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Chapter 280: A Threat

Jian Chen’s face became embarrassed. If the elder had requested it earlier, then he would have been able to take out the Multicolored Stone, but the Multicolored Stone was now within his dantian and held by the Sword Spirits, meaning there was no way he could take it out.

Seeing the troubled look on Jian Chen’s face, the elder’s eyes narrowed for a moment before speaking with a slightly annoyed tone, “Little brother, you need not worry. No matter how precious the treasure is, I, Elder Wu will not covet it. I only wish to take a look at what exactly the treasure is.”

“Honored elder, this one is truly sorry, but I cannot take out the Multicolored Stone.” Jian Chen forced a smile on his face. The appearance of this group was unfortunately quite untimely. They had only just arrived when the Multicolored Stone had entered his dantian and gave him no chance to explain. After all, this was an unfathomable event, even if he were to tell the truth, no one would be able to believe him.

“Hmph, you can’t take it out? Could it be that you are worried our honored elder here will try to take your lousy treasure?”

“Elder Wu holds a decisive amount of power within our Tianqin clan, just how could he be jealous of your treasure?”

“Your treasure is no more than several coins, just how would our Elder Wu see this as a coveted item?”

The elder didn’t say a word as the men behind him began to noisily criticize Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s expression darkened for a moment before cupping his hands, “Elder Wu, this one doesn’t wish to hide the treasure from the honored elder, but because there has been an unexpected change, I cannot show it.” Jian Chen spoke evenly with just the tiniest amount of frost lying underneath. If the other side persisted on trying to press him, then he wouldn’t give them face.

“Don’t be saying your empty words here, just hurry up and bring out the item for our Elder Wu. With his status in the clan, just what would he gain from wanting your item?” A youth spoke out icily toward Jian Chen.

“Get out of the way, let me through!” At this moment, a roar came out from behind, causing everyone to turn. A sturdy looking youth came running through the crowd into the room, and the moment everyone saw him, they all began to move out of the way as they cupped their hands together and said, “My lord!”

The person that was rushing over was Qin Xiao.

“Nephew Xiao, just what brings you here?” Seeing the youth, Elder Wu had a smile on his face as he asked him the question with a gentle tone.

Qin Xiao had a considerable amount of influence within his clan, and even though Elder Wu himself had a strong amount of sway in the clan, he still didn’t dare to be too excessive with him.

Qin Xiao shot a glance at Elder Wu and spoke with a stiff tone, “Elder Wu, I should be the one asking you that question. This is the home of my sworn brother, Jian Chen. Just what is a large group doing here?” With that, he looked at the group behind Elder Wu and commanded angrily, “Everyone here should leave immediately!”

Each one of the men behind Elder Wu looked at each other, unsure of what to do. It was only when Elder Wu shot them a cold glare that they all stood where they were.

Seeing this, Qin Xiao had a furious look on his face, just as he was about to give the command once more, a dignified sounding voice suddenly called out from outside the house.

“I want everyone out here, now!

After hearing this loud and dignified voice, everyone’s heart leaped into their throats. Although they didn’t see who the person was, each one of them was extremely familiar with that voice to know that it belonged to the patriarch of Tianqin clan.

“We greet the patriarch!”

“We greet the patriarch!”

The group outside began to call out to the patriarch respectfully before obediently walking out of the room. With the words of the patriarch, not a single person would dare to remain inside the room.

The white robed patriarch had a few middle aged man standing behind him quietly as they entered the room.

“This one greets the patriarch!” Elder Wu spoke respectfully.

“Father, you’ve finally come! Elder Wu and his group of unruly men have barged into the room of brother Jian Chen’s without a purpose! If news of this were to be spread out, then just how would our Tianqin clan have the face to have anymore guests?” Qin Xiao spoke with dissatisfaction.

The patriarch looked at Elder Wu and spoke calmly, “Elder Wu, this little brother is currently the guest of our Tianqin clan. You barging into his residency is not an acceptable behavior. If the city were to hear about this, then what face will our Tianqin clan have? Hurry up and apologize to brother Jian Chen!”

Elder Wu’s face grew troubled as he looked at the patriarch with disbelief. He truly didn’t understand as an honored elder that he was, just why did he need to apologize to the younger generation?

There was conflict in his heart, although he did not dare to disobey the patriarch’s order, he could only give an unwilling apology to Jian Chen.

“Little brother, I’ve only heard from my guards that a bright amount of light had emanated from your room, so I came by to see what just happened.” The patriarch gave a small smile to Jian Chen, his voice was rather kind, and did not carry around the arrogant voice of a leader of the clan.

There was a forced smile on Jian Chen’s face; what a disaster this Multicolored Stone had brought! Just when he had bought the stone from the Treasure Pavilion, he had already came across trouble. It was fortunate that Qin Xiao had come at that moment, or else the situation would have grown dire. As for this time, it was fortunate that even the patriarch of the clan had came by.

“Patriarch Qin, this one recently went to the Treasure Pavilion and bought a strange stone. The multicolored light that the guards saw came from that very stone.” Jian Chen explained.

“Oh? Is there is such a stone like that?” The patriarch spoke with interest before looking at Jian Chen. “Little brother, I don’t know what type of stone could have such a mysterious multicolored light like that. Would it be possible for me to see what the stone is?” He said with some eagerness.

“Patriarch Qin, that stone has somehow entered my body, so I am unable to to take it out.” Jian Chen spoke with a helpless look.

“What, it’s inside your body?” The patriarch cried out in shock and a little disbelief.

“It would seem that this stone is a Supreme Treasure. I’ve seen from records of the ancient past that say there are a few Supreme Treasures that are capable of being absorbed into one’s body. The effects from that are quite magical.” A white haired elder exclaimed from behind the patriarch.

“‘Supreme Treasure?’ Elder Zhuo, just how strong is a Supreme Treasure?” Turning toward the elder, he consulted the elder for clarification.

The elder shook his head, “Patriarch, any ancient records that have information regarding Supreme Treasures are exceedingly rare. Even I only know bits and pieces of it.”

Hearing that, the patriarch had a disappointed look on his face as he looked at Jian Chen without a word. With a small sigh, he said, “Little brother, seeing how you were able to come across such a treasure, then that must be in your destiny. Remember, while you are guilt free of any crime, others will be envious of it. I’ve heard that while in the Treasure Pavilion, many people were after your treasure. So you must be careful or else someone will try to steal it away from you.”

“This one thanks the patriarch for his warning.” Jian Chen replied respectfully.

With that, the patriarch and his men all left the area without a single word more about the Multicolored Stone.

“Brother Jian Chen, with such a precious gem on you, you must take care of yourself. While no one would dare openly try to steal it from you in Walaurent City, the moment you leave the city it will be a completely different matter. I cannot say for certain you will be safe from any person wishing for the treasure.” Qin Xiao said seriously.

After that, even Qin Xiao left the room. Ming Dong had came by some time before to investigate just what had happened, and after making sure that everything was alright, he too returned to his room to continue cultivating.

After some men from the Tianqin clan came by the restore the broken door, Jian Chen closed the door once more and began to cultivate earnestly. Before the Gathering of the Mercenaries, he had to increase his strength as much as possible.

In a flash, day turned to night. Late at night in the middle of the darkness, Jian Chen continued to absorb the energy from the monster cores into his body.

“Creak!” The sound of Jian Chen’s door opening could be heard. Following that quiet sound, a dark figure could be seen walking in.

Slowly opening his eyes, Jian Chen looked at the dark figure calmly, “For sire to visit me in the night, just what business might you have with me?” Although Jian Chen was in the middle of cultivating, he was always on constant vigilance, monitoring his surroundings. So when this person entered his room, he could tell.

Despite there not being a single candle light, the figure was able to walk to the table and sit down without a single problem. Then, the sound of an elderly voice could be heard, “Jian Chen, I will be straight to the point with you. I wish to buy your Multicolored Stone, just how much will it take for you to sell it?”

Jian Chen laughed, “So it is Elder Wu. However, you have come to be disappointed tonight, Elder Wu. I’ve already said in the day, the Multicolored Stone has already entered my body and is out of my control.”

“Hmph, don’t quibble around with me, Jian Chen. Do you really think that I will believe your c*ck and bull story? I don’t wish to mince words with you, that Multicolored Stone will only bring you trouble, and sooner or later, it will spell out your end. Are you going to sell it or not?” Elder Wu had begun to lose his patience.

Jian Chen’s face grew dark at Elder Wu’s words. Now that he was saying such words, Jian Chen no longer felt the need to be courteous to him, with a cold tone, “It’s not for sale!”

A small sliver of killing intent began to leak out from Elder Wu’s body. Slapping the table lightly, he laughed coldly, “Very well. I hope you don’t come to regret this, Jian Chen.” With those words, Elder Wu left the room.

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