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Chapter 279: The Trouble Brought by the Five Colored Stone

Tian Jue wasn’t fast enough to respond to Qin Xiao’s angry fist, so all he could do was to stare speechlessly at Jian Chen and Qin Xiao. Opening and closing his mouth several times, he cried out in confusion, “Qin Xiao, wh-what are you saying? He…he is your…brother?”

Right now if Tian Jue had wanted to die, then he would have the solution right in front of him. Originally, he had wanted to use Jian Chen in order to make Qin Xiao lose some face by pitting them against each other. What he didn’t think was that with this sudden development, not only had he insulted the sworn brother of Qin Xiao, but he had also lost his chance of Jian Chen teaching Qin Xiao a lesson. Furthermore, he had even lost the ability to use the might of his clan to threaten Jian Chen because if Qin Xiao were to pick a side, he would stand by Jian Chen. If that were to happen, then Tian Jue would have no other chance.

Qin Xiao strode toward Tian Jue and landed another strike onto his chest. The fist contained such a strong amount of power that it forced Tian Jue to fly back another few steps. If it were not for his own strength, then he would had been forced to fly farther away and fall to the floor on his back.

After another two relentless strikes on his body, Tian Jue couldn’t take it anymore and shot a glare full of furious anger, “Qin Xiao, don’t be too excessive!”

“Excessive? You’re the excessive one! Tian Jue you brat, after trying to bully my sworn brother, how dare you say I am the excessive one! Hmph, the sworn brother of mine cannot be so easily bullied.” Qin Xiao roared with anger. Not even giving Tian Jue any face, he continued to dominate Tian Jue.

Everyone on the fourth floor all stood far away as they looked at the scene with an interested expression. Not a single one of them had a surprised expression on their faces as if they had expected this outcome.

“Qin Xiao, you speak nonsense, just how did I bully your sworn brother?” Tian Jue spoke out loud with an indignant expression as if he was being treated unfairly. He did however try to use his clan’s might to threaten Jian Chen and force the Multicolored Stone from him. Unfortunately, not only was Jian Chen not afraid of him, but he had even struck out at his guard, causing Tian Jue to feel quite vexed now that he had run out of options.

“Tian Jue, don’t even try to speak. Don’t think that I don’t know just what type of person you are exactly, you have bullied so many people in Walaurent City long enough. Even if I didn’t know, then today would have been the day. To think you would have the audacity to try and bully my brother, you really are trying to eat the heart of a lion and the guts of the leopard! Tian Jue you brat, today is the day I will have Elder Tian teach you a good lesson!” Qin Xiao roared before slamming both fists into Tian Jue once more.

Tian Jue was much weaker than Qin Xiao so he was completely powerless to act against him. Qin Xiao’s fists landed on Tian Jue squarely with a loud sound. However while the fists seemed to hurt, they were not all that serious since even Qin Xiao didn’t dare hurt Tian Jue too much.

“Qin Xiao, Just you wait, when we get back my father will definitely hear of this. You will be punished!” Tian Jue tried to dodge Qin Xiao’s fists while crying out at him.

“Hmph, I’ve lost count of how many times you’ve said this.” Qin Xiao laughed with disdain.

Even Jian Chen was looking at this event right in front of him with a stunned look. He hadn’t thought that the arrogant Tian Jue that was trying to force him to sell the Multicolored Stone earlier would be soundly beaten to such a degree. All of his arrogant bravado had been instantly blown away.

Right now, Jian Chen could guess that Tian Jue and Qin Xiao were both from the same Tianqin clan. Qin Xiao was from the “Qin” family, and Tian Jue was from the “Tian” family.

Slowly absorbing his Light Wind Sword, Jian Chen watched Qin Xiao chase after Tian Jue with a small bitter smile. The Tian Jue of right now was a completely different person.

“Brother Qin Xiao, let’s just forget about this matter.” Jian Chen spoke out to Qin Xiao.

Qin Xiao stopped chasing Tian Jue for a moment and dusted his hands, “Since it seems that my brother here wishes to forgive you, Tian Jue, let’s see if you will try to bully him again. If so, I, Qin Xiao, won’t let it go next time.”

Tian Jue looked at Qin Xiao with some fear lingering in his eyes. He didn’t dare be angry and speak to him since he was a man that bullied the weak and feared the strong. Qin Xiao’s strength and position within the clan was far beyond his own. Practically everyone in the clan cared for him as if he was a beloved pearl. This type of care was far better than what a mediocre person at cultivation like he could get.

Shortly afterward, Tian Jue shot a glare at Jian Chen with a dark look. Today’s events and humiliations he had received were placed solely on Jian Chen.

Walking up to Jian Chen, Qin Xiao looked to see if any harm had befallen Jian Chen before slapping him on the shoulder, “Brother Jian Chen, are you alright?”

“Haha, I’m fine. It’s a good thing brother Qin Xiao was able to come so fast, otherwise, I fear of the consequences.” Jian Chen laughed. With that, he looked toward the two men that were guarding the stairway. Those two men were still standing expressionlessly right over at the stairs with a cold stare, but seeing how Jian Chen was somehow good friends with Qin Xiao, they could only hesitate for a moment before slinking away without a word.

After this experience in the Treasure Pavilion, Jian Chen, Ming Dong and Qin Xiao walked out of the building to return back to the Tianqin clan.

Within the Tianqin clan’s compound, Jian Chen and Ming Dong were both led to another nice looking residential area. This time Qin Xiao’s compound was even closer to them than before.

When Jian Chen entered his own room, he closed the doors and the windows so that all of the light in the room grew dim.

Sitting on his bed, Jian Chen took out the Multicolored Stone that he had bought while at the Treasure Pavilion from his Space belt. The moment the Multicolored Stone appeared in his hand, the Sword Spirits within his dantian began to shake once more, sending a happy feeling telepathically to Jian Chen’s mind.

At the same time, the Multicolored Stone began to emit a rich light that filled the room. Immediately, the dusky room was basked in a multicolored light that penetrated through the cracks in the wall and escaped outward. Jian Chen himself was basked in the glow that was a variety of colors from the stone.

The patrolmen that were guarding the area nearby could only see the sudden spectrum of light that shot out from Jian Chen’s room. With a surprised cry, the captain of the guards immediately ordered, “Quick, go and inform the patriarch!”, sending a guard away to quickly make the report.

Within the room, Jian Chen continued to bathe in the light. His spirit was feeling extremely happy now and he could feel it expanding to an even larger amount more than ever before. Furthermore, what had truly shocked him even more was that a mental image began to appear clearly in his mind. This sight that appeared in his mind was somehow the entire outside area around his room. It appeared like a wall scroll within his mind and Jian Chen could somehow “see” a single speck that was an ant crawl on the ground.

“Just what is happening? How powerful and mysterious is this Multicolored Stone?” Jian Chen cried out in shock.

Suddenly, the Sword Spirits within his dantian shook once more as an azure and violet glow of light appeared outside of his body. In a flash, they enveloped the Multicolored Stone before disappearing back into his body so that both the light of the Multicolored Stone and the azure and violet glow disappeared.

With the disappearance of the Multicolored Stone, the light from the stone disappeared from the world as well before entering into the world inside Jian Chen’s mind through a mysterious manner. Even the image of the outside world he was seeing had disappeared.

When Jian Chen saw the empty spot on his palm, his face immediately went blank as he cried out, “Where’s the stone?!” Right now was the exact moment that Jian Chen had realized the Multicolored Stone was nowhere to be found.

Jian Chen began to feel worry in his heart, the Multicolored Stone was a rare treasure which could increase one’s spirit. If it were to disappear without a trace, then that would be a heavy blow to him.

Anyone that were to just receive such a rare treasure, one that could be used to improve themselves, would surely not be able to take it if it were to disappear without a trace.

A flash of light went off in his mind as he realized something and sighed in relief. The Multicolored Stone didn’t disappear without a trace, it had just been brought into his dantian and was being enveloped by the Sword Spirits.

Dong dong dong!”

Suddenly, the door to his room began to shake, causing Jian Chen to immediately grow serious. He knew that the light from the Multicolored Stone had been discovered.

“Bang!” A large sound rang out. Seeing that Jian Chen wasn’t going to open the door, the men outside kicked it down and began to pile in, filling up the room.

Among this group was a single elder with a lively look to his face. There was a long beard that grew under his chin; and behind the elder, there were several other middle aged men that all seemed quite extraordinary.

With just one look Jian Chen could tell that the elder standing in front of him held a very high position within the clan.

The elder smiled as he looked at Jian Chen, “I’ve heard that Qin Xiao had made a good friend yesterday. Little brother, I presume that person would be you.”

Slowly getting off the bed, Jian Chen looked at the broken remains of the door for a moment before cupping his hands in respect, “This one is named Jian Chen, I am honored to greet the elder!”

With another smile, the elder looked around the room, but there was nothing of value to be seen.

“Little brother, I just saw a strange spectrum of light come out from here not too long ago, what sort of treasure might be the cause of it? I am quite interested in what caused that effect, would it be possible for this old man see?” He asked.

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