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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2717 - A Storm In Darknight City (One)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2717: A Storm in Darknight City (One)

Miao Wei was only an Overgod. Despite clutching the Space Ring, it was impossible for him to keep it from Jian Chen, an Infinite Prime. He only felt that his hand suddenly become empty. He did not even understand how the Space Ring was taken away.

“How dare you steal something from me in public! Are you looking to die?” Miao Wei was furious. He yelled at a mid Godking despite being just an Overgod, showing no respect at all.

That was because he was a member of the Darkstar race, while this world was completely under the Darkstar race’s control. As a result, Miao Wei was not the only one who behaved like that. Basically all the people from the Darkstar race showed no respect to these outsiders.

“It was mine in the first place. I’m just taking back what’s mine. Since when did it become yours? You’re merely an Overgod, yet you’re yelling at me. I think you’re the one who wants to die,” Jian Chen said indifferently. He glanced at Miao Wei emotionlessly and killing intent flooded in his eyes.

Suddenly, three powerful presence came crashing down. The three Godkings on the city walls descended. All of their gazes were cold as they surrounded Jian Chen in a triangle. One of them said sternly, “I’ll give you one last opportunity. Leave the Space Ring behind and you can leave. It’s much easier for you outsiders to kill these Life-devouring Beasts than us. With your cultivation at mid Godking, it’s nothing difficult to kill an early Godking Life-devouring Beast, so why must you lose your life pointlessly over something like this?”

The three of them still had a final ray of hope that they could persuade Jian Chen. Otherwise, once they began fighting and drew over more people, their share would be much smaller even if the Space Ring ended up with them.

“You’re the ones who’ll lose your lives, not me.” Jian Chen had already run out of patience. His gaze suddenly became freezing as he sneered disdainfully.

He cut to the chase. Laws of Strength revolved around him as he directly threw a punch at the Godking before him. The punch seemed simple, but it possessed the mysteries of the Laws of Strength, so the strength in the punch was astonishing. Even the air exploded with the punch, producing a deep boom like thunder..

The three Godkings had been prepared a long time ago, because as soon as they left the city walls, they were poised to fight at any time. As a result, as soon as Jian Chen launched an attack, sets of armour appeared on all three of them. The armour were all high quality saint artifacts.

“How impudent. We’ll kill you under the city gates today and hang your head high on the city walls for the next ten thousand years,” the Godking in front of Jian Chen yelled out. A huge high quality saint artifact axe landed on Jian Chen’s fist. The axe surged with light, giving off powerful pulses of energy.


Jian Chen’s fist struck the axe with unimaginably terrifying force. Afterwards, something that shocked all the spectators happened. The axe actually crumbled like fragile pottery. It actually shattered under Jian Chen’s punch after an explosion.

Jian Chen’s punch continued onwards and shattered the armour on the Godking like it was unstoppable. The overwhelming force directly blew up the entire body of the Godking, leaving only his head intact.

The Godking’s face was filled with fear. He originally thought that with three people working together, they could match a mid Godking even if they could not defeat one. However, he had never thought Jian Chen would be even more powerful than he imagined him to be, such that a single punch from Jian Chen would be unstoppable.

“Stop, don’t kill me. Don’t kill me…” Now that he truly faced death, he began to experience fear. He pleaded for his life secretly in great horror.

With a punch, just a single punch, Jian Chen had destroyed an early Godking. The strength he had displayed made the spectators near the city gates breathless. All of them were filled with shock.

Jian Chen ignored the Godking’s pleas. The Darkstar race’s harassing and arrogant behaviour had made him want to kill them.

With a shudder of his hand, Laws of Strength immediately emerged as a visible ripple that expanded through the air, directly shaking the Godking’s head to pieces and destroying his soul.

At the same time, the residual power from the Laws of Strength continued towards the city walls. Under the terrifying force, the several dozen Overgod guards near the city gates were all blown away as blood spurted from their mouths. The entire city wall began to tremble violently.

In the next moment, cracks actually appeared on the city walls that had stood for who knew how long.

If it were not for the rather great power protecting the city walls, they would have been reduced to ruins under the ripples of battle a long time ago.

Everything happened extremely quickly. From the moment when Jian Chen struck out to when the Godking had died, only a split second had passed. By then, the attacks from the two other Godkings had only just approached Jian Chen.

Jian Chen did not use any fancy tricks. He turned around and punched twice. It was very straightforward. The punches were extremely tough, possessing extremely condensed Laws of Strength. He destroyed the two other high quality saint artifacts effortlessly again.

The two Godkings were completely at a loss as they looked at the destroyed saint artifacts in their hands. They knew exactly how tough high quality saint artifacts were. Let alone mid Godkings, even late Godkings would struggle to destroy them.

Only supreme peak Godkings that could be regarded among the very best could achieve that.

With this, didn’t it mean that the outsider they had encountered was actually no weaker than a peak Godking, even on par to some of the strongest figures among peak Godking?

Upon realising that, the two Godkings could not be more shocked. They retreated without any hesitation and called out at the same time, requesting reinforcements.

They were no longer thinking about the remains of the Life-devouring Beasts now that they faced such a powerful opponent. Instead, they were considering for their personal safety.

It was difficult to keep a clash between Godkings hidden. The disturbances would reach extremely far away. The disturbance from the battle immediately spread across the entire city, causing all of the Godkings in the city to sense the situation at the entrance. Immediately, a large swathe of senses of souls came flooding over.

Yes, it was a large swathe, because there were just too many senses of the soul. All of them were at Godking. There were at least a thousand people.

Jian Chen did not find it strange at all that Darknight City possessed so many Godkings. He had actually enveloped the entire city with his senses and discovered just how many Godkings there were, outnumbering any peak organisation from the Saints’ World by many to one, or even several dozen to one.

After all, this was a sealed world that was controlled by a single race, so rarely did conflict occur. At the same time, the strongest was only Infinite Prime, so over the years, many cultivators would become stuck at Godking.

The Godkings of the Darkstar race were definitely all older than any Godking from the Saints’ World. There were many Godkings who had lived for millions of years. There were even ones who had lived for tens of millions of years.

After all, it was extremely difficult to break through to the Primordial realm in an environment like the Darkstar World. Unless they possessed supreme talent, unless they were figures of unprecedented fortune, they could not cross the gates leading to the Primordial realm.

“How dare you! An outsider has come to our Darknight City to kill our people. He deserves a thousand deaths…”

“You’ve actually killed a Godking of our Darkstar race. You cannot be anymore reckless than that…”

“To think that a mid Godking actually possesses such battle prowess. That’s impressive. We have to kill him today, or he’ll become quite a problem for us in the future…”



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