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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2927 - The Power Of The Watercloud Hall
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2927: The Power of the Watercloud Hall

“Thank you for your reminders, protectors. I’ve made my own arrangements for what comes next.” Xi Yu clasped her fist at the protectors in complete confidence. She seemed like she already had an entire plan in mind.

The protectors took their leave, and immediately, only Xi Yu was left in the large discussion hall.

Xi Yu sat in the main seat and closed her eyes, sinking into her thoughts. She held a few memory crystals in her hand, rubbing them subconsciously.

Only after an entire half an hour did Xi Yu slowly open her eyes. Hints of coldness appeared in them. “Servants, contact all the protectors in the clan to assemble in the hall. We’re holding a clan meeting.”

Xi Yu’s orders were passed along by the servants, reaching all the protectors as quickly as possible. Before long, all the Primordial realm protectors of the Tian Yuan clan assembled in the main hall of the Watercloud Hall. There were over thirty of them.

Among these protectors, most of them were early and mid Infinite Primes. There were not a lot of late Infinite Primes. The strongest among them was protector An, a powerful Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

“Xi Yu, may I ask just why you’ve summoned us all?” Protector An was the first to speak within the crowd. His tone was rather irritable as if he did not treat Xi Yu as a big deal at all despite the fact that she was the vice leader of the clan.

“Xi Yu, you may be respected as the vice leader of the Tian Yuan clan, possessing great status and authority, but we’re still Primordial realm experts after all. Let alone the Tian Yuan clan, we possess quite the status even across the entire Cloud Plane. If you’ve called us here without any urgent matters in mind, that’s a great disrespect to us Primordial realm experts.” Another person spoke up. He was protector Chen, a Seventh Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

Xi Yu smiled mysteriously in response to protector Chen’s words. She said, “How can you say that, protector Chen? When you first joined our Tian Yuan clan, you understood the rules of the clan thoroughly. The fourth rule of the clan: those that join our Tian Yuan clan must abide by the clan’s orders and serve the clan diligently without any complaints. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten such a simple rule so quickly, protector Chen?”

“I obviously cannot forget the rules. I have no objections to this rule either. Of course, I’m willing to abide by the clan’s orders. However, clan leader Jian Chen is not present right now. In my belief, no one has the right to order us around apart from clan leader Jian Chen and senior Xu,” protector Chen spoke firmly and justly.

Actually, most of the protectors present did not recognise Xi Yu, as she was far too weak. As Primordial realm experts, they obviously could not stand a mere Overgod completely strutting around on top of them.

Even though Xi Yu was a princess of the Xi Empire, that identity was unable to deter the Primordial realm experts at all in the southern region.

The Xi Empire was only an eternal organisation that had Chaotic Primes at most. Standing behind their clan leader, Jian Chen, was the Martial Soul Mountain that was on par with an everlasting organisation.

As a result, these protectors would obey Jian Chen, but they continued to carry themselves with a sense of superiority in front of Xi Yu.

“That would be wrong to say. Since Jian Chen has appointed me as the vice clan leader and delegated all the authorities to me, I can obviously represent the entire clan.” Xi Yu paused for a moment before continuing, “Actually, there’s no need for me to explain anything to you. Just like what clan leader Jian Chen said to me in the past, the Tian Yuan clan has recruited you for a hefty sum because the clan requires your strength to maintain its interests. The clan hasn’t recruited a bunch of little brats who only know how to enjoy themselves without working.”

In the main hall, many of the protectors darkened in expression. Their faces became extremely sunken.

“Now back to the main business. I’ve called you all here today not to reason with you. Instead, I have something major to announce.” Xi Yu’s face stiffened, and she said sternly, “During the past few years, the various divine crystal mines, medicinal gardens, and business transactions with the outside world have all experienced extremely severe issues. Afterwards, through the many years of secret investigation our clan carried out, we discovered extremely severe cases of corruption and embezzlement in the various levels of management in the clan, which heavily damages the interests of the clan.”

“Even more frighteningly, there are traces of many protectors behind these matters. In this regard, how do you think this should be handled, protectors?”

“It should obviously be resolved according to the rules of the clan!” Protector Xue immediately answered as soon as Xi Yu finished talking.

“Xi Yu, that’s not a statement you can make blindly. The protectors of the Tian Yuan clan are all Primordial realm experts. Why would figures like that lower themselves to commit such despicable deeds over measly resources they can’t use?” Protector An said.

“Measly resources? According to the incomplete tally, the various resources the clan lost over the years amounts to over ten billion supreme grade divine crystals at the very least. May I ask if all the wealth in your possession is worth ten billion supreme grade divine crystals, protector An?”

Protector An was immediately left at a loss for words. Although he was a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, since he had chosen to become a protector of the Tian Yuan clan, it meant he was an independent cultivator without a powerful background or great wealth. Over ten billion supreme grade divine crystals was a sum well beyond his reach.

“Xi Yu, do you have evidence? If you don’t have evidence, then don’t spout nonsense. Primordial realm experts aren’t people you can disgrace,” a protector called out from the crowd.

A sneer appeared on Xi Yu’s face. If this were before Jian Chen had returned, she really would not have the confidence to face these Primordial realm experts, but now…

She waved her hand, and immediately, many memory crystals flew out. “Since you went evidence, I’ll give you evidence. You’re welcome to take a look at these memory crystals. Perhaps you might even find your own traces in them.”

With that, the Primordial realm experts immediately checked through the memory crystals. Many of their faces changed rapidly.

“Hmph, it’s fake. The contents are all fake. Someone is trying to frame us…”

“There are far, far too many ways to forge things like this. These memory crystals can’t explain anything…”

Many Primordial realm experts roared furiously and crushed these memory crystals. As for protector An, he waved his hand, and a violent power swept out, destroying the memory crystals in front of him in swathes.

Xi Yu remained composed in the main seat. She said, “Oh right. I should remind you, the contents of the memory crystals have all been backed up, so it doesn’t matter even if you destroy them. Whether it’s fake or not, we’ll know once we look into it. Servants, bring them over!”

The Godkings that guarded the high grade divine crystal mine and were captured by protector Mei were brought over in chains. They had clearly gone through some torture. Right now, they were all haggard, and their eyes were dull as if they had lost their souls.

As soon as he saw their condition, protector An’s expression became rather ugly. With his insight, he could tell with a single glance that the Godkings had clearly undergone punishment and torture to the soul. In their state, their minds were completely defenceless. They basically answered whatever questions they were asked. They would not lie at all.

However, as soon as he remembered his strength and the Primordial realm experts standing on his side, protector An stopped worrying.

He was not alone. Instead, he was a part of a huge group. Basically half of all the Primordial realm experts in the Tian Yuan clan stood on his side.

“Tell us just who ordered you around. Confess everything you know.” Xi Yu looked at the Godkings.

“It’s protector An…” The Godkings hid nothing at all, confessing everything they knew about the betrayal of the Tian Yuan clan. They all pointed out protector An.

“How dare you! Protector An is the greatest protector of the Tian Yuan clan. How can he be blasphemed by ants like you? Even death cannot compare to the punishment you deserve.” A Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime immediately bellowed out and sent a palm strike towards the Godkings, wanting to silence them.

But at this moment, a power enough to make protector An pale suddenly erupted from the Watercloud Hall, turning into a power of suppression and descending upon the protector who had just taken action mercilessly.

The protector immediately felt his body sink. Before the power of suppression, he stood no chance at all. His knees immediately buckled, and he knelt on the ground.

Afterwards, the power of the divine hall descended and restrained him completely, leaving him immobilised.

“The artifact spirit, it’s the artifact spirit…” Protector An and the others changed drastically in expression with the sudden incident. Their faces became filled with disbelief.

Didn’t the artifact spirit of the Watercloud Hall never show itself? Why did it decide to interfere with trifles like this today?

“Oh no, the artifact spirit of the Watercloud Hall has begun to listen to Xi Yu’s orders!” Seeing how composed Xi Yu was, protector An immediately understood what was going on. He understood exactly how powerful the Watercloud Hall was as a medium quality god artifact. Without a cultivation of Chaotic Prime, he basically stood no chance at all against this power.

With a flash, protector An immediately tried to charge out of the Watercloud Hall. Many other protectors moved with him.

They all understood that they were sitting ducks as long as they remained in the Watercloud Hall. They would be completely powerless. Only when they left the Watercloud Hall would they be powerful Primordial realm experts.

Suddenly, with a great bang, the doors to the divine hall slammed shut. At the same time, the power of the divine hall erupted again, beginning to suppress the many Primordial realm experts present.

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