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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2771 - Conditions Of Unsealing
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Chapter 2771: Conditions of Unsealing

“The droplet of essence blood must be retrieved,” Getti said powerlessly. The essence blood was just too important. It was something that could affect the fate of his entire race. Getti could not bear the consequences if it was not brought back.

After all, he was in charge of this millennium. If the essence blood was lost during his rule, he would be held responsible!

However, stealing the essence blood back from a regional king Life-devouring Beast was anything but easy. As a matter of fact, if he handled it badly, it was even possible for him, Getti, to die in the process.

“Hall master, should we report this to the emperor? With the situation right now, we can only ask the emperor to step in. If the emperor leads the experts of our ten divine halls into the Two World Mountains, we’ll definitely be able to retrieve it,” said vice hall master Duff.

Getti shook his head. He was worried, “It’s not like you don’t know the emperor’s currently undertaking something extremely important in seclusion right now. Disturbing the emperor would truly be a horrible decision. Moreover, if the emperor really does end up leading the ten hall masters into the Two World Mountains, the other hall masters will definitely resent us for that.” Getti dismissed the idea without hesitation. He was an expert who attached great importance to his pride. He would never want to do something so humiliating unless he truly ran out of choices.

He did not want any more disputes with other hall masters. Otherwise, they would mercilessly label him as useless or trash when they sneered and mocked him.

“Hall master, an envoy of the fifth divine hall has come to visit!” At this moment, a Godking guard rushed in from outside and dropped down on one knee.

“An envoy of the fifth divine hall?” Getti frowned and he immediately became fed up. He had never been on great terms with the fifth divine hall, holding resentment towards them. And, this resentment had grown with the conflicts and matters that had arisen from how unreasonably their hall master, “Kun Tian”, had behaved after losing his memories. As a result, as soon as he heard that an envoy from the fifth divine hall had come to visit, he was tempted to order the guard to chase him away.

But in the end, Getti choose not to do that, or he would probably be labelled as petty. He made a gesture for the guard to let the envoy in.

The envoy sent by the fifth divine hall was a Godking old man. He was well-groomed and there was a wise light to his eyes. Clearly, he was a capable person.

“Greetings to the seventh hall master and the vice hall masters from Wu Ming, the master of external affairs of the fifth divine hall!” Wu Ming stuck to courtesy and bowed to them politely. Even though he knew his hall master had always been on bad terms with Getti, he also knew the disputes was not something a mere Godking like him could get involved in.

“If you have something to say, spit it out, and if you’re done, scram. You people of the fifth divine hall have no right to be standing in my territory,” Getti said impatiently. If it were not for the fact that people would end up talking behind his back, he really did not want to meet with the envoy of the fifth divine hall.

Wu Ming remained extremely polite. He cut right to the chase, “Esteemed seventh hall master, I’ve come under the orders of my hall master. My hall master demands the seventh divine hall to remove the seals on the teleportation formation and allow the outsiders to come and go freely.” Wu Ming was already mentally prepared to weather the incoming storm from what he said.

He felt powerless too. He did not want to be so blunt, but the fifth hall master had clearly ordered him to repeat exactly what he had said to Getti. As a result, he could only bite the bullet and do it.

Just as expected, Getti’s expression changed as soon as he heard that. His gaze became hostile instantly. His sharp gaze was like two pairs of swords, which made Wu Ming shiver all over. Getti erupted, “What did you say? Demands? Kun Tian’s actually demanding this hall master?”

Getti was unable to repress his anger. He slammed his hand against the armrest of the throne heavily and the tremendous force made the entire hall shake. He roared furiously, “He’s gone too far. Kun Tian’s gone too far. Does he really think he’s above me now just because he’s broken through to the Sixth Heavenly Layer? He’s far too haughty. He’s not even taking me seriously.”

“Guards, throw the envoy out for me! No, seal his cultivation and directly throw him off the divine hall! Make him lay on the streets of the capital city below helplessly! Kun Tian, I’ve put up with you so many times already. Does you really think I’m afraid of you, to actually demand more and more from me?” Getti’s face had darkened as his anger blazed inside. He was unable to calm down for quite a long while.

“Hold on, hall master. I have an idea, but I don’t know if it’ll work.” The vice hall master Duff said, “Doesn’t the fifth divine hall want the hall master to remove the seals over the teleportation formation? The hall master can use this opportunity to request the fifth divine hall to retrieve the item in the Two World Mountains for us, as a condition for unsealing the teleportation formation.”

Hearing that, Getti was slightly taken aback despite fuming just earlier. In the next moment, his anger subsided completely and glee filled his face. He clapped his hands violently and his eyes lit up, “Alright, alright, alright. That’s an extremely good idea. We’ll go with that.”

Afterwards, Getti immediately stated his condition and sent Wu Ming back.

In the fifth divine hall, Jian Chen sat boldly on the hall master’s throne as Bing Yuan, Tarot and Dou Wujin stood beside each other below him.

Behind them, kneeling on the ground was the master of external affairs, Wu Ming.

Wu Ming had already reported Getti’s conditions to Jian Chen word for word.

Before Jian Chen could say anything, Bing Yuan already began to sneer, “Hmph, Getti sure is thoughtful. He’s lost the essence blood during his reign, so their seventh divine hall should have been responsible for retrieving it. Yet, it turns out that Getti’s afraid of dying and he’s too scared to retrieve something from the possession of a regional king Life-devouring Beast, so he wants our fifth divine hall to handle it instead. Does he really take our fifth divine hall to be fools?”

While Tarot and Dou Wujin remained silent, both of them sneered as well. They mocked Getti’s foolishness for trying to get their fifth divine hall to undertake such a great risk over something as insignificant as unsealing a teleportation formation.

If this was not foolishness, what was it then?

Jian Chen sat on the throne calmly and silently. He did not decline immediately. Instead, thoughts flashed through his eyes. Who knew what he was thinking about.

“Wu Ming, you can go. You can ignore the seventh divine hall’s request.” Bing Yuan waved his hand to dismiss Wu Ming. There was no need for any more discussions on this. All of them knew exactly what risk the Two World Mountains entailed.

“Hold on, Wu Ming. You can tell the seventh divine hall that I’ll agree to their condition. However, they must immediately unseal the teleportation formation,” Jian Chen said suddenly.

Bing Yuan, Tarot and Dou Wujin all leapt in fright. Their expressions changed drastically and said in a hurry, “Hall master, you mustn’t! You mustn’t go through with this! The dangers of the Two World Mountains are unimaginable. Apart from the emperor, any Primordial realm expert of our race, including the hall masters of the ten divine halls, face the risk of dying if they set foot in there.”



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