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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2738 - Loss Of Memory
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2738: Loss of Memory

The fifth hall master had remained in the Land of Soul Destruction for three years. He was desperate for a breakthrough, so rushed head-first into danger, wanting to forcefully fuse with a sliver of the spiritual energy the planetary beast left behind, which deeply affected his mind in the end. His mind was stuck in an intense conflict with the spiritual energy of the planetary beast, reducing him to such a mad state.

And, his power was unstable. His energy that belonged to the Fifth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime fluctuated violently in his body, surging like boiling water.

Although the power belonged to the Fifth Heavenly Layer, it was much more powerful than most Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes of the Saints’ World.

This was because the power was just too pure. It seemed to be highly concentrated essence, without the slightest impurity.

It would take an extremely long amount of bitter cultivation to refine energy to such a level. This length would probably be measured in the tens of millions of years.


Kun Tian roared out constantly. He slammed the ground with his hands crazily at times and clutched his head as he rolled on the ground at others. He seemed to be in great pain.

His pain lasted for a total of six hours before seemingly reaching the limit he could endure. He produced a thunderous roar at the sky and all of his energy seemed to lose control. A violent energy that belonged to the Fifth Heavenly Layer, or even on par to some Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes, erupted from his body, sweeping through the Land of Soul Destruction as a powerful storm.

As the violent energy swept through the Land of Soul Destruction, the entire place seemed to surge like the raging seas, producing startling waves. It was utterly earth-shaking. Even the slivers of consciousness that filled the place became abnormally active.

After venting out like that, the fifth hall master gradually calmed down from his violent state. The madness in his eyes gradually faded away as his pulsating energy slowly settled down.

Afterwards, he tottered and just collapsed on the ground, as if he had fallen unconscious.

Of course, he was not dead. His life force did not weaken at all, instead gradually strengthening. Even his presence strengthened bit by bit.

Jian Chen who sat near the entrance to recover the power of his soul snapped open his eyes. He seemed to sense something. His nonchalant gaze sharpened drastically in that moment as his eyes shone brightly. His gaze pierced through space, landing on the depths of the Land of Soul Destruction.

” thought Jian Chen.

The Land of Soul Destruction was filled with slivers of the planetary beast’s consciousness. Once he released the senses of his soul, he would be clashing with these slivers of consciousness, so it was inconvenient for him to unleash the senses of his soul in the Land of Soul Destruction. At the same time, under the influence of these slivers of consciousness, his senses in general had weakened drastically.

Without these abilities, it was as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack for him to find someone in the Land of Soul Destruction.

But it was perfect now. Just when he worried about finding the fifth hall master, Kun Tian would actually create a disturbance like this for him, allowing Jian Chen to locate him immediately.

” Heavy killing intent flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes.

The Land of Soul Destruction was the perfect place for killing someone. Due to the special environment, it served as a natural barrier, severely suppressing any activity, involving battles between Primordial realm experts. He had no need to worry about making too great of a disturbance and alerting the capital city of the Darkstar race when he fought here.

” Jian Chen thought. Another figure suddenly flashed through his head.

That was the Primordial realm expert who had emerged from the seventh divine hall and gone to the Darknight City, Duff!

If he killed him by surprise in the Two World Mountains, would he be able to push the responsibility of Duff’s death onto the Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts within the Two World Mountains once more?

As he thought, the power of Jian Chen’s soul recovered even faster. In order to save time, he even took out some heavenly resources that specialised in recovering the power of the soul from his Space Ring and ingested them.

Of course, none of these heavenly resources had reached the God Tier. They were not particularly effective on Primordial realm experts, but they were better than nothing. It could speed up the process slightly.

Almost a day later, the power of Jian Chen’s soul had recovered to ninety percent of his peak condition. Before it had completely recovered, he rushed off in the direction of the fifth hall master.

Jian Chen flew ten meters above the ground. The Laws of Space pulsed around him, so he moved extremely quickly, crossing a thousand kilometers with each instant.

He obviously found this speed slightly slow for someone who had grasped the Laws of Space. However, this was the Land of Soul Destruction. It was a special place where the slivers of the planetary beast’s consciousness affected everything. It was also filled with danger, so he had to travel carefully.

Several millions of kilometers away, Kun Tian slowly woke up on the ground. He opened his eyes and looked at the gloomy sky shrouded in grey clouds. There was uncertainty in his eyes.

He found the sky to be both familiar and unfamiliar.

” Kun Tian slowly sat up. He scanned the surroundings with his eyes as his confusion deepened.

He suddenly had no idea where this place was, but he just had a feeling that he was somewhat familiar with here.

But soon afterwards, Kun Tian came to a realisation and ravished with joy. He called out without the slightest care in the world, “I’ve broken through! I’ve actually broken through! I, Kun Tian, have finally broken free from the restraints of the Fifth Heavenly Layer, formally reaching the Sixth Heavenly Layer! Hahahaha!”

Kun Tian laughed aloud with his head tilted back. He was so elated that he danced around. He was in extremely high spirits.

But suddenly, he seemed to realise something else. He quickly calmed down and he became confused, “

His joy from breaking through to the Sixth Heavenly Layer was tossed aside in the blink of an eye. Kun Tian sat on the ground in some dejection as he smacked his head forcefully, thinking hard.

He suddenly discovered that he was no longer certain who he was. Apart from knowing that he had broken through to the Sixth Heavenly Layer which he had long yearned for, he could not remember anything else.

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