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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2906 - Seeing Heartless Again
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2906: Seeing Heartless Again

In the Spirits’ World, the place where Sheng Yi died recovered the same peace as before very quickly. Only a ruined bone tower hovered there alone.

As for Jian Chen, he had left the region a long time ago, currently travelling towards the passageway. There was no one else in the space of absolute silence.

But at this moment, a beautiful woman in white slowly faded into existence in the space there. She stood near the bone tower, her presence completely concealed. She seemed like a ghost.

This woman happened to be Sheng Jin!

In Fang Jing’s hand hovered a white crystal. Pulses of terrifying power emanated from the crystal. It hid earth-shaking energy inside.

She was not paying attention to the energy crystal in her hand. Instead, she stared in the direction that Jian Chen had travelled off into. A strange light flickered in her eyes.

Suddenly, her eyes narrowed slightly, staring straight at where the passageway was. Even though she was still extremely far away from the passageway right now, her gaze seemed to be able to pierce through space and cross through the great distance, locking right onto the passageway.

In the next moment, she suddenly vanished without a trace.

Soon afterwards, the passageway on the Spirits’ World side began to shake violently. As the passageway surged with light, a figure had already shot out with lightning speed, radiating with a roaring presence.

He was the Heartless Child. As he felt furious over Sheng Yi’s death, he was also filled with worry, forced to personally set foot into this ruined world.

As soon as he arrived in the Spirits’ World, the Heartless Child immediately sensed where Sheng Yi’s tower was. He took a step, and the stars immediately receded behind him.

With that step, he had already traversed a distance who knew how vast, immediately appearing before the bone tower. Although it was not the Laws of Space, who knew how many times faster he was compared to the Laws of Space Jian Chen used.

The Heartless Child’s comprehension of the ways of the world had already reached a supreme height where he left most other Grand Primes trailing in the dust. For experts like him, even without the Laws of Space, the restraints and obstructions that space could pose to them had already begun to diminish drastically.

Experts at such a level could already neglect spatial distance to a certain degree.

Looking at the destroyed tower, the Heartless Child’s face darkened. Soon afterwards, an extremely powerful sense of the soul flooded into the surroundings, expanding off in all directions.

At the same time, he formed seals with both hands and performed a secret technique, beginning to peer into this region’s past through a method that was almost like turning back time.

His eyes shone with a peering light, currently using everything he had in an attempt to find the murderer behind this.

A while later, the Heartless Child gave up on these investigations. His face became as ugly as it could get, as all traces had already been removed from this space. Even with his exceptional abilities, he found nothing.

He did not care too much about Sheng Yi’s death. Sheng Yi’s death was without a doubt a huge loss to the Myriad Bone Guild, but it was not worth mentioning at all compared to Jian Chen’s safety.

Jian Chen was far too important to the Myriad Bone Guild right now. If Jian Chen died, then it would be very difficult for the Myriad Bone Guild to survive the great danger that they faced.

As a result, in the eyes of the Heartless Child and the guild leader of the Myriad Bone Guild, Jian Chen was a crucial figure who could influence the fate of their Myriad Bone Guild.

The Heartless Child did not give up. Afterwards, he began a wide-range search, unleashing various secret techniques. He used his unbelievable abilities to search everything and everywhere, leaving no stone unturned.

Under his careful search, he came upon a discovery that brought him great relief. When he reached a certain region, he actually discovered traces of Jian Chen passing by.

“Jian Chen is still alive. How fortunate, how fortunate. However, the strange treasure on him sure is extraordinary. When he conceals his presence, even I can’t discover him. If I hadn’t used a secret technique that could peer into the past of this region, I probably still wouldn’t have found him, even by now.” the Heartless Child eased up. Before, where Sheng Yi died, all traces had been completely erased, which was why he found nothing with his secret technique.

However, only the traces within a certain region had been erased. Once he left the region, the wonders of his secret technique all came into effect.

Afterwards, the Heartless Child continued to use the secret technique, directly investigating the past of this region. According to the traces Jian Chen had left behind, he locked onto Jian Chen’s position very soon.

This was exactly what made a profound cultivation terrifying. If he wanted to find a person, he did not need any traces or leads. All he needed to know was where he had passed by in the past, and he could directly investigate by essentially flipping through the records of this space.

Before such a technique, even if someone concealed all of their aura and could avoid being discovered through the senses of the soul, it would still be useless.

Everything was useless unless they could completely erase all traces they had left behind in space.

Of course, whether it was flipping through the records of space, investigating matters of the past using methods like turning back time, or erasing all traces someone had left behind, it was only possible when there was an overly large gap in cultivation.

If the strong were willing, they could freely observe every single movement the weak made.

Meanwhile, the weak definitely would not possess the ability to observe the strong.

In the incomplete space, Jian Chen currently used the Laws of Space. He carefully avoided the various dangers in outer space, travelling straight towards the passageway between the two worlds.

But at this moment, the Heartless Child’s figure suddenly appeared before Jian Chen.

Jian Chen was taken aback. A sliver of surprise appeared in his eyes. He was not surprised by the fact that the Heartless Child could find him. What truly surprised him was that only a minute or two had passed since Sheng Yi had vanished, yet the Heartless Child actually managed to reach here in such a short amount of time. That was far too efficient.

Jian Chen immediately clasped his fist and bowed. “Greetings, senior!”

The Heartless Child stared at Jian Chen, and his expression eased up. He said, “Thankfully you’re fine, or I’ll be in deep trouble. Jian Chen, you should turn back to how you originally look. I’m more used to that. I’m around now, so there’s no need for you to continue concealing yourself anyway.”

“Also, what happened earlier?”

Jian Chen immediately explained everything he experienced in the bone tower, including how Sheng Yi had vanished.

“Sheng Yi has already died. He didn’t vanish. When the bone tower shattered, he had already died…” After learning about everything, the Heartless Child’s eyes twinkled, and he sank into his thoughts.

“What? Sheng Yi has already died?” Jian Chen was shocked by this news. That was a Ninth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime after all. He was only a step away from becoming a figure on par with supreme ancestors in peak clans. An existence as powerful as him had actually just died like that.

Moreover, he had died when the bone tower shattered.

Did that not mean Sheng Yi had basically been butchered helplessly despite his strength?

Jian Chen found this conclusion to be unbelievable.

“Our Myriad Bone Guild will look into this matter thoroughly. Jian Chen, I should take you out of here first.” With a wave of his hand, powerful energy immediately enveloped Jian Chen, and he vanished.

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