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Chapter 2787: News

He Qianqian seemed to guess Jian Chen’s thoughts. “Yang Yutian, hear me out. Don’t think about refining Hundred Tribulations Godking Pills by yourself. This pill is nowhere near as simple as you think it is.”

“Really? Then can you tell me in detail just how it’s different?” Jian Chen was interested. He currently possessed over thirty thousand stalks of Godking grass, and they were all high grade.

In order to limit the strength of outsiders, high grade Godking grass had never been traded away. The organizations in the Hundred Saint City probably did not even know about their existence.

As a result, he would never reveal the high grade Godking grass before others, just in case it led to unnecessary trouble.

However, if he could not refine Godking grass into Godking pills, they would be useless, and if he wanted to turn them into Hundred Tribulation Godking pills without exposing them, he had to refine the pills himself.

Of course, the “Hundred Tribulations” should be removed from Hundred Tribulations Godking pills if they were refined from high grade Godking grass.

He Qianqian explained, “Yang Yutian, do you know why Hundred Tribulations Godking pills refined from Hundred Tribulations grass can allow a regular cultivator to become a Godking in such a short amount of time? Why something as wondrous as Hundred Tribulations grass has never appeared in the boundless Saints’ World, yet it just comes from the miniature Darkstar World?”

“That’s because their formation has something to do with the Grand Exalt of the Darkstar race that died?” Jian Chen said.

He Qianqian nodded. “That’s right. The formation of Hundred Tribulations grass is indeed connected to the Grand Exalt of the Darkstar race. Perhaps it’s closely linked to the ancient beast that became the Darkstar World too. However, it’s exactly because Hundred Tribulations grass is connected to experts like that that refining Hundred Tribulations Godking pills from them is anything but easy.”

“That’s because Hundred Tribulation grass hides a mysterious and powerful energy. Even the great elders of our various clans are unable to explain whether it comes from the Grand Exalt of the Darkstar race or the vicious beast that became the World of the Fallen Beast. However, whenever a stalk of Hundred Tribulations grass is refined into a Hundred Tribulations Godking Pill, this energy will erupt. It’s so powerful that it’s well beyond what you and I can withstand with our cultivation. It’s impossible to suppress it without a cultivation at Chaotic Prime, much less refine it into pills.”

“Whether it’s our Heavenly Crane clan or the other peak organisations, they all require the combined efforts of two Chaotic Prime great elders in order to successfully refine Hundred Tribulations Godking pills.”

“You can’t refine Hundred Tribulations Godking pills without a cultivation at Chaotic Prime.”

“Just refining the pill is so difficult already, not to mention you need to add in various priceless materials too as you refine it. These aren’t conditions that an independent cultivator can fulfil. As a matter of fact, many organisations with Chaotic Primes can’t even afford to refine Hundred Tribulations Godking pills.

“That’s because the cost of refining the pill and the benefits derived are on completely different levels. Only peak organisations like us who possess foundations among the Darkstar race will be willing to expend tremendous effort into refining these pills to protect our interests among the Darkstar race.”

He Qianqian gazed at Jian Chen deeply. She continued, “Yang Yutian, I know it’s a piece of cake for you to kill powerful Life-devouring Beasts to exchange for Hundred Tribulations grass with the Darkstar race. You might even be able to accumulate a large stock of Hundred Tribulations grass in a short time through this method, but I still hope you will offer these Hundred Tribulations grasses to our Heavenly Crane clan, as they’re completely useless to you. There is no way you can make use of them.”

“Thank you for explaining, miss Qian. However, I’m still interested in the pill formula. I’m even willing to use Hundred Tribulations grass to exchange for the pill formula. May I ask just how many stalks I need for the Heavenly Crane clan to exchange the pill formula with me?” Jian Chen did not change his mind. It was not like he did not have Chaotic Primes. He had one in the Tian Yuan clan right now.

There was him too. If he could make another breakthrough with the Chaotic Body, he would basically be a Chaotic Prime.

Seeing how insistent Jian Chen was, He Qianqian knew any further attempts at convincing him otherwise would be useless. She sighed gently. “Alright. Since you insist on getting your hands on the pill formula, I’ll ask about it for you. However, this isn’t something I can decide on, and I don’t have the pill formula either. I’ll have to send people back to ask the seniors in my clan.”

Afterwards, He Qianqian used a secret technique to pen a message before sending people out to ask the upper echelon in her clan in the outside world.

Very soon, the reply from the outside world reached the Hundred Saint City. He Qianqian received two messages. After looking through them, she told Jian Chen rather helplessly, “The clan has replied. The clan paid a hefty price in exchange for the formula to refine Hundred Tribulations Godking pills, and they have an agreement to keep it a secret.”

Jian Chen frowned from that. He never expected the pill formula that almost every organisation in the Hundred Saint City possessed would actually be so difficult to obtain; this surprised him a little.

At this moment, He Qianqian continued, “Though, I think you’ll be interested in the other news.” As she said that, He Qianqian took out the second feather and checked the contents with her secret technique. Her expression immediately changed, overcome by shock. She seemed dumbstruck.

Only after quite a while did she return to her senses. Her chest heaved up and down, only demonstrating how perturbed she was. She only managed to recover after a very long time. Afterwards, she sank into silent thought before seemingly deciding on something in the very end. With a flip of her hand, a jade slip immediately appeared in her hand. She left some of the information in the jade slip and passed it to Jian Chen. At the same time, she said, “This is the news I received from a great elder in my clan. Regular cultivators have no right to know this. Once you’ve read through it, please destroy it.”

Jian Chen accepted the jade slip rather curiously and sent in the senses of his soul.

The jade slip recorded a few events that happened on the Ice Pole Plane. In particular, it had a detailed introduction to the Ice Goddess Hall and the Moon God Hall. Nan Potian of the Moon God Hall was mentioned too.

In general, it said that the Ice Goddess had already died and her remains were in the depths of the Ice Goddess Hall. Nan Potian of the Moon God Hall and one of the four protectors of the Ice Goddess Hall, Wu Han, had already joined the Flame Reverend. The Flame Reverend wanted to get his hands on the Ice Goddess’ remains, so he attacked the Ice Goddess Hall through Nan Potian, and then he attempted to find the remains through Wu Han.

Even though the peak organisations of the Ice Pole Plane understood the Flame Venerable’s plans, they were powerless to stop him. As a result, all they could do was sit aside and watch this unfold.

Although there were also a few other experts who desired the Ice Goddess’ remains, they all backed down out of fright due to the Flame Venerable’s name.

That was because the Flame Venerable was a supreme expert who had reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime. Even if all the peak organisations on the Ice Pole Plane worked together, they would not be the opponent of an expert like the Flame Venerable.

However, Jian Chen also learnt from the jade slip that while the Flame Venerable had schemed for many years, he was still unable to enter the depths of the Ice Goddess Hall, as the Ice Goddess Hall was a Grand Exalt’s supreme god artifact. Even with its artifact spirit missing, it could still block the attacks of Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes with its defences and pure toughness.

Destroying a god artifact like that required power on par with Grand Exalts!

” At this moment, another piece of news floated through Jian Chen’s head, which immediately made his heart tighten. His emotions surged.

” At that moment, Jian Chen felt like he had been struck by a bolt of lightning. His mind shuddered. Fairy Hao Yue had actually fallen into Nan Potian’s hands. With the grievances that existed between Nan Potian and her, nothing good could come out of that.

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