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Chapter 295: Collecting Tokens

“That person isn’t afraid of the poison? He must have a strong detoxifying pill or even a treasure that grants immunity!”

“Look how weak he looks, he definitely took some blows within the mountains. I bet his strength isn’t too strong.”

“Then it’s settled. Let’s have him hand over his treasure or pill and go inside to check for ourselves. With so many people, we’ll definitely reap some profit!”

The men all cheered in agreement as their faces lit up with excitement.

Quickly, the figure came into view. His white robes had been torn apart in some places blood dyed the white, red. Injuries could be seen everywhere on his young body which was covered with some black liquid, and everyone could see that this youth couldn’t be any older than twenty years old.

This man was Jian Chen!

After escaping from the poisonous mountain, Jian Chen took in a deep breath of fresh air. He had been chased by the swarm of Godkiller Ants and was forced into a miserable situation, but he had been fortunate enough to escape.

Looking at the twenty men standing some distance away, he calmly took a handful of dirt and wiped at his black colored hand. Afterward, he took a towel from his Space Ring and began to wipe at it.

“That’s a Space Ring!” Seeing how Jian Chen took out a towel, a person cried out in shock as he realized just where it had came from.

“So he has a Space Ring?!” The entire group all lit up with excitement and greed as they looked at it with happy smiles.

Immediately, a middle aged man cried out to Jian Chen, “Kid, who are you, and how did you come running out of the poisonous mist here?”

Standing up, Jian Chen looked at the group once more. Most of them looked to be around thirty to forty years old while their strengths ranged from the Great Saint Master to Peak Great Saint Master level.

“Your question is quite strange. If I was able to enter the place, naturally I would be able to exit from the place.” Jian Chen spoke in a carefree manner with a kind smile directed at the group.

Not understanding the stare Jian Chen was giving them, the man continued to ask, “How were you not afraid of the poison, just what did you use to be immune to it?”

Jian Chen laughed, “It’ll be quite inconvenient to tell you.”

Hearing that, the middle aged man gave a mutual look toward his friends. With a wave of his hands, the entire group surrounded Jian Chen.

“Kid, I don’t wish to harm you, just hand over your Space Ring and tell us just how you were able to be immune to the poison. Then we’ll let you go.” The man ordered.

“That’s right, we are not ones for unnecessary slaughter. Seeing how you’re this young, you still have a long life ahead of you. Just hand over your Space Ring obediently and tell us how you avoided being poisoned.” A thin looking man said.

“Kid, seeing how unblemished your skin is, you must not be accustomed to pain. Be a good boy and tell us what we need to know. Otherwise your handsome face will be no more. Then, don’t blame us for not being able to find a nice lady.” Another fierce looking person said in a muffled voice. Although his words were straightforward, there was a sense of humor to them.

Jian Chen smiled at the group, “Seeing how you don’t seem to be such bad people, I won’t shame you. Hand over your tokens and I will guarantee that I will not hurt you.”

These words caused the group to be stunned. Everyone began to roar with laughter as one of them said, “How arrogant this child is, everyone come and shame him!”

“Allow me!” A large man volunteered as he walked forward to raise a fist at Jian Chen.

Seeing the incoming fist, Jian Chen shook his head before bringing up his right hand to grab at the fist. With a small amount of power, the sounds of bones breaking could be heard as Jian Chen started to crush the man’s hand.

“Ah! Let-let go! You’re hurting me!” The man cried out in pain as he tried to tug away.

This sight caused the other men to be shocked as their faces slowly grew serious.

“How f*cking blind we are to miss that this kid is quite talented. Brothers, get him!” At this, the rest of the men took out their Saint Weapons to attack.

Jian Chen extended two fingers and had some Sword Qi shoot straight out of them reaching a foot in length. With a faint light, the Sword Qi flickered once before disappearing from view.

Within a single second, Jian Chen had moved around each member at least once. As soon as he reappeared, the clothes of the men all instantly turned into cloth strips. In an instant, the neat and orderly clothes fell in piles beneath their feet and revealed their bodies without a single scratch.

The twenty men were stunned. Staring blankly at the destroyed remains of their clothes, they all looked at Jian Chen in utter shock.

“Everyone, it would be in your best interest to hand over your tokens.” Jian Chen stood close by with a stunning smile directed at everyone.

“Y-you….you’re an Earth Saint master?!” A man cried out in terror. There was a tone of utter disbelief in his voice as he asked to confirm his question.

Hearing him, the other men all grew terrified as their eyes widened. They truly couldn’t believe that this twenty year old youth in front of them was somehow an expert of the Earth Saint Master level.

“F*ck. How unfortunate. To think that the first youth we see is actually an Earth Saint Master. How the heavens have forsaken us.” A man sighed before throwing down his Space Belt at Jian Chen. “The tokens are in there, I’m afraid that you will think we’re hiding something, so feel free to look for yourself.”

After that the other men also threw down their Space Belts with some hesitation. With a heavy heart and a crestfallen look, they looked down in despair–an opposite reaction to what they had before.

With that, Jian Chen took out the tokens and began to count them all, in total there were around 150 tokens.

Without touching any of the other items, he handed back the Space Belts and left the place.

The entire plains were filled with past battles. Dead corpses could be seen everywhere as Jian Chen wandered through the entire place. In the past, he was able to easily grab tokens, but now that this round of the competition was coming to an end, practically all the tokens were within the hands of a few experts or a group of strong Great Saint Masters. Those who were traveling by themselves or with a small group had their entire collection of tokens taken away already.

Two days later, while Jian Chen saw many people, the profits were not that good. In total, he had only gained another hundred tokens. Although now he was emptying the Space Belts of everything else but food and clothes.

Walking to a desolate area, Jian Chen saw over two hundred men fighting against each other. The battle seemed extraordinarily fierce and many people were already on the floor dying within their blood.

After some time, the battle began to die down as twenty men remained. All of them were injured and had blood flowing down their bodies constantly.

The twenty all belonged to the same group and began to clean up their wounds. A few of the more able bodied men began to clean up the battleground to find some tokens.

After the token collections were finished, the able bodied men looked at each other and nodded. Straight away, they flew at the injured comrades and slashed at them.

The brethren who had been fighting at their sides grew startled before falling to the ground after being slashed.

“How…how could you be this way…” The one who had his heart stabbed immediately looked at the other man with disbelief.

“You’ve already sustained heavy injuries. You’re not long for this world, I’m only hastening your journey there and saving you the suffering.” One of them spoke.

“You…you’ll receive judgement for this!” As he spat out these words, he fell to the floor dead.

Afterward, the survivors took the tokens from his dead body and left the area.

Just as these men were about to leave, a white robed youth suddenly appeared out of nowhere and blocked their paths, this person was Jian Chen.

“Fellow brothers, how merciless you are. For the sake of a few tokens, you were willing to kill a friend that fought alongside you.” Jian Chen spoke calmly without a single emotion in his voice.

“Who are you!” Seeing Jian Chen appear, everyone instantly went alert before grabbing their Saint Weapons as they stared at him menacingly.

“Your killer.” Jian Chen immediately lifted his arm as a two foot long blade of Sword Qi shot from his fingers. In a flash, he flew toward the men and began to slash at their necks.

Some of them were Great Saint Masters and were completely unable to keep track of Jian Chen’s movements. By the time their necks had been slashed, they could only fall to the ground in shock.

Walking up to the dead corpses, Jian Chen counted a total of over 200 tokens within their Space Belts. This was much better than yesterday’s harvest.

Suddenly, the dirt all around Jian Chen sprung up to envelop him, blocking his sight. An unknown figure with earth Saint Force all over his body shot out with his blade shining in the light as it slashed down toward Jian Chen’s head.

With a snort, Jian Chen closed his eyes so that the sand wouldn’t get into them. The Light Wind Sword immediately appeared in his hand and carved a way out in a single stroke.


With the earth flying everywhere, Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword made contact with the enemy’s sword with a loud clanging sound.

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