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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2928 - Xu Ran’s Sighs
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2928: Xu Ran’s Sighs

Sensing the power that descended from the Watercloud Hall, all the protectors gathered there changed drastically in expression. The dozen or so Primordial realm experts who had been suppressed by the Watercloud Hall all roared out furiously, doing all that they could to fight back.

They all understood that once they were suppressed, they would completely end up as sitting ducks. They would be completely at the whim of others.

As a result, none of them even thought about surrendering themselves.

Immediately, the power from a dozen or so Primordial realm experts erupted in the Watercloud Hall, forming a tremendous storm in an attempt to contend with the artifact spirit.

However, despite their numbers, it was still nowhere near enough before a medium quality god artifact. All of their attacks, defences, and attempts at resistance were as flimsy as paper before the Watercloud Hall.

The power of the Watercloud Hall tore through their attempts with ease, completely restraining the Primordial realm protectors in a one-sided manner.

“Xi Yu, what are you trying to do?”

“Xi Yu, we’re mighty Primordial realm experts. Even in those peak organisations, we can earn ourselves the position of an elder. How can you treat us like this…”

“How dare you! How dare you! This is the greatest humiliation to us Primordial realm experts…”

“Why don’t you release us immediately? With how the Tian Yuan clan treats me, I don’t even want to be a protector anymore…”


For a moment, the Watercloud Hall was filled with indignant roars from the suppressed protectors, but while they seemed extremely furious on the surface, their hearts had all sunken. They felt like something horrible was about to happen.

“That’s strange. Why has the artifact spirit of the Watercloud Hall suddenly begun to abide by Xi Yu’s orders?” To the other side, protector Mei and all the protectors who were innocent also became surprised. They were all astounded by how Xi Yu could order around the artifact spirit of the Watercloud Hall.

In the past, Xi Yu was merely an Overgod. In the eyes of many Primordial realm experts, she truly was a little insignificant, unable to command any power at all. Coupled with the fact that the actual clan leader, Jian Chen, was never around, none of the Infinite Prime protectors really took Xi Yu seriously even though she was technically the vice clan leader.

But now, after demonstrating she already possessed the power to order around the artifact spirit of the Watercloud Hall, Xi Yu’s status immediately increased drastically in the eyes of the protectors.

A Watercloud Hall with someone in command and a Watercloud Hall without someone in command held completely different significance.

If the Watercloud Hall was under no one’s control, it was merely a tough, immovable lair.

However, if someone could control the Watercloud Hall, then the medium quality god artifact immediately became a lethal weapon that could both attack and defend, able to be moved anywhere.

“Protectors, I’m just troubling you temporarily. Before we’ve gotten to the bottom of this matter, I’m afraid that none of you can leave the Watercloud Hall.” Xi Yu glanced past the immobilised Infinite Primes calmly, but her heart surged violently as she struggled to maintain the composure she showed on the surface. Her heart even began to thump away violently.

Everything that had occurred so far could only be described as extremely stimulating to an Overgod like her, as she had never experienced something like reducing multiple lofty Primordial realm experts to prisoners. Their fates were completely at her whim with just a single thought.

This feeling of authority and grasping absolute power left her excited and rather intoxicated and enamoured.

“Protector Lin, please cooperate with some investigations of the clan next,” said Xi Yu. As soon as she finished, an extremely-gorgeous flower appeared behind her. Immediately, many roots sprawled out and bounded up protector Lin, who was only a Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

“T- t- this is that flower clan leader Jian Chen nurtured…” Protector Lin was one of the few female protectors of the Tian Yuan clan. She immediately recognised the Immortal Devouring Orchid that basically only belonged to the legends and only a handful of people had seen, which made her pale in fright.

The Immortal Devouring Orchid had stopped being a secret a long time ago. Basically all of the high-ranking members of the Tian Yuan clan knew about its existence, and they also knew clan leader Jian Chen had once fed it countless corpses of Primordial realm experts. Not only were there Infinite Primes, but there were even some Chaotic Primes and Grand Primes among them.

“Don’t come over… Don’t come over… Don’t come over… Release me…” Protector Lin screamed in pure fright. That was the infamous Immortal Devouring Orchid of the Tian Yuan clan that had devoured a large number of Primordial realm corpses after all. Protector Lin’s mind became subconsciously filled with the terrifying sight of the Immortal Devouring Orchid devouring the Primordial realm experts, which left her heart shaking for a moment. She was frightened out of her wits.

“Xi- vice clan leader, I’ll tell you everything that I know, so please make the Immortal Devouring Orchid release me and keep its distance from me…” Protector Lin screamed.


The Watercloud Hall remained shut for three whole days. Only then did the doors finally open up again, except only half of the thirty-odd protectors that had entered the place three days ago emerged.

The dozen or so protectors under protector An’s lead seemed to have vanished in the Watercloud Hall. They were never seen again.

Afterwards, the Tian Yuan clan carried out a large purge among its various ranks. Many corrupt, high-ranking members were captured, either expelled from the clan or imprisoned in the Tian Yuan clan’s jail.

Xi Yu had been behind it all. This incident immediately made Xi Yu’s prestige skyrocket in the Tian Yuan clan.

“Protector An and the others have all been imprisoned in the Watercloud Hall? Yep, that’s quite a good idea. Saves me from taking action. Right now in the Tian Yuan clan, there’s just the Watercloud Hall, the medium quality god artifact, that’s the most suitable for imprisoning these protectors.” In the depths of the Tian Yuan clan, within a small courtyard a powerful formation enveloped, Xu Ran who sat in a wooden house slowly opened her eyes. She gazed in the direction of the Watercloud Hall and could not help but nod to herself.

Nothing that happened in the Tian Yuan clan could escape her eyes. With her cultivation as a Chaotic Prime, the senses of her soul were so powerful that she could easily envelop the entire southern region. As long as she was interested, there were no secrets that could be hidden from her across the southern region. All of the deeds these protectors secretly committed obviously did not escape from her eyes either.

However, at the height that she stood at and with everything she had been through over the years, she had already become extremely indifferent to these worldly affairs. As a result, although she knew exactly what happened in the dark in the Tian Yuan clan, she could not be bothered with caring, let alone paying any attention to it.

Her existence was more of a deterrent force than anything!

At the same time, she also served as the foundation. As such, no matter how great of a mess the Tian Yuan clan became, they would not be changing owners at the very least.

“The Origin of Ways really is a power formed when Grand Exalts pass away in cultivation. Its wonders are truly endless. After absorbing part of the ancient Skywolf’s Origin of Ways, my progress during the past few years can only be described as unbelievable.”

“At this rate, the Origin of Ways I absorbed back then are more than enough to carry me to Grand Prime. I basically won’t encounter any bottlenecks before Grand Prime…” Xu Ran murmured softly. She could not help herself as a faint smile appeared on her old face.

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