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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2920 - Letting Go
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Chapter 2920: Letting Go

The matter that happened on planet Tianming was still building up. It was not only because of the destruction of the Pill King clan, but also because this affected the interests of many great organisations of the Saints’ World.

As a result, more and more organisations gathered on planet Tianming. In the very beginning, they were only elders and great elders.

However, after discovering they could not find any leads regarding the Pill King clan’s destruction, they all reported this to their superiors and called in some of their ancestors.

Apart from the various clans that were involved in business with the Pill King clan, the network the Azure Ink Grandmaster had established as an alchemy grandmaster kicked into effect too. Many experts on extremely good terms with the Azure Ink Grandmaster or had owed him a huge favour banded together, declaring that they would find the person behind this and avenge the Azure Ink Grandmaster.

Some Grand Primes of extremely great cultivation and capable of exceptional things began peering around, merging with the heavenly ways and gazing into the past.


At this moment, one of the ancestors from a peak organisation sprayed blood from his mouth. He immediately paled.

The Grand Prime’s behaviour immediately attracted the attention of the many experts present. Many of their faces immediately changed.

They could tell with a single glance that this was clearly from a backlash.

The backlash had actually injured a Grand Prime, so just how powerful was the backlash supposed to be? Everyone immediately became alarmed.

“I- it’s actually…” The Grand Prime who had sprayed with blood rapidly changed in expression, but most of it was confusion.

“Dark Mountain Ancestor, what exactly did you see?” the Grand Prime from another clan asked.

The Dark Mountain Ancestor composed himself and calmed down very quickly. He glanced past everyone and said, “Everyone, I’d advise you to stop investigating, as nothing good can come out of this. We should all forget about what happened to the Pill King clan.”

After tossing out that piece of advice, the Dark Mountain Ancestor left planet Tianming without the slightest hesitation, leaving the remaining Grand Primes all staring at one another.

“Even the Dark Mountain Ancestor has become so fearful, so let’s stop being obstinate and stop the investigation here. Let’s go, let’s go. I’ll give up on that cauldron of high grade God Tier pills…”

“Sigh, what a pity. There’s never been a lot of alchemy grandmasters that can refine high quality God Tier pills in the Saints’ World in the first place. Now that the Azure Ink Grandmaster is dead, there’s even fewer of them…”

Immediately, most of the experts gathered on planet Tianming left. However, there were still a handful of Grand Primes who wanted to get to the bottom of this. They began peering deeper.

But without any exception, everyone suffered a backlash from a terrifying power. Following their shock, they all left the place without uttering another word.

The local ancestors of planet Tianming wanted to ask these visiting experts about the reason for the Pill King clan’s destruction because they were unable to find anything, but all of the Grand Primes who believed they had understood the true reason treated this as utter taboo. They refused to mention it at all.

Just like that, the destruction of the Pill King clan became a mystery on planet Tianming.

On the nameless star hidden within the vast space, a divine hall stood there silently.

The divine hall was not of fantastic quality. It was merely a supreme quality saint artifact, but it did have quite the bearing, standing several thousand meters tall. It could be described as lofty and imposing.

At this moment, Jian Chen and Shen Jian sat together in the divine hall. Between them was the unconscious Sacredfeather who had reverted to his true form.

“The situation in Sacredfeather’s body is extremely bad. The power from the Darkstar race Grand Exalt’s essence blood is too powerful. It’s gradually squeezing out the power of Sacrdfeather’s bloodline. Once the power of the essence blood completely dominates Sacredfeather’s body, even I don’t know what will be awaiting Sacredfeather, whether it’s completely becoming a member of the Darkstar race or dying,” Jian Chen said sternly. His heart weighed particularly heavily. “Now, the only thing that can save Sacredfeather is the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways.”

Jian Chen looked at Shen Jian. The Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways could be described as Shen Jian’s private possession now. With the wondrous effect of strengthening bloodlines, the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways could bring great benefits to Shen Jian. If he gave the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways to Sacredfeather, then that would be equivalent to losing an opportunity to alter his fate and future accomplishments to Shen Jian.

As a result, Jian Chen faced a dilemma.

“Jian Chen, we’ve been through thick and thin together after all. For the sake of the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways, you’ve even risked life-threatening danger to come here. Do you think I won’t give you the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways?” Shen Jian stared at Jian Chen in discontent as if Jian Chen was treating him as an outsider. “Alright, stop with the nonsense. Since the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways can save Sacredfeather, you better have him consume it quickly.”

Jian Chen smiled slightly. He opened his mouth, originally wanting to thank him, but he forcefully swallowed the words again.

Shen Jian was right. From the Tian Yuan Continent to the Saints’ World, the two of them had been through trials and hardships of life and death. They had trekked through a path littered with corpses. Their friendship was so deep that it had already become embedded in their souls. It was definitely worth much more than a single heavenly resource.

Jian Chen said nothing more. He immediately shoved the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways into Sacredfeather’s mouth before assisting him in refining it.

Soon after ingesting the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways, a deep, blood-red light emanated from Sacredfeather. The light was so powerful that it was almost tangible. In the end, it turned into a large, physical, blood-red cocoon that actually enveloped Sacredfeather.

Not only was the vital energy within the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways powerful, but its quality was wondrously high too. The cocoon condensed from the dense vital energy actually blocked off the senses of Jian Chen’s soul.

As a result, Jian Chen was unable to check the situation within Sacredfeather’s body.

However, he did not force his way in. He was confident in the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways and senior Wind had also said the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways could indeed rescue Sacredfeather, so Jian Chen was very much unworried.

With Sacredfeather’s problem resolved, Jian Chen could finally let go of a huge emotional burden weighing on him. He no longer had any worries, which allowed him to relax a lot.

“Shen Jian, how did you end up here?”

Only now did Jian Chen have the time to catch up with Shen Jian. His gaze landed on Shen Jian, and he saw through his strength immediately.

The Third Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime!

Even though Shen Jian was already over a thousand years old, he was only at the beginning of his second millennium. In the vast Saints’ World, there was only one monstrous genius within knowledge that had reached a realm of cultivation like that in a similar time period—Jian Chen.

Throughout the lengthy history of the Darkstar World, never had a Primordial realm expert under a thousand years old appeared. Jian Chen was the first one.

Shen Jian’s rapid progress did not surprise Jian Chen, as Shen Jian’s talent definitely exceeded Ming Dong’s. In the past, he managed to reach Reciprocity in eight short centuries within the resource-lacking, terrible environment of the World of Forsaken Saints.

After coming to the Saints’ World, Shen Jian had reached Godhood sooner than him. With senior Wind’s guidance and the support from the several peak heavenly resources outside, progressing slowly was more difficult than progressing quickly.

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