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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2900 - An Attempt At Compromise
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Chapter 2900: An Attempt at Compromise

On the other end, Jian Chen only felt like his body had become as heavy as a mountain. Even lifting his foot became difficult. He felt like a boulder was crushing down on his chest, making his breathing uneven.

The colossal presences from over a hundred Chaotic Primes enveloped him at that moment. With so many presences gathered together, it truly possessed the terrifying power to crush stars and shake the sky.

Under this pressure, even Jian Chen with his battle prowess on par with Chaotic Primes was heavily affected.

Despite that, Jian Chen did not panic at all. He stood there calmly and gazed around, speaking with a tone that was neither rude nor too humble. “I am Yang Yutian, as well as the fifth hall master the seniors speak of. Regarding what happened in the Darkstar World, I am willing to make up for the divine crystals you’ve lost through other methods…”

“Hmph, do you really think we lack some divine crystals? Yang Yutian, all of our clansmen sent into the World of the Fallen Beast have died because of you. You have to give us an explanation for this…”

“Yang Yutian, I am a great elder of the mighty Yunzhong clan, yet I’ve actually been toyed by you like this, running across the entire Spirits’ World to gather divine crystals. Do you really think you’ll be able to pay off the debt of toying around with me…”


The Chaotic Primes in the surroundings all spoke up. All of their faces had paled out of anger as they glared at him. A small portion of them even had undisguised killing intent in their eyes.

As for the Chaotic Primes whose interests were not connected to the Darkstar World, they all stood to one side as they watched the good show. Their gazes had all gathered on Jian Chen, filled with undisguised amazement. They felt like they had personally witnessed the birth of a legend.

“Seniors, you’re mistaken about one thing.” Jian Chen spoke up. He said calmly, “First of all, I’d like to correct something. The deaths of your clansmen in the Darkstar World are not my fault. The primary people behind their deaths are the Darkstar race, not me. If you don’t believe me, you’re more than welcome to check out this memory crystal.” As he said that, Jian Chen tossed out a memory crystal he had prepared beforehands. The contents of the memory crystal were all scenes of the outsiders being locked up in the thirty-six capital cities.

There were also some scenes of the patrolling squads of the Darkstar race hunting down and killing the outsiders if they refused to cooperate and tried fighting back.

However, the Chaotic Primes were not particularly fazed by the contents of the memory crystal, as they had already gained a rough understanding about some things that happened before the great ceremony through the Hundred Saint City. The teleportation formation in the Hundred Saint City had not been destroyed back then, so the people in there could still come and go freely, taking bits and pieces of information out with them.

“The reason why the Darkstar race imprisoned all these cultivators of the Saints’ World was because they were about to hold a great ceremony, requiring a large number of sacrifices. And as you can clearly see from the end result, the so-called sacrifices obviously included your clansmen.” Jian Chen tossed out another memory crystal as he said that.

The memory crystal had been recorded from a bird’s eye view over the capital city of the Darkstar race. The scenes depicted the powers of cultivation, the powers of vitality, and the powers of soul the Darkstar race had drained from countless outsiders through formations.

Every single type of energy in there formed an ocean. Anyone who had their wits about them could tell with a single glance that these oceans of energies had been harvested from countless cultivators.

These clusters of completely-different energy were without a doubt the best evidence for Jian Chen to push the blame of the deaths of the outsiders onto the Darkstar race.

Jian Chen had thought this through a long time ago. Even though he had the Myriad Bone Guild as his safeguard this time, he could not place all of his hopes on them. Not to mention that he only had a collaborative relationship with the Myriad Bone Guild. They could protect him for a moment, but not forever.

As a result, he had prepared himself for both eventualities a long time ago. If he could resolve his conflict with these organisations, then he would do his best to resolve it. Even if he could not resolve it, he would push all of the blame onto the Darkstar race and reduce the enmity he faced.

These peak organisations were all overlords with Grand Primes. They possessed exceptional methods where they could peer into the very mysteries of the world. Jian Chen was also worried that once his true identity was exposed, it would lead to great disaster for the Tian Yuan clan on the Cloud Plane.

The Darkstar World was a special environment. As long as Grand Exalts did not take action personally, no one could do anything to them even if they completely offended all the organisations throughout the Saints’ World.

However, the Tian Yuan clan was different. If several dozen peak organisations came looking for the Tian Yuan clan at the same time, this would definitely be a devastating disaster. By then, even calling in the Martial Soul Mountain would be useless.

“Seniors, you must have all seen it already. In the eyes of the Darkstar race, your clansmen were only sacrifices for the great ceremony this time. As for the end result of the great ceremony, I can see that you’re all experienced and knowledgeable, so you probably don’t need a junior who has only lived for a few centuries like me to explain,” said Jian Chen.

“Kid, did you really only cultivate for a few centuries?”

“Impressive. You already possess such battle prowess after just a few centuries. What unprecedented talent…”

“Yang Yutian, you’re only a few centuries old, so you probably don’t have a wife yet. Why don’t you marry into our Spirit God clan? Our Spirit God clan will protect you…”


When they heard Jian Chen report his age, a few Chaotic Primes who watched on from the side could not help but speak out. They were all amazed.

Jian Chen disregarded their statements and praises, but he sensed closely that when the Spirit God clan was mentioned, many Chaotic Primes present narrowed their eyes.

At this moment, Jian Chen flipped his hand, and a great clump of Ancestral Sacred Earth appeared. Holding onto the Ancestral Sacred Earth, he secretly guarded himself against the surroundings and said, “As for the supreme grade divine crystals the seniors have gathered after so much difficulty, I’ll use Soil of Divine Blood to compensate you. Would that be fine, seniors?”

“T- that’s Soil of Divine Blood…”

“He actually has so much Soil of Divine Blood in his possession. Looking at the weight, that’s five catties at the very least…”

“Five catties of Soil of Divine Blood. That’s unbelievable. Soil of Divine Blood is normally measured using taels. It’s extremely rare. Never did I think it would be measured in catties today…”

“With so much Soil of Divine Blood, just how many higher quality God Tier pills can be refined…”


As soon as they saw the Soil of Divine Blood, the eyes of all of the Chaotic Primes present immediately blazed with interest, their breathing becoming uneven. As for He Qianqian of the Heavenly Crane clan, she had become completely dumbfounded.

She knew exactly how important Soil of Divine Blood was to the Heavenly Crane clan. Whenever she obtained a tael of Soil of Divine Blood from the Darkstar race, it would kick up a stir in the clan, yet right now, she actually saw such a large clump of Soil of Divine Blood in Yang Yutian’s possession.

She would have never imagined such a scene even in her dreams.

“What a guy. He actually has so much Soil of Divine Blood in his possession.” The great elder of the Heavenly Crane clan, He Qianchi, became tempted too. He could not help but gulp, desiring it very much.

Compared to all the organisations present, the Heavenly Crane clan desired the Soil of Divine Blood the most.

All because it was a supreme quality God Tier material for refining Ancestral Blood pills.

Although Ancestral Blood pills could still be refined without Soil of Divine Blood, the Ancestral Blood pills without Soil of Divine Blood could not even be compared to Ancestral Blood pills refined with Soil of Divine Blood in terms of efficacy.

“Yang Yutian, give all the Soil of Divine Blood to our Heaven’s sect, and our Heaven’s sect won’t pursue any of the mistakes you’ve made anymore. I’ll clean the slate between us.” The great elder of the Heaven’s sect, Zhan Yun, bellowed. His eyes were glued to the clump of Soil of Divine Blood in Jian Chen’s hand.

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