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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2911 - : Planet Tianming
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Chapter 2911: Planet Tianming

After leaving the central region, Jian Chen returned to the Tian Yuan clan again. Since he was about to leave, he had to prepare the things he needed.

Planet Tianming was extremely far away from the Cloud Plane. He did not have a cultivation as high as the Heartless Child’s. The Heartless Child only needed to travel through outer space no matter where he wanted to go in the Saints’ World. There was absolutely no need for him to take interplanar teleportation formations.

However, if Jian Chen wanted to leave the Cloud Plane and venture to any planes or planets in the Saints’ World, he had to use these teleportation formations.

Otherwise, with his current speed, who knew how many years he would have to waste in outer space.

After returning to the Tian Yuan clan, Jian Chen retrieved everything he had stored in the Watercloud Hall back then. Gusta’s fleshly core, the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways, and so on all returned to his possession.

At the same time, he left behind some of the special resources he had brought out from the Darkstar World in the Watercloud Hall, such as the low grade Godking grass, the remains of the Life-devouring Beasts, and some Water of Life.

As for the Soil of Divine Blood, he only left behind a catty’s worth. He took the rest away with him.

Soil of Divine Blood was far too precious. Even he could not be certain whether the identity of Yang Yutian he used in the Spirits’ World would be exposed or not.

However, if he were exposed, it was extremely likely for Grand Primes to personally take action.

Before experts like that, even the medium quality god artifact, the Watercloud Hall, stood no chance.

As a result, in order to prevent that from happening, Jian Chen was forced to carry all of the most precious resources on him. Even if there would be a disaster, he wanted to draw the disaster to himself. He did not wish to drag the Tian Yuan clan into it.

In the end, Jian Chen withdrew a portion of the coloured divine crystals in the clan as the fee for taking the interplanar teleportation formation before leaving the Tian Yuan clan. He ventured to the central region again, going straight to the interplanar teleportation formation there.

In the Saints’ World, all public interplanar teleportation formations were heavily guarded, and these formations had numerous security formations that could directly detect any living organisations in spatial god artifacts to prevent cultivators from using spatial artifacts to take many more people with them through the teleportation formation. These security formations helped organisations behind the teleportation formations avoid losses.

As a result, when Jian Chen passed through the security formations, Sacredfeather was immediately discovered. The formation let off a warning, and the guards stationed nearby immediately surrounded Jian Chen.

The presence of an Infinite Prime shot over from nearby too. Before he had even arrived, his resonant voice was already here. He spoke with a faint sense of arrogance, “Paying a single sum only allows one person to use the teleportation formations. You have to pay a corresponding amount to the number of people teleporting with you.”

With a wave of his hand, coloured divine crystals immediately flew out of Jian Chen’s Space Ring. He said indifferently, “Open up the teleportation formation. I’m in a hurry.”

When the Primordial realm expert who had just arrived saw Jian Chen toss out so many coloured divine crystals without even batting an eye, his eyes immediately lit up. He smiled faintly. “How generous of you, sir. You must be from an eternal organisation.”

So-called eternal organisations were basically clans or sects with Chaotic Primes.

As he spoke, the Infinite Prime who guarded the teleportation formation gradually showed suspicion in his gaze towards Jian Chen. For some reason, he found the person before him familiar.

But in the next moment, he felt like a bolt of lightning had exploded in his head. He immediately recalled who this person was. He immediately shuddered and lowered himself from the altitude he was hovering at. His arrogance vanished, and he ran over to Jian Chen’s side like he was trying to flatter him. He fawningly said, “So it’s the leader of the Tian Yuan clan. I’ve been disrespectful, I’ve been disrespectful. Please forgive me for my rudeness earlier…”

“It’s fine. Hurry up and open up the teleportation formation. I’m really in a hurry,” Jian Chen waved his hand and said in an unconcerned manner. He was already standing in the teleportation formation.

The Infinite Prime showed utter respect. He said in a hurry, “Yes, yes, yes. I’ll open the teleportation formation right now… And please do keep the coloured divine crystals. Just who on the Cloud Plane is ignorant enough to accept teleportation fees from you, sir? If you don’t take it back, I’ll face quite the punishment once I return to the organisation…”

The way the Infinite Prime treated Jian Chen immediately piqued the curiosity of the cultivators in the surroundings. They all stopped and gazed at Jian Chen in the teleportation formation, discussing away.

“Hmm? Who’s this? Elder Qing of the Cosmic sect is actually treating him so politely as if he’s afraid of offending him…”

“I vaguely heard elder Qing mention something along the lines of the Tian Yuan clan? Don’t tell me the person using the teleportation formation is from the Tian Yuan clan of the southern region…”

“So it’s the Tian Yuan clan. No wonder, no wonder. It’s said that the Tian Yuan clan is already secretly in control of the entire southern region. All the organisations of the southern region have already yielded to the Tian Yuan clan openly…”

“The only puzzling part of this all is while the Tian Yuan clan is as prominent as the midday sun, they show no intentions of expanding…”

“I’m curious just which member of the upper echelon of the Tian Yuan clan is standing in the teleportation formation…”


In the end, Jian Chen even managed to save the teleportation fee, leaving the Cloud Plane under the fawning watch of the Infinite Prime.

However, this special treatment was restricted to the Cloud Plane. After leaving the Cloud Plane, his identity as the leader of the Tian Yuan clan no longer bore any significance.

Afterwards, Jian Chen transferred through a few more teleportation formations. After coughing up a sizable sum of coloured divine crystals as fees, he finally set foot on planet Tianming.

He had learnt the precise location of the Pill King clan on planet Tianming from the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak. After grasping his bearings, he ventured straight to the Pill King clan.

Among the eighty-one major planets of the Saints’ World, planet Tianming ranked towards the bottom, but even with that being the case, planet Tianming still had five peak organisations.

The Pill King clan was one of these five peak organisations. It was located deep within a mountain range. Apart from a few important medicinal gardens, the entire clan did not have any teleportation formations active.

The Pill King clan was a peak organisation open to the outside world at all times.

That was because they were a renowned clan of alchemists. Not only did they publicly sell all the pills they refined, but they also accepted external alchemy requests, and not just from planet Tianming. Even organisations from beyond planet Tianming would frequently send people with hefty remunerations to the Pill King clan to have pills refined.

“Leader of the Tian Yuan clan of the Cloud Plane, Jian Chen, has come to visit the Azure Ink Master.”

Suddenly, a heavy voice rang out from above the Pill King clan, rolling out like thunder and echoing through the entire mountain range.

At the same time, a powerful presence surged out without the slightest intention of provocation. He was only using this method to demonstrate his strength.

In the Saints’ World, strength was everything. If Jian Chen wanted to see the Azure Ink Master, the easiest and fastest way would be to demonstrate his strength.

“This is… a Chaotic Prime…”

All the Primordial realm experts in the Pill King clan were alarmed, gazing in Jian Chen’s direction.

Jian Chen had yet to reach Chaotic Prime, but his presence was so powerful now that it already resembled a Chaotic Prime’s. Even in a peak clan that stood at the apex of a plane, someone like that would be a great elder, possessing great status and authority. It was enough for the Pill King clan to treat him with care.

“The Cloud Plane? But the Cloud Plane doesn’t seem to have an organisation called the Tian Yuan clan…”

“The Tian Yuan clan of the Cloud Plane? Never heard of them before…”

Many Infinite Primes murmured softly in the Pill King clan.

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