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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2898 - Returning To Darkstar City
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2898: Returning to Darkstar City

In the Darkstar World, Jian Chen listened to the Virtuous Sage of Heaven’s advice and stayed there for three whole days.

Three days later, he entered the Two World Mountains once again. He unleashed the Laws of Space and did not cover himself at all along the way. He travelled through the Two World Mountains extremely quickly, alarming the Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts.

However, without any exception, there was not a single Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast that could catch Jian Chen. Even the strongest Life-devouring Beast that had already reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime could only stand by and watch helplessly before Jian Chen’s terrifying speed.

Before long, Jian Chen crossed through the Two World Mountains smoothly and returned to the passageway between the two worlds. After adjusting himself to peak condition, he entered the passageway without hesitation, disappearing from the Darkstar World.

The many peak organisations gathered around the passageway between the two worlds in Darkstar City. Multiple medium quality god artifact divine halls hovered in the air, radiating with a blanketing pressure.

There were even Chaotic Primes seated in the air, radiating with blinding light and energy that made them seem as brilliant as miniature suns.

All of them were quietly waiting for a cultivator called Yang Yutian to emerge from the passageway.

The news of what happened in the Darkstar World had already reached Darkstar City a long time ago. It was not just Darkstar City. It had already created a huge stir across the entire Starsource Continent.

Moreover, this matter continued to spread like wildfire across the entire ruined Spirits’ World. In the end, even a few well-informed organisations in the four other sacred lands learnt about what happened in Darkstar City.

As a result, organisations of various sizes and a few cultivators who believed they were powerful immediately began gathering on the Darkstar Continent from the four other sacred lands of the Spirits’ World, wanting to see the show.

After all, it was rumoured in Darkstar City that someone had reached Chaotic Prime within a thousand years. If this rumour were true, it would be something major that could shake the world.

Basically everyone would take hundreds of thousand or even millions of years to cultivate to Chaotic Prime in the vast Saints’ World. Even a few monstrously-talented geniuses would need several tens of thousand years at the very least.

Yet now, they heard someone had reached a realm of cultivation like that within a single millennium, which obviously led to shock and doubt among all the organisations in the Spirits’ World.

As a result, more and more cultivators gathered in Darkstar City. Various organisations, regardless of size, sent people over, just to get to the bottom of this rumour.

The central region of Darkstar City had already been sealed off through the combined efforts of the many peak organisations. Without a certain level of strength, they could not even approach the place. As a result, over ninety-nine percent of the organisations could only remain on the outskirts.

“Don’t tell me this Yang Yutian has already guessed the situation outside and plans to continue on hiding in the World of the Fallen Beast…” a Chaotic Prime said near the passageway, clearly already rather restless.

“Unless he plans on staying in the World of the Fallen Beast forever, he’ll come out sooner or later. Even if I have to wait here for a hundred thousand years or a million years, I’ll wait until Yang Yutian comes out. How dare he fool our Jade Pill sect like that? How can our Jade Pill sect just let him so easily…” A great elder of the Jade Pill sect ground his teeth in utter hatred.

The two ancestors of the Jade Pill sect had already learnt about what had happened in the Darkstar World. They both became extremely furious, even giving them absolute orders to bring Yang Yutian back to the Jade Pill sect no matter what.

“Our Heavenly Lightning clan also swears to wait until Yang Yutian emerges. Even if he’s dead, we want to see his corpse…” expressed an elder of the Heavenly Lightning clan. He was a regular, Infinite Prime elder, but he was still extremely confident before these large organisations.

So far, they still had no idea that the great elder who had gone to the Burial Zone was already dead, nor did they know that one of their ancestors had already died in the Spirits’ World.

“Someone is coming out!”

Suddenly, a Chaotic Prime called out. Before he had even finished speaking, the many Chaotic Prime great elders noticed the response from the passageway, which immediately made them rile up with vigour. They flickered about, and all the Chaotic Primes scattered across the surroundings gathered around the entrance immediately.

At that moment, the number of Chaotic Primes gathered there had already exceeded two hundred.

Among them, basically half were experts who had rushed over from the four other sacred lands of the Spirits’ World. These people all watched on with interest; it was like they were watching a show. They only wanted to check the veracity of the rumour.

Under everyone’s gazes, a figure emerged from the passageway very soon, appearing before everyone present.

He was Jian Chen!

As soon as Jian Chen emerged, he discovered that Chaotic Primes had already gathered around him. Many of their presences even exceeded his own. There were even plenty of Ninth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Primes.

Even though he was already anticipating this, he never expected there to be such a terrifying number of Chaotic Primes waiting outside, which left him surprised.

Now, he had already entered an encirclement of Chaotic Primes.

“It’s him, great elder. He’s Yang Yutian…”

“Great elder, he’s Yang Yutian. He’s the one who killed the young master…”


Basically in the moment Jian Chen appeared, the sacrificial Godkings that belonged to the Chu family, the Gong family, the Zhao family, the Cangqiong clan, and the Yuqiong sect immediately identified Jian Chen.

Seeing Jian Chen’s figure, He Qianqian of the Heavenly Crane clan felt her heart tighten. She gazed at He Qianchi beside her, pleading for help, “Great elder, he’s Yang Yutian. You must help him, great elder…”

He Qianchi was facing a dilemma. He communicated, “Don’t fret for now. Let’s see whether he’s the fifth hall master or not. If he isn’t, then everything is easy to deal with. I just need to contact a few organisations on good terms with him, and it won’t necessarily be impossible to fend off the five clans. However, if he really is the fifth hall master, then our Heavenly Crane clan would be better off keeping a wide berth from him…”

A sliver of worry appeared in He Qianqian’s beautiful eyes. Then she turned around and contacted Hao Ran and Hao Chen standing nearby, hoping the Hao family of the Prosper Plane could stand up for him.

After all, in terms of both influence and strength, the Hao family completely surpassed the Heavenly Crane clan.

“Miss Qian, the only thing that the two of us can say is if brother Yang Yutian is not the fifth hall master, then we’ll convince our seniors no matter what and get them to protect Yang Yutian. After all, this was what we promised to brother Yang Yutian in the past.”

“But… if Yang Yutian really is the fifth hall master as the Scion of Five Point had said, then our Hao family is powerless. After all, you know all too well just how many people the fifth hall master has offended…” the brothers of the Hao family responded.

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