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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2932 - A Lifespan Of A Thousand Years
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2932: A Lifespan of a Thousand Years

Sitting on the fortune jade, Jian Chen immediately felt the ways of the world that originally seemed to be hidden behind mist clear up. Not only could he “see” them more clearly, but he could comprehend them with greater ease and efficiency too. He benefited far more than without the fortune jade.

However, the effects of the fortune jade were gradual and long-term. It was nowhere near as brutal or as violent as the Fruit of Nurturing Ways, which increased a person’s comprehension by a level in an extremely short amount of time.

Not to mention that after reaching his current level of cultivation, every advance with the Way of the Sword required several times or even several times more effort and hardships compared to before.

As a result, even with the fortune jade’s assistance, even when he comprehended the ways of the world with greater ease, it would definitely still take him quite a lot of time to go from the partial achievement of Sword Immortal to the major achievement.

Even Jian Chen had no idea how long the secluded cultivation lasted for, but when senior Wind recovered again, Sacredfeather woke him up.

This was something he had asked for right from the beginning. As soon as senior Wind recovered his sanity, Sacredfeather was to call him immediately. The supreme quality saint artifact divine hall could shield him from prying eyes, but it could not block the senses of Primordial realm souls.

Jian Chen stowed the fortune away and emerged outside again. Sure enough, he discovered that senior Wind was already here.

Senior Wind did not spend a lot of time sane each time, six to eight hours at most. When it was short, it would only be two hours.

“Today, I’m not going to tell you about ancient history. Even if you learn about this ancient history, it’ll be useless for you. Today, I’ll expound on the ways for you,” said senior Wind.

Jian Chen and Sacredfeather immediately beamed with joy with that. They both turned and glanced at Shen Jian. They both understood it was all thanks to Shen Jian that they were able to listen to a figure like senior Wind talk about the ways.

They had learnt long ago from Shen Jian that before they arrived on the nameless planet, senior Wind would spend all of his time sane nurturing Shen Jian. He would either pass on large amounts of knowledge or personally guide the various aspects of Shen Jian’s cultivation.

Without Shen Jian, the two of them definitely would not be able to enjoy something like that.

Afterwards, senior Wind began to explain the true essence of the ways. His realm of cultivation was far too high. Even though he had not truly taken the final step and become an existence akin to the heavenly ways, he still managed to conjure the laws endlessly when he explained the ways, directly affecting the world. The surroundings seemed to react in a startling fashion.

Senior Wind seemed to have merged with space, merged with the world, and merged with the ways. Every single word he uttered seemed to represent the true essence of the world, containing endless secrets.

Jian Chen, Sacredfeather, and Shen Jian were engrossed. Their minds were completely submerged in his explanation, such that they forgot all about themselves.

However, senior Wind did not explain the ways for too long. Just two hours later, he stopped and left once more, heading to the other side of the planet.

“Whenever senior Wind explains the ways, he remains sane for a very short period,” Shen Jian said with mixed feelings as he watched senior Wind leave.

Afterwards, the three of them continued with their personal cultivation. This continued day after day, year after year, such that their strength all increased at a steady pace. Their comprehension of the ways gradually deepened, advancing forwards step by step.

That was because they had a supreme expert tirelessly explaining the ways to them, and the contents of his explanations covered everything.

“Jian Chen, Shen Jian, I’ll explain the Way of the Sword for you today.” One day, senior Wind regained his sanity again.

“Senior Wind, you also know the Way of the Sword?” Jian Chen asked in surprise.

Senior Wind shook his head. “I have not grasped the Way of the Sword, but the three thousand great ways share the same origins. As long as you stand at a certain height, you’ll have a certain level of insight even with the other ways you haven’t grasped. Moreover, your realms of cultivation are far too low to me, so my insight is more than enough to hold a lesson for you.”

“After all, I’ve seen my fair share of experts who use the Way of the Sword…”

Afterwards, the Wind Venerable began explaining the Way of the Sword. Just like what he had said, he had not grasped the Way of the Sword, but because his cultivation level was far too high and he had seen many experts who used the Way of the Sword, he possessed an extraordinary insight well beyond regular belief. He could also tell with a single glance certain things that Jian Chen and Shen Jian were lacking with the Way of the Sword.

If an expert of the Way of the Sword explained and passed on the Way of the Sword, they could easily use their comprehensions to clearly conjure the ways and laws.

Senior Wind’s explanations of the Way of the Sword were more akin to indicating a broad path to advance in to avoid some ditches and gullies.

Even if they walked into a misunderstanding unknowingly with their ways, senior Wind could point it out frankly so that they could correct themselves.

“Sacredfeather, I’ll explain the Ways of Slaughter for you…”

Under senior Wind’s careful guidance, Jian Chen, Sacredfeather, and Shen Jian made rapid progress, particularly Jian Chen. After all, he had the fortune jade. Whenever he finished listening to senior Wind explaining the ways, he would immediately enter the divine hall and cultivate on the fortune jade, which allowed him to progress the most out of the three of them.

“My Ways of the Sword have progressed evidently. I’m getting closer and closer to the major achievement of Sword Immortal,” Jian Chen thought. He had a gut feeling that his accomplishments with the Ways of the Sword should have reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime already.

“The major achievement of Sword Immortal would be formally reaching Chaotic Prime!” Jian Chen was filled with anticipation. If he continued to grow at this steady pace, that day definitely would not be too far away.

However, that was given he possessed the fortune jade. Without the effects of the fortune jade, this period of time would lengthen by several fold or even several dozen fold.

“Master, this senior Wind’s situation doesn’t seem that optimistic.” At this moment, a sword spirit’s voice rang out.

Jian Chen shivered with that. He immediately felt an ill omen. He believed that the sword spirits had understood senior Wind’s state of going crazy from time to time long ago, but the sword spirits had actually said something like this at such a time, which meant they must have discovered something else.

“Yeah, master. This senior Wind might seem powerful to you, but he is currently in a dangerous state. If he’s not lucky, he probably can live for another thousand years at most.” Qing Suo’s voice rang out too.

Jian Chen’s heart tightened as soon as he heard how senior Wind only had a thousand years left. Jian Chen was already deeply indebted to him over the careful guidance he had shown recently. Now that he learnt senior Wind’s situation was actually so severe, Jian Chen’s heart immediately rose up to his throat.

“Zi Ying, Qing Suo, what exactly is going on?” Jian Chen asked hastily.

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