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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2903 - Bringing Out The Backin
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2903: Bringing Out the Backin

Sheng Yi’s appearance and the unbelievable battle prowess that Jian Chen displayed immediately stunned all the Chaotic Prime great elders present.

Originally, they only thought Jian Chen was an expert on par with Chaotic Primes. Strength like that was nothing to the Chaotic Primes present. Capturing him was a piece of cake.

However, after witnessing what happened to the great elder of the Jade Pill sect, everyone immediately realised Jian Chen’s strength. They understood that this junior less than a thousand years old was not actually as easy to deal with as they imagined him to be.

Some of the Chaotic Primes who wanted to steal the Soil of Divine Blood recklessly held back on their urges.

“So it’s fellow Sheng Yi. I’m Zhan Yun, one of the six Heaven’s prestige great elders of the Heaven’s sect. I’ve long heard about fellow Sheng Yi’s renown. I’ve always wanted to personally witness fellow Sheng Yi’s supreme splendour. I didn’t expect to witness fellow Sheng Yi in the flesh today. I’ve finally fulfilled one of my long-held wishes.” Zhan Yun, who had been repelled by one of Sheng Yi’s fan spines, flew back into the surroundings. His attitude had changed completely. A gentle smile stretched across his face, and he spoke extremely politely, basically flattering Sheng Yi.

Jian Chen’s gaze landed on Sheng Yi as well. Sheng Yi wore a huge cloak that obscured his entire face.

The cloak was clearly anything but regular. It could block the senses of the soul and conceal his presence. As a result, no one was able to see Sheng Yi’s true appearance, making him seem extremely mysterious.

However, Sheng Yi was not identified through his appearance or presence. The folding fan in his hand, a high quality god artifact, the Fan of Separating Yin and Yang, was his best identifier.

At this moment, all the spines of the Fan of Separating Yin and Yang flew back, reassembling into a folding fan in Sheng Yi’s hand.

At this moment, Sheng Yi swung his hand, and a bone tower immediately appeared out of thin air, giving off the pressure of a medium quality god artifact. Without even looking back, he said to Jian Chen, “Go in!”

Jian Chen stared at Sheng Yi from behind for a while. He did not move.

“Sheng Yi, what are you trying to do?”

“Yang Yutian is the reason why all of our clansmen died in the Darkstar World. He still owes us a huge debt, so he can’t leave…”

“This is our grievance from within the Darkstar World. Sheng Yi, don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong…”

“Sheng Yi, don’t tell me your Myriad Bone Guild wants a slice of the pie too…”


Seeing how Sheng Yi was clearly trying to take Yang Yutian away, the Chaotic Primes present became displeased. They all growled with ugly faces.

“Yang Yutian has killed our most outstanding disciples and descendants. He must give our five organisations an explanation for this…” the five great elders from the Chu family, Zhou family, Gong family, Yuqiong sect, and Cangqiong clan said together. By now, their five organisations had already banded together in an extremely tacit way over the issue of Yang Yutian. They were standing on the same line.

With the current circumstances, their dead clansmen no longer mattered that much, as all five of them were guessing how much treasure Yang Yutian had taken from the Darkstar World with the strength he had displayed so far.

The five catties of Soil of Divine Blood and all of the Godking grass was probably just a very, very small fraction of it.

As for their dead prodigies, it had without a doubt become their greatest bargaining chip in their vain attempt to maximise their benefits.

“Fellow Sheng Yi, our Heaven’s sect is on good terms with the Myriad Bone Guild. Our relationship is something else, so I hope fellow Sheng Yi can hand Yang Yutian to our Heaven’s sect for the sake of our lengthy friendship. Yang Yutian was behind the death of the most outstanding disciple of our Heaven’s sect in the Darkstar World,” Zhan Yun of the Heaven’s sect said to Sheng Yi. His eyes flickered with anticipation and eagerness.

As a member of the Heaven’s sect, he definitely could not fall out with the Myriad Bone Guild. Whether it was he or Sheng Yi, they were both existences that belonged to the upper echelon of their respective organisations. If he handled this badly, it could easily influence the relationship between the Heaven’s sect and the Myriad Bone Guild.

The Myriad Bone Guild might not care about their Heaven’s sect, but their Heaven’s sect was forced to properly manage their relationship with the Myriad Bone Guild.

Perhaps this relationship could be described as flimsy as a cicada’s wings, but their Heaven’s sect had put in tremendous effort to establish the relationship.

“I’m under orders to take this person away. If you want this person, then go find the vice guild leader,” Sheng Yi said. He did not say much. His voice was stiff, and he spoke tersely, but the information revealed was no different from a clap of thunder to the Chaotic Primes present.

“What? The vice guild leader actually wants Yang Yutian…”

“The Myriad Bone Guild only has one vice guild leader. The people of the Saints’ World revere him as the Heartless Child. Yang Yutian is actually someone the Heartless Child specially wants. W- what do we do…”

“You’ve seen it. You’ve all seen it now. How could Yang Yutian not have a great background to have reached such a level of cultivation at such a young age? The Heartless Child is without a doubt Yang Yutian’s backing…”

“I’ve found these people of the Hundred Saint City to be eyesores a long time ago. Let’s see how they deal with the situation now…”


Sheng Yi’s words led to a huge uproar among the upper echelon of the peak organisations. As Chaotic Primes, basically all of them knew about the Heartless Child. He was a supreme figure who could kick up a storm through the entire Saints’ World with a wave of his hand. He was well and beyond what any of the peak organisations present could afford to offend.

Even the Heavenly Lightning clan that had the Lightning God clan as their backing and were brimming with confidence paled in fright when they heard the Heartless Child being mentioned.

At this moment, Jian Chen stepped forward. He took out the Soil of Divine Blood again and said to the organisations from the Hundred Saint City, “Seniors, I stand by my suggestion from earlier. Your clansmen died to the Darkstar race. Their deaths have nothing to do with me. As for the divine crystals, I’m willing to use a tael of Soil of Divine Blood and Godking grass to make up for your losses.” After saying that, Jian Chen did not wait for them to agree. He split the Soil of Divine Blood in his hand into fifty portions. Together with the Godking grass he had promised, they flew towards fifty of the Chaotic Primes present one by one.

Among the fifty-two peak organisations under protection in the Hundred Saint City, all of the organisations received compensation then and there apart from the Heavenly Lightning clan and Jade Pill sect.

When they saw the tael of Soil of Divine Blood and the Godking grass, the eyes of these Chaotic Primes all flickered. They were filled with mixed emotions and hesitance, but in the end, more than half of them let out a sigh inside as if they had made some sort of decision. They accepted the compensation resolutely.

If Jian Chen were a cultivator who had no background or a weak background, they would have never dropped this matter so easily. They would try to obtain something more from him no matter what.

But now that they knew the Heartless Child was behind him, they no longer dared to target him anymore. They had basically profited slightly to be able to receive a tael of Soil of Divine Blood and Godking grass as compensation.

Of course, only most of them decided to drop the matter that happened in the Darkstar World. There were still great elders from the remaining fraction of the organisations who remained just as greedy as before despite accepting the compensation.

“Yang Yutian, how do you plan on compensating our Jade Pill sect for our loss?”

“Our Heavenly Lightning clan too. In order to obtain those thirty pieces of jade with the Laws of Time, our Heavenly Lightning clan had paid an extremely great price.”

The Jade Pill sect and the Heavenly Lightning clan stood forward. Among the organisations of the Hundred Saint City, their losses had been far too great. If they were to receive the same compensation as the other organisations, they would never accept it.

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