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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2891 - Four Great Elders
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Chapter 2891: Four Great Elders

The headquarters of the Heavenly Lightning clan was located on the Westlan Plane of the forty-nine great planes of the Saints’ World. It was a plateau with an extremely brutal environment, riddled with lightning all year round.

The Laws of Lightning were so dense here that it brought great ease to cultivation when those who comprehended the Laws of Lightning cultivated here.

In the depths of the plateau riddled with lightning were two violet seas of lightning that shone with resplendent light. Not only had the density of the Laws of Lightning gathered there reached an extremely startling level, but even the power had reached a level where it could make any Chaotic Prime pale.

Even a strand or sliver of the Laws of Lightning that filled the place could injure Chaotic Primes.

These two seas of lightning were where the two ancestors of the Heavenly Lightning clan cultivated.

The sea of lightning had not been formed naturally. Instead, they were embodiments of the two ancestors’ laws. Either one of them could summon a world of lightning with a single thought.

Suddenly, the two seas of lightning shuddered, and in the next moment, a blanketing presence emerged, flooding the surroundings. It made the numerous ancestors across the entire Westlan Plane open their eyes, gazing in the direction of the Heavenly Lightning clan.

“Elder Rong has actually died…” A stern voice rang out from one of the seas of lightning in the depths of the Heavenly Lightning clan’s headquarters.

“The Lightning Soul Imprint that belongs to elder Rong has already shattered. This means he’s completely dead…” The second ancestor of the Heavenly Lightning clan spoke from the second sea of lightning. His voice was frigid and possessed great fury.

Elder Rong was a great elder of the Heavenly Lightning clan, a Chaotic Prime. Regardless of the peak clan, a figure at his level were pillars that upheld the clan. There were no peak clans that could afford to lose people like him.

As one of the peak organisations on the Westlan Plane, the Heavenly Lightning clan only had a total of eight Chaotic Prime great elders. Even losing one was a heavy loss.

“Elder Rong visited the ruins of the Spirits’ World. He died in the Spirits’ World. Was someone behind this, or did he die to the horrible environment…”

“Elder Rong is not a rash person. With his cultivation at the Sixth Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime, it’s impossible for him to die to the horrible environment. Someone was probably behind it…”

“How dare they? Since this person is capable of killing elder Rong, how do they not know about the background of our Heavenly Lightning clan…”

The two ancestors discussed sternly. They even began peering into the heavenly secrets to see the details when elder Rong died, but they found nothing.

At this moment, an Infinite Prime elder of the Heavenly Lightning clan sped over. He knelt down extremely far away from the two seas of lightning and said rather frightfully and frantically, “Ancestors, we’ve just received a great elder’s emergency call for help. H- he’s encountered life-threatening danger in the Burial Zone of the Spirits’ World.”

The Infinite Prime elder was stricken with fear. After all, this was a great elder whose cultivation had reached Chaotic Prime already. Someone like him had always been a lofty existence in the Heavenly Lightning clan, able to produce clouds and rain with a simple flick of his hand. Yet, he had now sent an emergency request for help. This was something major that had not happened for tens of thousand years.

“The Burial Zone? Hmph, I’d like to see just who’s bold enough to kill a great elder of our Heavenly Lightning clan. Send Suo Luo, Lian Chi, Lei Jidong, and Lei Shun to investigate the cause of death of elder Rong in person…” An ancestor of the Heavenly Lightning clan immediately issued an order. Among these four great elders, one was at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime, two were at the Seventh Heavenly Layer, and one was at the Sixth Heavenly Layer.

The eight great elders of the Heavenly Lightning clan were composed of three late Chaotic Primes, two mid Chaotic Primes, and three early Chaotic Primes.

In a single stroke, the Heavenly Lightning clan had mobilised all of their high-level great elders, only leaving behind the three early Chaotic Primes to watch over the clan.

Immediately, the four great elders set out. Due to the nature of the emergency, they did not travel through space. Instead, they directly took interplanar teleportation formations, reaching the boundary between the Saints’ World and the Spirits’ World as quickly as they could before crossing through the spatial passageway to reach the ruins of the Spirits’ World. Afterwards, they rushed off to where elder Rong had died—the Burial Zone.

After a dozen or so days, the four great elders finally arrived at where elder Rong had died. They saw elder Rong’s corpse as soon as they arrived. It was not just elder Rong, but the two regular elders of the Heavenly Lightning clan and the several hundred clansmen as well. They all remained in exactly the same state as before, strewn across the place.

Nearby, the woman in white stood with her back towards them, sitting on a rock with her legs crossed and cultivating. Above the woman’s head hovered a white crystal. Extremely pure energy radiated from the crystal, draping down as a haze of energy. The woman in white absorbed all of it rapidly like a whale taking in water.

The crystal became smaller and smaller as the energy was siphoned away.

The woman in white did not seem to be aware of the four great elders’ arrival. She continued to cultivate like she was the only one around, without even opening her eyes.

“Were you the one who killed our Heavenly Lightning clan’s great elder?” the four great elders all looked at the woman in white and asked coldly. However, the four of them all secretly raised their guards as if they were facing a powerful enemy.

Even the strongest among them, the Ninth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime great elder, became extremely stern in that moment.

They could tell with a single glance how easily elder Rong had died. His clothes were clean and unruffled, and the surroundings were in perfect condition. He had been killed without even leaving behind a single trace of battle. In their understanding, only Grand Primes could achieve something like this!

Moreover, the woman in white behaved far too calmly. She did not even leave after killing a great elder of the Heavenly Lightning clan, instead choosing to stick around. She was completely unbothered by whether the Heavenly Lightning clan would send powerful reinforcements or not.

There were only two reasons why she would do that. The first was because she had not considered there to be powerful reinforcements at all, while the second was because her strength had already reached a level where she no longer feared any reinforcements from the Heavenly Lightning clan.

To be able to kill a Sixth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime like elder Rong with ease, it was impossible for her to be as foolish as in the first scenario. That only left the second scenario.

“Sigh, is it just the four of you? Not even a single Grand Prime ancestor of your clan came?” At this moment, the woman let out a sigh with obvious disappointment and pity.

However, when the four great elders heard that, their faces changed immediately.

“Oh no, it’s a trap. It’s a trap. This person definitely has the strength to contend with our ancestors. S- she actually wants to lure our ancestor over. Run! Run quickly! Scatter and flee…” The Ninth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime bellowed out almost like he was roaring.

Elder Rong’s death, the woman in white’s composure, and what she said at the end immediately allowed the four great elders to deduce the woman’s strength, which left them utterly horrified.

In the next moment, the four of them turned into four bolts of lightning and fled off in different directions as quickly as they could.

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