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Chapter 273: Tianqin Clan (Two)

“Move aside! Anyone in our path should make way!” A few men cried out from the very front as the people in the streets moved toward the side.

“It’s the Tianqin clan, what’s the matter with them? Come on, let’s get out of the way, we can’t afford to cause trouble with them.”

“It’s the Tianqin clan, hurry and get out of the way! If you block their way, then who knows what might happen to you.”

Both merchants and mercenaries alike hurriedly made their way to the side of the streets, leaving behind an empty street for the Qianqin clan to walk through. As soon as the carriage passed through, the men immediately walked back onto the middle of the street.

Jian Chen and Ming Dong both drew close to the edge of the streets as well. However, since everyone had already crowded against the side, the majority of the area was already occupied. So Jian Chen and Ming Dong had no other choice but to stand on the outermost area which had made them stick out just enough to be noticed.

“Out of the way I said, did you not hear me, or are you courting death?!” The forerunner cried out as he glared at Jian Chen. With a flick of his wrist, a single black whip flew toward Ming Dong.

Jian Chen’s eyes flashed dangerously at this. How insolent of the Tianqin clansmen! Just as Jian Chen prepared to move, Ming Dong had took a step back and grabbed at the whip. With a fierce pull, the owner of the whip flew off from his mount and landed fiercely on the ground.

“Halt!” With that, the entire Tianqin clan’s fleet suddenly came to a screeching halt. Every single movement was almost identical and orderly just like the formation of an elite squadron.

“Outrageous! What youngster dares to block the path of the young lady of the Tianqing clan? Men, arrest him!”Another man cried out in rage as he pointed at Ming Dong.

“Yes!” A person volunteered as he charged at Ming Dong.

Ming Dong’s face grew dark as he sent an apologetic glance to Jian Chen. His previous action had been completely involuntary, nor did he really think about the consequences. It was only now did he realize that he had just offended a powerful clan.

Jian Chen laughed at the worried Ming Dong, “Don’t be afraid, do what you will.”

Ming Dong nodded his head slightly and then leaped down from his mount. A cyan colored glow began to emanate from his body before he began to fight the person coming at him. None of his attackers were using their Saint Weapons, so he had lashed out with his own fists as well.

Jian Chen looked at Ming Dong with a look of surprise before revealing a bright smile on his face, “I didn’t think that not only is Ming Dong a genius at cultivation, but that he would also be a wind attributed Saint Master.”

With the help of his wind Saint Force, Ming Dong was extremely fast. As he and the others began to fight, those attackers had already began to be pushed back.

“To even attack our guards, your death won’t absolve your crimes!”

At this fight, a large group of men from the Tianqin clan immediately thundered out loud. A middle age man flew down from his mount with a surge of Saint Force, he flew at Ming Dong to attack him.

With a sneer, Jian Chen brought out his Light Wind Sword in an instant and flew toward the middle aged man to strike at the blade in his hand.


The Light Wind Sword and the man’s newly formed battle axe collided in mid air with a loud clang. Immediately, the sword gleamed past the axe and with a bright ray of silver light, the sword swept past the man’s throat.

Falling back to the ground, the middle aged man’s face was extremely ugly to look at as he looked at Jian Chen with shock.

Reabsorbing his sword, Jian Chen cupped his hands together and spoke, “Sire, this was the fault of my brother here, but that is not a crime punishable by death. This one hopes that sire looks the other way this one time.” Jian Chen’s voice wasn’t rude, but it wasn’t polite either. The Tianqin clan were extremely powerful within the First Class Walaurent City. While Jian Chen wasn’t afraid of such a powerful clan, he didn’t wish to offend them at this given time.

The man looked at Jian Chen with shock and a hint of fear as his face began to pale, but he did not say anything.

“Just what has happened?” A sweet sounding voice could be heard. The voice was pleasant to hear, just like the sounds of a skylark.

Hearing this, Jian Chen averted his gaze to look at the white robed veiled woman who walked out from her carriage. Her appearance was covered by a white colored gauze so that it was completely impossible to see her visage.

“Second miss, please hurry back to your carriage, we’ll take care of this matter straight away.” A guard immediately spoke out to her respectfully.

The female looked at Jian Chen and Ming Dong for a small moment before speaking gently, “While I was inside the carriage, I could hear everything that happened outside quite clearly. This matter was our fault completely, guards, hurry up and apologize.”

Hearing this, the guard fighting Ming Dong hesitated for a moment, but after seeing Jian Chen’s strength, he could only utter a small apology.

Jian Chen waved his hand casually to say something apologetic in return before preparing to leave the place.

At that moment, the sounds of hooves could be heard as a blue robed middle aged man came riding forward with his Class 3 Magical Beast mount. “Second sister, you’ve been gone for so long without telling your older brother, so what better than for your older brother to come greet you?”

The man rode at a decent pace for a moment before stopping right in front of the Tianqin clan’s carriage.

The youth was of a sturdy build and wore blue robes. Underneath his robes, his black pants could be seen with his hair reaching down to his shoulder. From his appearances, he looked to be thirty years old.

“Look, it’s the young lord of Tianqin clan! How lucky we are today to see him. With how rarely he walks out of the Tianqin clan compound, I didn’t think he would show up right now…”

“I’ve heard the young lord of the Tianqin clan is a genius at cultivation. With the help of the Tianqin clan’s entire strength, he was able to make the breakthrough to become a Great Saint Master at the young age of twenty eight. Now that he’s over thirty years old, I don’t know just how strong the young lord is…”

“My father is one of the guards for the Tianqin clan. I’ve heard him say that in battle, the young lord is extremely violent. Every day the young lord would fight against the captain of the guards, but the captain would always come out with a splitting headache afterward.”

At the appearance of this youth, the entire group of spectators began to whisper among themselves.

The young lord of the Tianqin clan pretended not to listen to these words and looked at the lady with concern, “Second sister, are they trying to bully you? Tell your older brother and I’ll fight them for you.”

The moment after the young lord spoke, one of the guards hurriedly spoke out, “Young lord, while we were guiding the second miss’ chariot, these two men came up to obstruct our path. Even more so, they had the courage to injure one of our guardians and underestimate our clan!”

Hearing this, the young lord cast a dangerous glare at Jian Chen before growling, “Just who are you to provoke my Tianqin clan, do you truly think my clan to be that easy to bully?”

“Guardian!” The moment she heard the man speak, she had a displeased look on her face and turned to her older brother to speak gently, “Elder brother, the situation is not like that. Don’t trouble them too much, the cause of this situation is because of these guardians with no etiquette.”

After hearing his sister speak, the tension on the young lord’s face began to ease up before immediately coming back with a fiercer glow in his eyes. “It doesn’t matter who’s in the wrong, but you blocked the path of my second sister! This isn’t something I’ll let off so lightly, let me fight with you, if you can beat me then this matter will be resolved.”

A surge of Saint Force went to the young lord’s hand, instantly forming a giant blade. In an instant, he flew off his horse and charged at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen brought out his Saint Weapon as well and began to fill the air with Sword Qi near the charging young lord.

The sounds of weapon smashing against weapon could be heard clashing against each other. After a series of rounds, Jian Chen had realized that the young lord was already at the Peak Great Saint Master level, making him slightly stronger than Jian Chen. However, Jian Chen’s sword was fast enough for the young lord to have to commit most of his efforts to dodging the sword. In another three exchanges, Jian Chen clearly had the advantage over the young lord.

“Armorize!” The young lord roared. A large amount of brown colored light began to exude from his body before forming an earthen like layer of armor over his body. From the outer appearance, it looked like an actual set of armor. With the constant flowing glow of earth Saint Force, the armor looked to be almost unbreakable.

“Armorize? I’ve heard that this is a defensive saint technique for those with an earth Saint Force. No other secret technique is capable of such an effect. I didn’t think the young lord of the Tianqin clan would be capable of such a saint technique…”

“Is this not the strongest defensive technique the young lord has? I didn’t think that this youth would be able to force the young lord to such a state so quickly…”

“If he is able to force the young lord to this degree, then that means this youth is quite strong.”

“Under the heavens, there are surely many types of wonders. I didn’t think that this youth would be so strong already, his potential surely will be great….”

Seeing the young lord’s armor, both the spectators and guardians of the Tianqin clan began to murmur among themselves in surprise.

The young lord stared gravely at Jian chen and said sternly, “Your sword is quite fast, and dodging your blows is becoming too tiring for me to continue doing. Since you were able to force me to use my ultimate defense, you are qualified to be my rival. From here on out, I’ll use my entire strength, prepare yourself!”

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