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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2892 - The Heaven-punishing Lightning Soul Banner
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Chapter 2892: The Heaven-punishing Lightning Soul Banner

However, while they were fast, there were some things even faster than them. Five illusionary swords appeared out of nowhere and pierced the four bolts of lightning instantly.


A series of howls rang out, and the four bolts of lightning vanished, turning back into the four great elders who appeared nearby. Every single one of them had five illusionary swords thrusted through their bodies, corresponding to their hearts, livers, spleens, lungs, and kidneys.

As the five illusionary swords stabbed into them, the four great elders of the Heavenly Lightning clan, including the strongest Ninth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime, suddenly stiffened. It was as if they had been frozen in space, becoming completely immobilised.

It was not only their bodies that had become immobilised. Even their souls were frozen in place, restrained to their bodies and unable to escape.

In the next moment, something that caused the four of them endless horror happened. The power of their cultivation in their bodies rapidly leaked away uncontrollably. They could clearly sense the power condense into a pure, flawless crystal of energy over their heads.

“Y- you’re actually robbing us of our cultivations. Who are you exactly? Just what great grievances exist between you and our Heavenly Lightning clan that you have to deal with us so viciously…”

“Our Heavenly Lighting clan is an external branch of one of the archean clans, the Lightning God clan. If you treat us like this, the Lightning God clan won’t spare you. Even if you’re a Grand Prime, only death awaits you before the Lightning God clan…”


The four great elders of the Heavenly Lightning clan all roared out in surprise, fear, and fury. Normally, they were lofty existences in the Heavenly Lightning clan, only second to the Grand Prime ancestors, yet they had been completely reduced to sitting ducks now. A miserable end was waiting for them.

The woman in white ignored their noisy threats as if she was self-important and could not be bothered with acknowledging them. In truth, she was focusing on powering the secret technique to steal their cultivations.

Before long, the four great elders suffered the same fate as elder Rong. After all of their cultivations had been drained, they died to the woman in white’s hands.

The moment the four of them died, two clusters of fury spread across the entire Westlan Plane in the distant headquarters of the Heavenly Lightning clan. It was like the wrath of gods of lightning, drawing over crackling lightning and fire. The entire sky of the plane immediately became covered with violet lightning, dancing around and criss-crossing with one another. The sound of thunder was deafening.

On the Westlan Plane, countless cultivators raised their heads and looked at the sky in fright. To them, a sight like this was no different from the end of the world.

As for the cultivators who flew through the sky, whether they were at Godhood or the Primordial realm, they all landed in a hurry after their faces changed drastically, afraid of being hit.

“Lei Conglong, Lei Ruhuo, what exactly has happened that’s made the two of you so furious?” At this moment, a resonant voice filled with vigour rang out. The voice contained pulses of laws that completely surpassed the two ancestors of the Heavenly Lightning clan. When the voice reached over, the sky full of lightning that the raging ancestors summoned all dispersed.

In that moment, the sea of lightning above the Westlan Plane vanished. The entire plane recovered its peace.

Outside the Heavenly Lightning clan, a clone conjured from a part of a soul appeared out of nowhere.

When they saw the soul clone, the upper echelon of the Heavenly Lightning clan all clasped their fists and bowed sternly.

This person was the ancestor of the greatest organisation on the Westlan Plane, the Hundred Battle clan, as well as the greatest expert of the entire plane, Baizhan Wufeng.

The Westlan Plane had over a dozen peak organisations. The Heavenly Lightning clan ranked sixth among them. Quite a distance existed between them and the Hundred Battle clan that stood at first place.

“Someone killed five great elders of our Heavenly Lightning clan. We were overwhelmed with fury, which was why we lost control. We never thought we would alarm fellow Wufeng, so please forgive us.” The two ancestors forcefully suppressed their raging fury and explained patiently.

“What? Someone killed five great elders of your Heavenly Lightning clan? Is this person out of their mind?” Baizhan Wufeng was surprised as well. Afterwards, he sighed gently and said in sympathy, “I understand how you feel, but please do hold back a little. Try not to bring an undeserved catastrophe to the billions of innocent lives on the Westlan Plane. Farewell.” Baizhan Wufeng left as soon as he said that. The Heavenly Lightning clan had lost five great elders in a single stroke. Everyone at his level of cultivation knew that the Lightning God clan stood behind the Heavenly Lightning clan. This was something absolutely major.

Baizhan Wufeng had already caught the scent of an incoming storm.

After Baizhan Wufeng left, the two violet seas of lightning vanished from the depths of the Heavenly Lighting clan. Two ancient figures appeared in the centres of the seas of lightning.

They were the two ancestors of the Heavenly Lightning clan, Lei Conglong and Lei Ruhuo. They were Second and Third Heavenly Layer Grand Primes respectively.

“The five great elders died one after another. Someone must be targeting our Heavenly Lightning clan in secret. We have to get to the bottom of this person’s identity. I need to pay a visit to the Spirits’ World in person,” Lei Conglong said sternly with a sunken expression.

“Even a Ninth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime great elder has died, so they must be a Grand Prime. I should go instead. My cultivation is a level higher than yours, so even if I come across danger, it’ll be easier for me to escape,” Lei Ruhuo said flatly.

“Fair enough. This person has hostile intentions towards us. You need to be careful when you go this time. Don’t forget to take our clan treasure the Saint Monarch bestowed to us, the Heaven-punishing Lightning Soul Banner, with you,” said Lei Conglong.

Lei Conglong’s expression changed slightly. “The eighth grade god artifact, the Heaven-punishing Lightning Soul Banner. Ever since the Saint Monarch bequeathed it to our clan, it had never been used again since the war with the Immortals’ World over three million years ago. I didn’t think we’d actually use it once more this time around…”

God artifacts were also split into grades ranging from one to nine. First to third grade were low quality god artifacts, fourth to sixth grade were medium quality god artifacts, and seventh to ninth grade were high quality god artifacts.

Above high quality god artifacts were supreme quality god artifacts!

As for eighth grade god artifacts, they were relatively powerful even among high quality god artifacts. Even most mid Grand Primes did not possess a god artifact like that.

Lei Conglong reached out, and the space suddenly split open. A violet banner riddled with the power of lightning drifted out and immediately gave off the powerful pressure of a god artifact. Even the Laws of Lightning in the surroundings seemed to be agitated, beginning to gather together and condensing in the banner.

In that moment, the violet banner seemed to become a nucleus of lightning. The laws all moved with it.

Lei Ruhuo gripped the Heaven-punishing Lightning Soul Banner and immediately vanished. In that moment, he turned into an extremely small bolt of lightning, crossing through the stars and vanishing into the depths of the cosmos.

“The Heavenly Lightning clan is even bringing the Heaven-punishing Lightning Soul Banner the Lightning Saint Monarch bequeathed to them. Looks like they’ve really run into big trouble this time around. Just who has the courage to kill five great elders consecutively and offend the Heavenly Lightning clan so much…”

After Lei Ruhuo departed, Baizhan Wufeng, who sat in the forbidden grounds of the Hundred Battle clan murmured to himself.

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