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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2769 - Conditions Of Protection
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Chapter 2769: Conditions of Protection

“Be careful, Kun Tian!” Feng Xue saw that and immediately flew over. She supported Jian Chen on the way back to the capital city.

They remained quiet during the entire way back. For the entire time, Jian Chen acted like his head was splitting open, where his soul was clearly weakened. All Feng Xue did was look at Jian Chen in concern and worry. There were several times when she wanted to say something, but she would remember what ‘Kun Tian’ had just gone through earlier and would be afraid of affecting him again, thus causing him even further injury.

If it was just injuries to the body, Feng Xue had countless methods to tackle them, but against injuries to the soul, even the Darkstar Emperor was helpless, let alone her.

After returning to the capital city, Jian Chen and Feng Xue separated, bidding farewell to one another. Feng Xue said in concern to Jian Chen, “Kun Tian, you must properly recuperate once you get back. I will mobilise everything the tenth divine hall has to offer to collect all rare treasures that are beneficial to the soul for you.”

As soon as he returned to the fifth divine hall, Jian Chen immediately entered seclusion, such that he completely adhered to his act of his feeble condition, giving nothing away.

Feng Xue did not come to find Jian Chen anymore either. Just like what she had said, she immediately passed orders to gather all the heavenly resources beneficial to the soul that the Darkstar World had to offer as soon as she returned to the tenth divine hall.

The ten divine halls of the Darkstar race could be regarded as ten peak organisations. Every single divine hall had its own forces. Although they did not possess as much authority as the ruler of the race, it was more than enough for them to gather some items.

Just as Jian Chen remained in seclusion in order to keep up his act, the vice leader of the fifth divine hall, Bing Yuan, personally visited the Hundred Saint City.

In the very centre of the Hundred Saint City was a majestic divine hall. The name of the divine hall happened to be the Pantheon Divine Hall.

The Pantheon Divine Hall was the only discussion hall within the Hundred Saint City, because whenever the city faced any major issues, the members of the peak organisations who had built the city would all gather there for discussions.

Today, all the representatives of the Hundred Saint City gathered in the Pantheon Divine Hall, including the prodigies that had crossed through the Two World Mountains. As long as they were still alive, they were all there.

This was because a vice hall leader of the fifth divine hall would be coming here in person to discuss something of extremely great significance and importance to the Hundred Saint City, or in other words, their clans.

All the prodigies treated this matter as something that could directly affect whether their clans could gain a foothold in the Darkstar World, so they all took it extremely seriously.

“Esteemed vice hall master, you definitely know about the restrictions on entering the Darkstar World. Everything that we bring in cannot be at the God Tier, or not only will they be destroyed, even the person carrying the items will end up dead…”

“The entrance to the Darkstar World was the personally created by the Grand Exalts of the Wood Spirits and the Darkstar race after all. Even Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes cannot contend against the power of these two Grand Exalts. None of our organisations even possess a Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime, so where are we supposed to get the power to break through the laws of these two Grand Exalts and bring in something beyond the limit against all odds…”

“If it’s Truth Tier pills, including precious pills for healing the soul, our Jade Pill sect can casually produce whole handfuls of them for you. However, once it surpasses the Truth Tier and reaches the God Tier, there’s really nothing we can do, because we can’t bring them in no matter what…”

“That’s right. After all, the tunnel connected to this world is composed of laws set down by the two Grand Exalts. Even though the organisations behind us possess frightening capabilities in the Saints’ World, even able to twist fate to a certain extent, our strongest ancestors can only stare on helplessly against the laws of Grand Exalts who have already become embodiments of the heavenly ways…”

The prodigies gathered there all spoke their minds. They were all at their wit’s end with regard to Bing Yuan’s request to bring in God Tier pills or heavenly resources. There was nothing they could do.

However, Bing Yuan just sat there, unfazed. He said indifferently, “The Hundred Saint City itself has virtually reached the level of a medium quality god artifact. You were actually able to construct something on par to a medium quality god artifact here, so I think you’ll definitely have a way to bring in those God Tier pills and heavenly resources.”

Seeing how the prodigies wanted to object, Bing Yuan immediately raised his hand to silence them, “Don’t speak just yet. Let me finish.”

“I think you all know just how much prejudice the seventh hall master holds towards you. If it weren’t for our hall master this time, none of you would still be alive. To your clans, your deaths might not hold any significance at all, but your clans better stop thinking about doing any further business in the Darkstar World too.”

“Return and report to your clans that if any of you can provide God Tier pills and heavenly resources to our fifth divine hall, best if they can recover memories, then our fifth divine hall will be responsible for protecting your clan. And, our fifth divine hall will give you priority over the various precious items our Darkstar World produces.”

“On the other hand, if you can’t provide these items, then you will have lost your only value. Our fifth divine hall obviously won’t bear the risk of offending the seventh divine hall to protect a bunch of useless people. Do you understand?”

Towards the end, Bing Yuan’s gaze sharpened, revealing his determination and resolve. It made everyone present understand that he was not just throwing empty threats around. If the Hundred Saint City really was incapable of providing the fifth divine hall with what it needed, then the fifth divine hall would abandon the Hundred Saint City without second thought.

For a moment, all the prodigies gathered in the Pantheon Divine Hall sank into their thoughts. Their hearts all weighed extremely heavily, because they understood their relationship with the seventh divine hall had already reached a point of no return from the moment they reclaimed the city from Getti’s hands.

Now, Getti was more determined than ever to eliminate them. At such a dangerous time, they really would end up losing the city if they lost the protection of the fifth divine hall which was bold enough to oppose Getti.

Once they lost the city, it would be equivalent to losing the bit of foundation they had managed to establish in the Darkstar World after so much difficulty. It would be very difficult for their clans to collect the rare resources of the Darkstar World in the future.

The loss would be tremendous. It could even stump the future development of their clans to a certain extent.

Bing Yuan continued, “Our fifth divine hall will negotiate with the seventh divine hall so they can remove the seal on the teleportation formation. Afterwards, you can send people back and discuss this over with your clans.”



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