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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2918 - Annihilation Of The Pill King Clan
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Chapter 2918: Annihilation of the Pill King Clan

On planet Tianming, in the Pill King clan, on the highest floor of the Alchemy Tower, the Heartless Child sat in the air, currently engaging in idle chit chat with the Azure Ink Grandmaster. He showed absolutely no intentions of leaving.

However, his gaze was rather unfocused, sometimes drifting in the air and sometimes landing on the Azure Ink Grandmaster. His eyes were filled with anticipation as well as uneasiness.

Right now, he had reached a critical moment of whether they could deal with the Myriad Bone Guild’s greatest source of danger. If the plan succeeded, then their Myriad Bone Guild would be completely out of danger.

The threat of the Wind Venerable would be gone, and the control from the Darkstar race had been delayed indefinitely under Jian Chen’s assistance. By the time the Darkstar race had prepared for the next great ceremony, their Myriad Bone Guild might have produced a Grand Exalt already, let alone whether the great ceremony would succeed at all.

By then, the control from the Darkstar race would obviously be resolved in the process.

However, if the plan were unsuccessful, then the Myriad Bone Guild would have shot themselves in the foot. Not only would they have to face the threat of the Wind Venerable, but the Anatta Grand Exalt would definitely find out about their scheme against Jian Chen.

Killing Jian Chen was equivalent to severing the Anatta Grand Exalt’s path of comprehending ways. Just thinking about the consequences brought chills. Even a supreme figure as powerful as the Heartless Child shivered at the thought.

“The plan must succeed. I can’t leave any loose ends untied.” Even someone like the Heartless Child prayed inside, extremely nervous.

The Myriad Bone Guild would definitely remove all traces of involvement in their attempt to kill the Wind Venerable through the Anatta Grand Exalt. As a result, even he dared not venture to the Wind Venerable’s location to investigate without good reason, afraid that he might leave behind some irremovable traces.

Right now, the only way to tell whether the plan had succeeded or not was from the Azure Ink Grandmaster right in front of him.

The Azure Ink Grandmaster could clearly tell there was something weighing on the Heartless Child’s mind, which made him wonder. After all, very few matters still existed that could influence the moods of experts that stood at the same heights as the Heartless Child.

Yet right now, he saw how uneasy the Heartless Child was, which made the Azure Ink Grandmaster curious, but also rather uneasy. He could not help but think of Jian Chen.

“Don’t tell me this is connected to Jian Chen?” the Azure Ink Grandmaster thought.

But at this moment, the Heartless Child seemed to sense something. His worries immediately vanished, and a resplendent smile stretched across his face. He said to the Azure Ink Grandmaster cheerfully, “Azure Ink Grandmaster, aren’t you curious about what is affecting my mood, making me uneasy?”

The Azure Ink Grandmaster felt uneasy. He smiled in an embarrassed manner. “You must be joking, vice guild leader. How can I be bold enough to be intrigued by what’s bothering you?”

“Hehehehe, even if you tried, you never would have guessed it. Since you want to know, then I’ll tell you.” The Heartless Child grinned, revealing a set of pure-white teeth, but his smile became much more eerie. “The thing that’s making me uneasy is actually you. I’ve always been worrying about whether you’ll actually die or not.”

The Azure Ink Grandmaster’s smile immediately stiffened. His thin body stiffened in that moment. A bone-chilling coldness welled up from the bottom of his heart, which made the Azure Ink Grandmaster feel cold all over.

Even though the Heartless Child spoke with ease and continued to smile, the Azure Ink Grandmaster could sense a killing intent from the Heartless Child.

“V- v- vice guild leader, that’s going a little too far for a joke, isn’t it? To a figure like the vice guild leader, my life is only a lowly one. Of course, if the guild leader requires my faithful service, I’ll definitely do all that I can.” Even the Azure Ink Grandmaster’s voice became rather shaky.

The Heartless Child smiled even more brightly. “That’s right. To our Myriad Bone Guild, a First Heavenly Layer Grand Prime like you who only knows how to refine pills and whose battle prowess is as weak as it can get is indeed just a lowly life. If Sheng Yi were still alive, he could kill you in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, you’re quite unlucky. You’ve taken part in a clash between supreme figures, and you’ve become closely linked to the fate of our Myriad Bone Guild.”

“Old man Azure Ink, if you don’t die, our Myriad Bone Guild will be destroyed sooner or later. On the other hand, if you do die, our Myriad Bone Guild will be able to sleep in complete peace. Hahahahahahahaha…”

The Heartless Child laughed out loud. From that moment onwards, he stopped hiding, laying everything out in the open and acting as recklessly as he wanted.

The Azure Ink Grandmaster immediately paled. His hands and feet jittered as his lips trembled. He was already frightened out of his wits.

“He wants to kill me. He actually wants to kill me. Quick, artifact spirit, detonate yourself. Buy me time to escape…” The Azure Ink Master could no longer keep his composure anymore. He passed an order to the artifact spirit of the Alchemy Tower in a maddened fashion, ready to escape.

Immediately, the Alchemy Tower surged with energy. This was a high quality god artifact, so once it exploded, the power would be beyond belief.

“Hehehe, your Alchemy Tower might be a high quality god artifact, but it has barely reached the seventh grade. To me, it’s still a little too weak.” The Heartless Child was unfazed. In the next moment, an extremely powerful will radiated from him. The will was so powerful that it seemed to interfere with the heavenly ways, such that he set his own laws in the space of the Alchemy Tower.

Immediately, the laws the Heartless Child’s will created restrained the artifact spirit of the Alchemy Tower. The detonation of the Alchemy Tower came to a forceful halt too.

It was not just the artifact spirit of the Alchemy Tower. Even the Azure Ink Grandmaster was affected. The Heartless Child was a supreme expert whose cultivation completely exceeded the Azure Ink Grandmaster after all. It was far too easy for him to deal with an alchemy grandmaster that was not skilled in combat.

However, he did not attack the Azure Ink Grandmaster. He did not even touch a single hair on him. He only used the laws to achieve complete suppression against the Azure Ink Grandmaster, such that the Azure Ink Grandmaster could not do anything.

The Azure Ink Grandmaster was overwhelmed with dread, but before he could even speak, a terrifying energy from an unknown space traversed an extremely vast distance and hurtled over, possessing the laws and the power of the order of the world. It turned into a streak of killing light, flying right towards the Azure Ink Grandmaster.

If it were not for the Heartless Child, this invisible killing intent that originated from an extremely distant space would not be enough to kill the Azure Ink Grandmaster. Under the Azure Ink Grandmaster’s full-strength resistance, it would heavily injure the Azure Ink Grandmaster at most.

But at this moment, the Heartless Child had firmly suppressed the Azure Ink Grandmaster . Let alone putting up resistance, even moving became almost impossible. As a result, he became a defenceless, sitting duck in front of the streak of light.

The streak of light struck the Azure Ink Grandmaster, and he immediately began to disintegrate.

The streak of light was far too powerful. When it killed the Azure Ink Grandmaster, it even destroyed his body.

Watching the Azure Ink Grandmaster disintegrate, the Heartless Child let out a great laugh from the bottom of his heart. His figure gradually vanished within the laughter.


After the Heartless Child had completely vanished, the high quality god artifact, the Alchemy Tower, let out a great rumble that could even shake the stars. It exploded.

The power within the detonation of a high quality god artifact was far too alarming. The startling storm of energy swept out, immediately destroying the entire Pill King clan. The many Infinite Prime elders of the Pill King clan all died in the explosion. They did not even stand the slightest chance.

After all, they were far too close to the Alchemy Tower.

Let alone Infinite Prime elders, but even some weaker Chaotic Prime great elders of the Pill King clan were unable to withstand the blast of the high quality god artifact, following the footsteps of the regular elders.

The Pill King clan had been completely erased from planet Tianming under the explosion of the Alchemy Tower!

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