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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2715 - Darknight City
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Chapter 2715: Darknight City

Darknight City was one of the thirty-six major cities of the Darkstar race, as well as the major city closest to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen slowly flew through the air at the speed of a mid Godking and finally approached the first city he had seen that belonged to the Darkstar race after several hours.

From afar, the Darknight City seemed no different from the cities of the Saints’ World. It was surrounded by tall walls. The ancient and slightly outmoded walls gave off an aura of age.

Who knew how long these lofty walls had stood there for.

Jian Chen maintained his altitude at a hundred meters. He looked at the ancient walls from afar as he thought about how large-scale battles probably rarely erupted in the Darkstar World. For example, capturing cities and claiming territory happened everywhere in the Saints’ World, but would basically never happen in the Darkstar race as the Darkstar Emperor had conquered the entire place. As a result, basically all the city walls in the Darkstar race’s territory stood purely for symbolic purposes. They did not have to be repaired for battles.

And, the city walls hid quite a strong power. While this power did not grant the walls extraordinary defence, it ensured that they could stand the test of time.

As he approached the Darknight City, cultivators gradually appeared in the surroundings. However, most of them came from the Saints’ World. They bustled in and out of the Darknight City, which seemed extremely busy.

Jian Chen had learnt from Hao Chen and Hao Ran that it was forbidden for all outsiders to fly within the cities that belonged to the Darkstar race. As a result, in order to avoid unnecessary problems, Jian Chen landed a few kilometers away from Darknight City and traveled over there by foot.

But despite that, he moved extremely quickly. He would cross a hundred meters with each step, arriving near the city gates in just a short while.

“Stop. Which clan or organisation do you belong to? Why have you come to our Darknight City?” A city guard stopped Jian Chen. He glared at him as he questioned arrogantly.

Even though he knew Jian Chen was a Godking, the Overgod guard showed no fear at all. When he spoke, he even sounded like he wanted to provoke him.

Their Darkstar race had never treated cultivators from outside seriously. Regardless of whether they came from peak organisations, the Darkstar race viewed them as people that could be trampled over at any time.

The reason why their Darkstar race would behave with such unbridledness was because none of the cultivators from the outside world could pose any threat to them.

Jian Chen ignored the guard’s tone. He smiled while clasping his fist and said politely, “I am Gu Qi. I don’t come from a sect or clan. I’m an independent cultivator. I hunted down a few Life-devouring Beasts in the Two World Mountains recently and I’ve come to the Darknight City this time to sell them. I hope they can fetch a good price, so I can get some cultivation resources.”

“Sell Life-devouring Beasts? Is that true?” The guard’s eyes lit up. He immediately looked at Jian Chen’s Space Ring and called out, “Hand over your Space Ring, so I can check if there are any issues with it.”

“How can I just show my Space Ring to anybody?” Jian Chen frowned as he sighed inside. He felt sorrow for the outside cultivators. Even a mighty mid Godking would have to be harassed by a Overgod guard just to enter a city. In this place controlled by the Darkstar race, they really did treat outsiders as people without any status at all.

“How dare you!” The guard called out and immediately, powerful presences rose up within the city walls. Several dozen guards, also Overgods, surged out and encircled Jian Chen aggressively. Undisguised killing intent filled their eyes.

Many of the cultivators near the city gates stopped and looked toward Jian Chen. The outsider cultivators all showed sympathy, while the people of the Darkstar race watched on like they were watching a show. Some of them even showed disdain.

“Brother, you can’t afford to come into conflict with the Darkstar race, or you’ll be dead for sure. No one will be able to save you. Just hand over your Space Ring right now and say a few good words. You have to learn to act a little more submissively, or it’ll be very difficult for you to get out of this.” An old voice rang out in Jian Chen’s head.

Even without using the senses of his soul, Jian Chen knew the person who had spoken to him was an old man behind him. He was a peak Overgod who currently stood in the distance, afraid to make his way over. Clearly, he feared the Darkstar race very much.

“Senior, calm down. You can’t afford to fall out with the Darkstar race…”

“Fellow cultivator, the Darkstar race is currently under the control of the seventh hall master. The seventh hall master already has prejudice towards people from the Saints’ World, so at a time like this, you can’t afford to clash with the Darkstar race. Even peak Godkings will only end up dead like that…”

A few other voices rang out in Jian Chen’s head after the old man, advising him to remain calm.

Jian Chen sighed deeply. The secret messages from the surrounding cultivators gave him an even better understanding of the situation that the cultivators of the Saints’ World were in.

This was no longer just without any status. This was basically a place of misery where they had to act in a servile manner, essentially kneeling and begging for their survival. Even Godkings would be no different from common people.

“So be it, so be it!” Jian Chen took off his Space Ring and tossed it over.

The Space Ring held the remains of six Overgod Life-devouring Beasts and an early Godking Life-devouring Beast.

He was currently disguised as a mid Godking, so it made sense that he could kill an early Godking Life-devouring Beast. It did not draw any unwarranted attention at all.

The guard took Jian Chen’s Space Ring and immediately searched it with the senses of his soul. When he discovered the remains, he became overjoyed.

“There’s actually seven Life-devouring Beasts and even the weakest is at Overgod. There’s even a Life-devouring Beast that’s reached Godking at the very least. Heavens, there’s actually a Godking Life-devouring Beast. The remains of such a high level Life-devouring Beast usually only appears in the capital city. It’s been several hundred years since our Darknight City’s seen the remains of a Godking Life-devouring Beast.” The guard’s eyes lit up completely. In particular, his eyes became green with greed when he saw the Godking Life-devouring Beasts.

With his reaction witnessed by the several dozen Overgod guards in the surroundings, they all beamed as well with a hint of eagerness.

“Miao Wei, how’s it?” An Overgod guard could not help but ask. These people had known each other for several centuries now. This was the first time he had seen Miao Wei react like that.

The senses of Miao Wei’s soul retreated from the Space Ring rather reluctantly. He was overjoyed as he said excitedly, “It’s a big harvest, a big harvest I say. It’s equivalent to several hundred years of our salary, or maybe even over a millenium’s worth.”

“Really? Fantastic!” The guards around Jian Chen were all excited as well, as if they had just struck gold. They could not be more happy.

Jian Chen sneered inside when he saw the guards’ expressions. He said to the guard called Miao Wei, “You’ve checked it, so can I have my Space Ring back now?”

Miao Wei calmed himself down and glanced at Jian Chen, before taking out a beast’s tail from the Space Ring and tossing it to him, “Take it. Alright, you can enter now.” As he said that, he stowed the Space Ring away like it was his. He had no plan to return it to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen looked at the Overgod Life-devouring Beast’s tail and smiled. He smiled very brilliantly, “There’s a total of seven Life-devouring Beasts. Six of them are Overgod, while one is at early Godking. They’re so precious, yet I’m left with just a tail just from entering the city. Hahahaha, this is hilarious.”

Upon hearing Jian Chen announce his possessions, the outsider cultivators shook their heads as they sighed. They were extremely sympathetic to what Jian Chen had gone through.

Only an extremely few number of people were furious, but they did nothing..

“What’re you laughing dumbly for? Hurry up and get in the city. Do you really think you’re a big deal just because you’re a Godking? In the eyes of our Darkstar race, you outsider Godkings are nothing. You’re just a slightly stronger ant at most. We’ve already showed you kindness by leaving a tail for you. If you piss us off, we’ll hang your head on the city wall tomorrow,” Miao Wei cursed haughtily while pointing at Jian Chen’s face. He showed no respect at all.

At the same time, three figures silently appeared on the city walls that stood several dozen meters tall. They stood on the gate tower with their arms behind their backs as they looked down expressionlessly. Their eyes were extremely cold.

Three powerful presences expanded from their bodies and locked onto Jian Chen firmly.

These three people were all Godkings. They were Godkings of the Darkstar race!



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