Saint City while filled with great reluctance to give up here.

In the Saints’ World, an organisation like the Darkstar race would not catch the eye of the Hao family at all. Any of the great elders of the Hao family could obliterate them.

However, this was the World of the Fallen Beast. Although their Hao family was very powerful in the Saints’ World, they could not do anything to the Darkstar race.

“We already sent people out to request reinforcements half a year ago. I wonder when the reinforcements will arrive,” said Hao Chen as he peered at the Two World Mountains.

“Reinforcements!” Hao Ran became troubled when he heard that. He said with difficulty, “The teleportation formation in Hundred Saint City has already fallen into the hands of the Darkstar race. They have even closed the teleportation formation at the entrance of the world to the other cities. The teleportation formations among the Darkstar race can only take people between cities now. None of them lead to the entrance. They have even found and destroyed the secret formations we cast down. We can’t count on reinforcements anymore.”

“Has the World of the Fallen Beast become so dangerous already, where even the great organisations have fallen to such a state? It looks like I need to be careful in the future. Although I don’t think I’m weak, offending the Darkstar race will only lead me to my death,” said Jian Chen.

“Senior, but you just killed Godkings from the Darkstar race. You’ve already offended them. They’ll never spare you. You might as well stick with us, senior. There is strength in numbers,” an Overgod said hopefully from behind Hao Ran. She was disheveled, having blood and grime mixed together on her face. It sullied her appearance, but her voice remained crisp and rather pleasant to the ear.

“That doesn’t apply to me. Although I’ve killed people of the Darkstar race, there’s no one around besides you here. How would they know I killed them?” Jian Chen smiled like he did not care. Afterwards, his gaze stopped on Hao Ran’s group for a while, and he said, “I think you won’t be exposing this matter, right?”

“You must be joking, brother Gu Qi. You saved our lives. As members of the Hao family, we conduct ourselves righteously, without letting down the world or the ancestor, much less our own moral integrity. How could we do something so lacking in gratitude?” Hao Ran and Hao Chen said seriously.

“Well that’s it for now. Godkings of the Darkstar race have died here, so I need to leave quickly. Otherwise, it’ll be bad if people spot me. I’ve always stayed in the Hundred Saint City in the past, but now that it has fallen into the hands of the Darkstar race, I won’t go there anymore, just in case I get dragged into this whole matter. However, I’ve only been to the Hundred Saint City in the entire World of the Fallen Beast. I don’t know about the other cities at all. Do you happen to have a map of the World of the Fallen Beast and can you tell me about the situation of the other cities?” Jian Chen asked.

Hao Ran and the others obviously had a map of the World of the Fallen Beast. As soon as they heard that Jian Chen needed it, they gave him a copy without any hesitation at all. At the same time, they gave him a jade slip that recorded the situation of the World of the Fallen Beast.

In the end, Hao Chen gave Jian Chen a Space Ring that contained over a million supreme grade divine crystals and a few heavenly resources. However, Jian Chen refused to accept it. He left with just the map.

“It’s a pity that I haven’t found any news with regards to Sacredfeather. I wonder if it’s because Hao Ran and Hao Chen haven’t gone out in a very long time, or that their status is too low such that they don’t even know about Sacredfeather,” thought Jian Chen. He maintained his presence at mid Godking as he flew close to the ground. He checked the map and the jade slip he had obtained as he flew.

The map and the jade slip contained a lot of information regarding the Darkstar race. The map depicted a total of thirty-eight cities. Apart from the Hundred Saint City, the others were all under the Darkstar race’s control. They formed thirty-six major cities and one capital city.

The thirty-six major cities formed a ring around the capital city. From how it was arranged, it seemed a little like a huge formation.

Countless smaller towns and cities existed around each major city.

A capital city, thirty-six major cities, and hundreds of towns of various sizes. This was a map of the entire Darkstar race. Of course, that was not including the Hundred Saint City.

From the jade slip, Jian Chen gained a better understanding of the Darkstar race’s overall strength and distribution of authority.

The Darkstar Emperor was a supreme existence within the Darkstar race. He was in control of the entire Darkstar World and was in complete control of the lives of everyone in the Darkstar race. He was the undisputed ruler.

Under the Darkstar Emperor were the ten divine halls. The ten hall masters were important figures only second to the Darkstar Emperor in the Darkstar World. Every single one of them was an Infinite Prime.

The Darkstar Emperor had basically already taken a step back from governing the Darkstar World. He rarely interfered with any matter going on in the world. Basically all the matters of the world, regardless of size, were left to the ten divine halls to handle.

The authority of the divine halls would change every millenium. Every single divine hall would have a millennium’s control and authority over the Darkstar World’s matters. This millenium happened to be the seventh hall master’s turn.

The jade slip also contained a rough explanation of the other Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar World.

The Darkstar Emperor and the ten hall masters were not the only Primordial realm experts in the Darkstar World. Some of the vice hall masters were Infinite Primes as well.

Even some of the city lords from the thirty-six main cities had reached Infinite Prime. The jade slip only listed five city lords that were Infinite Primes. The remaining thirty-one were all Godkings.

Finally, it gave an introduction to a few Godkings in the Darkstar World, as well as a few zones of danger.

After looking through it all, Jian Chen’s expression became rather ugly. The Darkstar race was stronger than he had imagined them to be. Just their Infinite Primes had amounted to twenty.

Moreover, that was a conservative estimate. Who knows if the jade slip’s records of Primordial realm experts were complete or not.

Jian Chen did not pay too much attention to the Godkings. He had comprehended the Ultimate Way of the Sword, so all those below the Primordial realm were ants to him!

“If Sacredfeather has been captured, he’s probably in the capital city.” Jian Chen’s eyes locked onto the location of the capital city on the map. After disguising his presence, he immediately flew towards the closest major city.

The Darkstar World was not exactly large or small. If he flew at full speed, it would not take him very long to cross the entire world. However, he was in the territory of the Darkstar race now, so he needed to hide himself well. Even when he covered ground, he could not expose his Primordial realm strength. It would take quite some time if he travelled at the speed of a mid Godking.

As a result, he could only use a teleportation formation to reach the capital city.



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