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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2770 - The Pantheon Divine Hall
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Chapter 2770: The Pantheon Divine Hall

After Bing Yuan’s departure, the Pantheon Divine Hall that had fallen silent immediately became noisy again. The prodigies all spoke, engaging in an intense discussion with one another. The topic of the discussion revolved around the God Tier pills and heavenly resources. The prodigies were all at their wits’ end regarding Bing Yuan, no, the fifth divine hall’s request.

Although they had reclaimed the Hundred Saint City now and the teleportation formation would be fixed soon which would provide them with a path of retreat, they faced an even more severe problem instead, which was how they were supposed to protect their clan’s business within the Darkstar World.

Their clans had operated in the Darkstar World for countless years. After tremendous hardship, they had only managed to rope in a few vice hall masters of the Darkstar World. For regular matters, they could just ask these vice hall masters to resolve them, but against the seventh hall master Getti, these vice hall masters would be mostly useless.

As a result, obtaining the protection of the fifth divine hall was more important than ever to them, but due to the limitations of the passageway, they were unable to provide the fifth divine hall with what they required.

“Everyone, let’s not discuss this for now. Clearly, this is not something we have the power to decide. Let’s wait for the seal over the teleportation formation to be removed first and we can send people back to our clans with the news, so our seniors can think about it,” said a Godking of the Hao family, Hao Chen.

His Hao family clearly possessed extremely great prestige among this group of people from various peak organisations. Hearing Hao Chen, the noisy Pantheon Divine Hall immediately fell quieter.

“Brother Hao Chen’s right. No matter how much we discuss, the matter’s not up to us to decide on. Let’s just disperse for now and hope we can leave the Darkstar World sooner…”

Very soon, everyone in the Pantheon Divine Hall dispersed and returned to their respective territories.

In the Hundred Saint City, every major organisation had a special region that belonged to it, just like its own domain.

He Qianqian returned to the Heavenly Crane Divine Hall that belonged to her Heavenly Crane clan. It was a supreme quality saint artifact and had now transformed to several hundred meters long, standing on the ground quietly. Even though it was not a god artifact, its presence was still extremely magnificent.

As soon as she thought of the fifth divine hall’s conditions for protection, He Qianqian felt extremely agitated inside. The vice hall master of the fifth divine hall had said it very clearly. The fifth divine hall would be protecting whichever clan that could produce God Tier pills and heavenly resources for them.

Born in the Heavenly Crane clan, He Qianqian understood exactly what her clan was capable of. The Heavenly Crane clan was very powerful as a peak clan in the Saints’ World that had a Grand Prime. However, overcoming the restraints and bringing God Tier resources into the Darkstar World was beyond the clan’s abilities.

Let alone the Heavenly Crane clan, even those archaean clans that once produced Grand Exalts and still possessed terrifying strength did not have that ability.

How could the laws set down by the Grand Exalts of the Wood Spirits and Darkstar race be broken so easily?

As for the Hundred Saint City, it was an exception, because the city was not originally a god artifact. It had been assembled from numerous supreme quality saint artifacts using complicated formations.

And, the forging of the Hundred Saint City had been personally completed by grandmaster artifact smiths of the Saints’ World. The Heavenly Crane clan had only been responsible for providing resources to build the city back then.

“What are we supposed to do? Without the protection of the fifth divine hall, our Hundred Saint City won’t be able to fend off the seventh divine hall. Once we lose all our business here, it’ll impact the clan severely.” He Qianqian paced around the divine hall alone with her brows furrowed and her lips in a frown.

As someone who understood the Heavenly Crane clan very well, she did not even want to send someone back to the clan with this information, because she knew her clan was incapable of resolving this matter.

After a while of thought, He Qianqian suddenly flipped her hand and a divine hall the size of a fist appeared. She stared at the divine hall and asked, “What’s the situation with the people stationed near the Two World Mountains? Is there any news regarding Yang Yutian?”

“Young miss, there still has been no news from the people near the Two World Mountains,” the voice of an old man rang out from outside the door.

He Qianqian sighed gently inside. She stared at the divine hall and murmured, “Yang Yutian, the sliver of the power of your soul that you left in the divine hall is still intact, but why haven’t you emerged from the Two World Mountains after all this time? Is it because the power of the soul is unable to guide you, so you’ve lost your way?”

“Or have you already died in the Two World Mountains and the sliver of the power of your soul in the divine hall hasn’t dispersed due to the special environment in the Two World Mountains?”

At this moment, Jin Hong arrived at the Heavenly Crane Divine Hall. He Qianqian immediately went forth to receive him. She spoke extremely politely.

Out of all these prodigies of the Hundred Saint City, the person who shone the most would definitely be Jin Hong. Even when disregarding the fact that the Wolf clan behind him was also a peak organisation, just his identity as the successor of a Grand Exalt would earn him great respect.

And, before she had entered the Darkstar World, her seniors of the Heavenly Crane clan had reminded her time and time again to establish a good relationship with Jin Hong and try her best to befriend this successor of a Grand Exalt who possessed a limitless future.

Originally, He Qianqian believed this would be a very difficult mission, but she never thought she would instead be the closest to Jin Hong due to Yang Yutian.

Jin Hong did not talk for too long with He Qianqian. The main reason for his visit was to ask about Yang Yutian. He showed even more care and concern for Yang Yutian than He Qianqian.

“Apologies, young master Jin Hong. I haven’t received any news regarding Yang Yutian so far. There’s been no disturbances near the Two World Mountains either. It’s even made me suspect that the sliver of the power of his soul is either useless, or he’s already dead,” He Qianqian sighed gently.

Jin Hong shook his head instead and said with absolute confidence, “No, I have a very strong feeling that Yang Yutian isn’t dead. He’s definitely still alive. I believe he can emerge from the Two World Mountains safely.”

“Miss Qian, once you hear anything about Yang Yutian, you must contact me immediately.”

With that, Jin Hong turned around and left.

The Hundred Saint City gradually recovered its usual operations, but the formation over the city remained intact. Only a city gate had opened up. They had already restarted their trade of cultivation resources with cultivators of the Darkstar race.

Pills from the outside world were extremely enticing to cultivators of the Darkstar World. The cultivation methods, battle skills and various heavenly resources from outside were all crucial for the cultivation of these members of the Darkstar race too. The various organisations in the city used these objects to exchange for items they needed from the Darkstar race.

The alliance between these organisations was now close to falling apart, because they had already reclaimed the Hundred Saint City and the danger they faced had been temporarily resolved. In the following period of peace, they would temporarily cease to be allies and become competitors instead.

Often, the various organisations would compete with their prices when something rare appeared. It would be extremely intense.

Now, the organisations gathered in the Hundred Saint City had basically become independent of each other. Only when they faced the great danger of the Darkstar race would they reunite as a single group.

In the capital city far away from the Hundred Saint City, within the hovering seventh divine hall.

“Hall master, this is the situation. We’re basically certain that the city lord of Darknight City, Bai Jin, along with the thirty-six lords and one hundred and eight kings have all died in the depths of the Two World Mountains, while the droplet of divine beast’s essence blood in Bai Jin’s possession had ended up in the hands of a regional king. We’re not bold enough to disturb this king, so we silently retreated after precisely locating the droplet of essence blood,” vice hall master Duff reported below. He had yet to recover from his wounds, so his face was pale and he seemed slightly weakened.

With that, Getti exhaled deeply on the throne. He seemed to be slightly stern as he said with a heavy heart, “Looks like what I’m worried about has happened in the end. The droplet of essence blood is extremely important, so we can’t afford to lose it. Now that it has ended up in a regional king’s possession, taking it back won’t be easy.”

Getti massaged his temples. This matter gave him a huge headache. The Two World Mountains were a forbidden zone to the Darkstar race. Unless they had no other choice, members of their Darkstar race would never set foot in there, particularly in the depths. Even Primordial realm experts like them had to be cautious when they entered there.

It was possible to say that the Two World Mountains had been created by the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits. The Grand Exalt tampered with the ways and set down his own laws, which greatly suppressed all members of the Darkstar race.

If First Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes entered there, their strength would be suppressed to just peak Godking, and they would tire themselves out several times faster during battle, unable to recover or replenish their energy at all. All it required were a few Godking Life-devouring Beasts and they would be enough to kill an Infinite Prime of the Darkstar race.

Most importantly, once an Infinite Prime of the Darkstar race exposed their presence in the Two World Mountains, it would spread endlessly like light from a bright lantern in darkness. All the Primordial realm regional kings in the Two World Mountains would sense it clearly and then converge from all directions.



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