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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2910 - The Sacred Blood Fruit Of Way
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Chapter 2910: The Sacred Blood Fruit of Way

Gazing at the unconscious Sacredfeather, Jian Chen’s brows furrowed together firmly. His heart weighed heavily.

Originally, the situation inside Sacredfeather’s body was gradually stabilising. Even though the droplet of essence blood from the Grand Exalt of the Darkstar race had firmly suppressed the power of Sacredfeather’s bloodline, such that it could only hold its ground, Sacredfeather’s body constantly produced new power of his bloodline, such that they remained in a stalemate.

Originally, Jian Chen thought the power of bloodline in Sacredfeather’s body could be produced endlessly. As a result, with abundant support, defeating the supportless bloodline of the Grand Exalt was only a matter of time.

However, Jian Chen never imagined that it was not endless. The power of the bloodline only seemed to be produced because Sacredfeather’s strength had increased very substantially. There was still a limit.

By now, the power of the bloodline Sacredfeather’s body produced seemed to be approaching his current limit. It could not produce a single strand more.

Having lost its support, the two vastly-different bloodlines in his body became unbalanced once again. The bloodline of the Great Exalt gained the upper hand.

The bloodline that belonged to Sacredfeather was immediately placed in jeopardy.

“Sacredfeather’s soul seems to locked in some kind of battle too…” After understanding the situation in Sacredfeather’s body, Jian Chen became distressed and helpless.

After a while of hesitation, he left the Watercloud Hall silently and personally invited Xu Ran out of secluded cultivation.

Not only was Xu Ran the most powerful expert of the Tian Yuan clan right now, but her master had also been the disciple of a Grand Exalt in the past. She had cultivated for several millions of years in total, and her knowledge and experiences far exceeded Jian Chen’s.

Although Xu Ran paid absolutely no regard to the clan, she never declined a request from Jian Chen.

Very soon, Xu Ran arrived on the highest floor of the Watercloud Hall, personally inspecting Sacredfeather’s situation.

However, when she understood Sacredfeather’s situation, she immediately shuddered inside, showing disbelief.

“T- th- this is a Grand Exalt’s bloodline. No, this isn’t his bloodline.” Xu Ran’s face changed immediately before falling silent. She sank deeply into her thoughts.

“Senior Xu, do you have any way to deal with the problem with Sacredfeather’s bloodline?” Jian Chen asked rather eagerly.

Xu Ran did not answer immediately. Instead, she remained submerged in her thoughts. Only after quite a while did she say slowly, “There are two ways. The first is to remove the bloodline that doesn’t belong to him from his body, but according to my observations, that bloodline has already begun merging with his body. Removing it from his body under these circumstances can be described as virtually impossible.”

“The second way is to strengthen his bloodline. Once his bloodline reaches a certain degree of strength, it can devour the bloodline of the Grand Exalt instead. By then, all of the troubles in his body would be resolved in one fell swoop.”

Reaching there, Xu Ran let out a long sigh. “However, his opponent is a Grand Exalt’s bloodline. Even though the bloodline of the Grand Exalt is not natural and has been nurtured through impossible methods, it still touches on that realm after all.”

“As a result, some regular items that can strengthen bloodlines will no longer be effective. Probably only using the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways, a supreme item for strengthening the power of bloodlines, can we resolve this situation perfectly.”

As soon as he heard her mention the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways, Jian Chen’s heart sank. Back when he destroyed the peak organisations of the Cloud Plane, he had read a large number of books and had seen records of the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways in some of them.

The Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways was an extremely rare and extremely precious heavenly resource. Its effects on strengthening bloodlines could be described as divine and wondrous.

Most importantly, it was an innate item of nature!

Any innate item had been birthed by nature. It could not be compared with other heavenly resources that could be nurtured from seeds.

As a result, every single innate item of nature was exceptionally precious.

“Aren’t there any other ways?” Jian Chen continued to ask, refusing to give up. The two methods that Xu Ran suggested both seemed impossible in Jian Chen’s eyes.

Xu Ran shook her head and said in thought, “I can only think of these two methods, but you’re welcome to ask the peak figures of the Cloud Plane and see if they have any other ways.”

Jian Chen knew Xu Ran was referring to the Grand Primes that stood at the apex of the plane when she mentioned peak figures.

To others, meeting such important figures was virtually impossible, but it was not a problem to Jian Chen.

Afterwards, Jian Chen left the Tian Yuan clan with Sacredfeather. With his return this time, he did not see anyone apart from Xi Yu and Xu Ran.

Sacredfeather’s condition made Jian Chen worry. The clash between the two bloodlines could plunge Sacredfeather into unpredictable danger at any time, or even doom him for good.

As a result, his priority right now was to do everything he could to cure Sacredfeather. He could not spare even a moment.

Jian Chen left the southern region and sped off to the central region.

He did not take any regional teleportation formations. Instead, he used the Laws of Space and crossed through the great distance between the southern region and central region rapidly.

As long as one was a Chaotic Prime, they could travel faster than regional teleportation formations as long as it was on the same plane. Even if they were not as fast, they would not be much slower.

Even though Jian Chen still could not be regarded as a true Chaotic Prime, his speed was even faster than some early Chaotic Primes with his Eighth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime Laws of Space.

In under a minute, Jian Chen had reached the central region. The first peak organisation he visited was the Tong family.

As the leader of the Tian Yuan clan and the eighth successor of the Martial Soul lineage, the ancestor of the Tong family, Tong Wuming, immediately granted him an audience after he stated his identity. Afterwards, a Chaotic Prime great elder of the Tong family personally brought him to the forbidden grounds of the Tong family, where the ancestor cultivated in seclusion.

Tong Wuming was a supreme expert who had reached Grand Prime, but when he met with Jian Chen, he did not exhibit any of his pride as a peak expert at all. Instead, he was approachable, and he smiled kindly and amicably. He seemed very friendly.

However, after personally checking the situation in Sacredfeather’s body, Tong Wuming was also powerless.

Afterwards, Jian Chen refused to give up and visited the ancestor of the Cosmic sect, Zhou Zhidao, as well as Lieyan Wuji of the Firegod clan. In the end, he even disturbed the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak who was in soul form.

“Jian Chen, according to my many years of knowledge and experience, the best way for you to save your brother is still to find the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways, as only when he ingests the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways can he both protect his bloodline and save the Grand Exalt’s bloodline in his body from going to waste. This is both a blessing and a curse to your brother.”

“Although removing the bloodline of the Grand Exalt from his body can save him, just how many people in the current Saints’ World possess such exceptional ability, and just how great of a price do you have to pay to convince someone like that to help you? But even if that happens, the bloodline of the Grand Exalt will basically be wasted,” the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak said, stating his opinion.

“Peak lord, do you have any news regarding the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways?” Jian Chen asked.

The lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak shook his head. After a moment of thought, he said, “Perhaps you can pay a visit to planet Tianming of the eighty-one great planets. You can go find the Azure Ink Grandmaster of the Pill King clan on planet Tianming. The Azure Ink Grandmaster is a grandmaster of alchemy. He has leads to many heavenly resources.”

“Planet Tianming, the Pill King clan, the Azure Ink Grandmaster?” Jian Chen memorised these details before bidding farewell to the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak.

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