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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2736 - The Land Of Soul Destruction
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Chapter 2736: The Land of Soul Destruction

“Hall master, the organisations in the Hundred Saint City possess great status outside. Most of the valuable resources our race requires is under the control of these organisations. We’ve already established our might by taking the Hundred Saint City, but if we execute all the prisoners, we will have offended these major organisations completely. If they stop providing our race with resources because of this, it’ll be quite the impact,” said the Fourth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

His name was An Lie and he was a vice hall master of the seventh divine hall.

The Third Heavenly Layer vice hall master, Kasol, said as well, “An Lie’s right. After all, the emperor’s personally permitted the existence of these outsiders. Hall master, don’t you think we should-”

“Enough!” However, before Kasol could finish talking, he had been interrupted by the seventh hall master. The seventh hall master said in irritation, “I’ve already made up my mind about this, so don’t say anything more. Immediately order the people watching over the Hundred Saint City to execute all outsiders imprisoned there. Leave none alive!”

An Lie and Kasol looked at one another. They could see each other’s powerlessness. The seventh hall master’s prejudice towards the outsiders was just too deep. He wanted to use the great ceremony as an excuse this time to slaughter all the outsiders from the Hundred Saint City.

The two of them even suspected that if it were not for the emperor personally permitting the existence of these outsiders, the seventh hall master might not have just dealt with the outsiders from the Hundred Saint City. Probably all the outsiders in the entire Darkstar World would be facing a disaster.

“Oh right. Is there any news of Kun Tian recently?” The seventh hall master asked suddenly, but when he mentioned Kun Tian’s name, his gaze sharpened slightly.

“The fifth hall master hasn’t appeared since he entered the Land of Soul Destruction three years ago. He must still be in seclusion within the Land of Soul Destruction in an attempt to achieve a breakthrough,” said Kasol.

The seventh hall master immediately sneered with that, “After reaching the Primordial realm, every step forward for our Darkstar race is filled with difficulty, and if you want to break through, you have to go through countless trials. It’s almost impossible for any breakthroughs to happen, let alone at such a high cultivation level, going from the Fifth Heavenly Layer to the Sixth Heavenly Layer. Kun Tian wants to break through to the Sixth Heavenly Layer to rival me, but how can it just be that easy?”

“And, he’s entered the Land of Soul Destruction. It’s rumored that the Land of Soul Destruction is a special zone formed by the planetary beast’s brain after it died. It’s filled with an extremely disorderly and brutal will. The disorderly will affects the soul severely. If you can’t fend it off, even injuries to the soul will only be considered as a light consequence. It’ll be bad once your consciousness is shaken up and you go crazy.”

“And, the dangers of the Land of Soul Destruction do not just lie with the disorderly will. What’s even more powerful is the indestructible slivers of consciousness that the planetary beast left behind. Once you’re being ravaged by the indestructible consciousness, even we Primordial realm experts can die from the slightest carelessness.”

“It’s been three years since Kun Tian’s left. Aside from our great emperor of extraordinary talent, no one’s remained in the Land of Soul Destruction for so long. Kun Tian, looks like you’ve really got the determination to cross the point of no return for the sake of your breakthrough to the Sixth Heavenly Layer,” sneered the seventh hall master in a slightly mocking manner.

The senses of Jian Chen’s soul remained in the seventh divine hall for a while, but even when the conversation ended, he had not heard any information about Sacredfeather.

His senses quietly retreated from the seventh divine hall. Although he already knew the many cultivators imprisoned in the Hundred Saint City would be under life-threatening danger, Jin Hong’s group was close to leaving the Two World Mountains as well.

However, the Land of Soul Destruction that the seventh hall master mentioned did pique Jian Chen’s interests.

As he pondered, Jian Chen’s eyes gradually lit up.

If he wanted to save Sacredfeather, then he had to engage the Dark star race in an open confrontation. A clash with them was unavoidable.

If he could make the Darkstar race lose a few Primordial realm experts before the battle had erupted, it would reduce his pressure slightly.

” A map immediately appeared in Jian Chen’s head. The map clearly detailed the boundaries between the Two World Mountains and the Darkstar World. The Two World Mountains were blurry on the map, only an empty region without any detailed explanations.

However, the geography of the Darkstar World was much clearer. The thirty-six major cities and the various smaller cities, towns and villages were all labeled on there.

Jian Chen had discovered the map detailing the entire Darkstar World in Bai Jin’s Space Ring. Although he did not take anything from the Space Ring, he did memorise the map.

He discovered the location of the Land of Soul Destruction very quickly, before leaving the capital city of the Darkstar race without any hesitation at all.

The capital city was being watched over by the Darkstar Emperor. Not only would his movements be limited if he remained there, any benefits he could derive would be insignificant. He could not find out about too many things. As a result, he might as well go to the Land of Soul Destruction to search for the fifth hall master. At least he would be able to do whatever he wanted there. Perhaps he might have even been able to force out some reliable information about Sacredfeather from the fifth hall master.

The Land of Soul Destruction was a zone of absolute danger in the Darkstar race. Rarely did anyone go there. Only members of the Darkstar race who were in urgent need of a breakthrough would take this risk in an attempt to benefit from the will that the planetary beast left behind. However, most of these people would end up being remaining there for all of eternity, dead. Even among the few people who managed to make it out alive, their souls would be damaged and their minds would be in a mess, leaving behind incurable side-effects of varying degrees.

There were very few people who could actually benefit from the Land of Soul Destruction. They could be described as people who appeared once in a thousand years.

Several hours later, Jian Chen was already standing outside the Land of Soul Destruction. Looking over, the Land of Soul Destruction seemed a little like a valley that was surrounded by a chain of mountains. The surroundings of the Land of Soul Destruction were all huge mountains that reached into the clouds, forming a huge circular shape, enveloping the Land of Soul Destruction. The path of just several thousand meters wide right in front of him served as the only entrance into the Land of Soul Destruction.

The Land of Soul Destruction was filled with chilly winds. The freezing billows slammed against the mountain rock, creating strange whistles and screams. Combined with the low, dark clouds that churned in the sky, it seemed like a place where demons danced.

” Standing at the entrance of the desolate Land of Soul Destruction, Jian Chen frowned and became extremely solemn.

Even without entering the Land of Soul Destruction, he could already sense a powerful will that even threatened him. And, the further he ventured inside, the stronger this sense of threat would become.

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